My brother, my sister: summary& end explained

What happens in the Netflix movie "My brother, my sister"? Here’s a summary that will answer any unanswered questions you may have about the ending of the movie.

Spoiler warning: This article contains essential plot elements.

My brother, my sister

Every family has its secrets. Sometimes these secrets become a reason for their separation. Every family believes to be perfect, but the eternal truth is that it is not perfect. Roberto Capucci’s family drama My Brother, My Sister gets to the bottom of this fact. The two siblings, try to bridge their differences to fulfill their father’s last wish. And what will be the result? Will they be able to bridge the gap created by 20 long years of living together? Let us find out.

Summary of the plot of "My Brother, My Sister."

The film begins with a funeral in present day Rome. Single mother Tesla Costa arranges a church funeral for her father Giulio. Giulio was a teacher of astrophysics and had two children, a daughter named Tesla and a piano prodigy named Nikola "Nick". For unknown reasons, Nick left the family 20 years ago and has not tried to contact them in all these years.

Nick arrives at the funeral and speaks strangely about his father. Tesla is surprised to see her estranged brother and gets a little hysterical. Tesla’s younger daughter Carolina tries to calm her worried mother while her schizophrenic son Sebastiano meets Nik. Tesla has a panic attack and quickly leaves with her family.

Tesla doesn’t want Nik to know about her son’s illness and wants Nik to disappear as soon as possible. The family’s lawyer, Federico, reads Giulio’s will and informs his children that their late father has left them joint custody of the family home. Tesla is horrified. She can’t stand her brother, and her late father’s last wish was to share the roof with him for at least a year. However, Federico explains that the siblings are not legally obligated to do so and can sell the house. However, Tesla and Nik agree to give their relationship another chance in memory of their late father.

What follows now is a humorous and emotional ride under one roof. Nik tries to live his unconventional life, while Tesla maintains their strict routine to protect Sebastiano’s mental state. In the midst of the chaos, Carolina leaves home and spends the night at her friend Emma’s house. She breaks off her relationship with her mother and spends her time in the mobile home her grandfather left her. Will this dysfunctional family ever be able to overcome their differences?

Why did Nikola leave home 20 years ago?

Tesla hated her brother Nik because one day he just packed his bag and left. Nik didn’t bother to look back or check on his father or sister. All these years Tesla struggled to raise the family and dedicated her life to the task. But that was not enough.

Tesla’s husband, Paolo, left her eight years ago and married another woman. Carolina longed for a father and tried to contact him, but he never responded. About five years ago Sebastiano was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Tesla spent much of her life taking care of her son. She never had time to move on or start a new life, but the past kept bringing her back down to earth. And Tesla at one point accused Nik of running away from his family and his responsibilities. The costs Tesla had to bear in Nik’s absence.

After Nik got comfortable in the house, Tesla finally confronted Nik and asks him why he left the family 20 years ago. Nik found his future wife Giada in bed with another man, and the revelations wore him down. But that was not all.

Federico gave Carolina a letter in which Giulio stated the money he owed Nik and wrote a confession that changed everything.

According to the letter, the man Nik saw with Giada was his father, Giulio. This was the reason why Giada attended Giulio’s funeral, because she had a past with him. When Tesla learns the truth through the letter, she forgives Nik and reconciles with her brother. Tesla understood that Nik left the family to protect his father. He just didn’t want the family to suffer.

The end of "My Brother, My Sister" explains:

Sebastiano, who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, has an imaginary friend, Kelvin. He invites Sebastiano to Mars. Since Sebastiano misses love and music on Earth, he wants to travel to Mars with his classical music. A kind of escape, maybe due to a difficult childhood and an absent father.

Nik’s presence in the house fills the void, and Sebastiano progressively improves. he starts to practice his cello and even goes to the beach with Nik. But on the beach Nik sees his teacher, Emma, with Nik. Seb is in love with Emma and realizes that Nik is trying to steal Emma from him. Seb then has a panic attack. Tesla blames Nik for the incident and therefore decides to leave the house.

Although Seb is in emotional chaos, he decides to perform at his concert. But when he arrives on the stage and sees a big crowd full of strangers, he becomes restless. Out of fear he runs out of the hall and has a serious car accident.

In the hospital, the siblings succeed in repairing their relationship. In his consciousness, Seb talks to his family and makes the necessary amends. He especially asks his mother to live again. At this point, the film tries to show that Seb might not have survived, but he did.

At the end of My Brother, My Sister, the dysfunctional family comes together and scatters Giulio’s ashes on a beach. Sebastiano, who once told his imaginary friend Kelvin that he was afraid of water, goes straight in and conquers his fears. Maybe one day he will overcome his mental illness, and his family will probably help him along the way. The movie ends with a happy hug between the family members.

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