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I still owe you a review from last month. This one was pretty intense for me, so it was really hard for me to write this post this time around. Sometimes posts write themselves, this one just doesn’t. *gg* The reason is this: my July was not as expected, but more about that below in the post ..

Catwalk under stars

At the beginning of July, Steindl&Herzel Immobilien invited guests to a presentation of their properties for sale Luxury penthouse property "terrace opera" in the first district of Vienna. Matching the ambience of the apartment presented four Viennese designers present their current summer collections on the large roof terrace, with a magnificent view over Vienna. With: Aniko Personal Couture, time4africa, Kitty Montgomery as well as Mikini Handmade in Vienna. By the way, I fell in love with the Mikini swimwear and I’m afraid I’ll have to buy another model. <3

In case you are looking for an apartment: the penthouse apartment is still available. Too bad I have only recently rented into my apartment, otherwise I would have of course immediately struck. &


Well, that this is not a real summer, we can not complain about it this year for sure. Almost continuously around 30 degrees in the last weeks let us Viennese really start sweating. There are plenty of possibilities to cool down in Vienna. One I didn’t know yet but had the pleasure to meet last month is the CopaBeach on the Danube Island. What you can expect there, you can find in my detailed report here.

Seminating, seminating, seminating…

In July, I again diligently invested in my expertise and made some Seminars, workshops and lectures visited. By the way: I should do this again more often. You always meet such unbelievably interesting people in the process. I was especially impressed by the lectures at the last one Marketing Natives Event on the topic of "creativity. Gunter Weninger (Ambient Art) and Angela Regner showed, with really impressive examples, which countless, creative possibilities Ambient Media offers. -> Brilliant and clearly proves: nowadays almost anything is possible! Stefan Yazzie Herbert (The Paranormal Unicorn) and Thomas Strobl (wild) gave me with statements like "Be bigger than yourself!" and "Question everything!" a good portion of motivation for the way ahead. Moreover, they also reinforced at the same time some decisions I made for myself this month…

Life Update

Life Update Mary Jay Monthly (s)talk

… and while we’re on the subject of decisions, I’ll finally tell you why it was so hard for me to finally finish this post. For July I had actually planned the following: I wanted to "switch off" from my full-time job (I had planned three weeks of vacation), give my blog a new layout, update my social media channels, read at least three books and spend a lot of time with my family and friends, which I also enjoyed. Well, actually everything is doable in one month, isn’t it??

But my July looked completely different. I had so much on my plate during the whole month of June, that it was hard for me to come down from the "speed" I had at work. Doing nothing for a while completely overwhelmed me. The fact that most of my friends were abroad or sick at the beginning of July, which meant that distraction by (or with) them was not possible, was an additional factor.

So I decided to spend the first days of the month with my family in Lower Austria. I stayed there for exactly one and a half days and then fled back to Vienna. I swear something like this has never happened before! Normally I enjoy the peace and quiet there, spend the sunny days in the garden of my parents and read one book after the other or take the opportunity to meet with friends from the area. But I had absolutely no head for all that and at first I didn’t know why. So I fled back to Vienna to my beloved apartment, where I really (sorry for the expression) feel like shit. *gg*

In the days that followed, I worked frequently on the blog, watched countless movies, started reading three books at the same time (serious mistake) and left my apartment, despite beautiful weather outside, just to get groceries and co. I had the worst mood ever, ever, ever and knew exactly why, but didn’t really want to admit it at first.

"The only constant in the universe is change"

– Heraclitus

In the past few months, a lot has changed in my life and I have accepted it that way. I am generally more the type who looks forward and not backwards. But some things have to be processed and I probably didn’t have the time for it, or rather, I didn’t take the time. So my head, gut or whoever decided that now was the time to do it. So that’s how my July started pretty besch*****. But these – let’s call them – "days of mourning" were apparently quite important for me, because they helped me to get a important decision to meet. A decision that will in turn change a lot in my life and that I alone could make for myself. This much is revealed, it is about my professional future. But I can only tell you more about this topic in the next weeks.

A big thanks at this point I would like to express once again my friends, because without you I would not have survived this hardcore July. The next few weeks will certainly not be a walk in the park, but I am back on track, full of ideas and full of motivation to implement them.

Whew, done – article done!

Have you ever had phases in your life where you didn’t really know what to do with yourself and what to do next?? How did you get through these stages? I am glad about your experiences!

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