Build your own RC airplane

Aircraft models have become fascinating device proven for young hobby pilots and flight enthusiasts. This applies to amateurs as well as experienced flyers. Today, however, we will learn how to build an airplane model from scratch, which can be exciting for newbies. Anyone who some manual skills owns can build a model airplane itself.

Why build a model airplane yourself?

Why do you want to build a model airplane yourself in the first place? It could be simply to have fun and fly around, or you might want to attach a camera and do some aerial photography.

This is in a model airplane kit:

A traditional model airplane kit for building model airplanes yourself usually includes the following parts:

  • Planning and building instructions
  • all the material necessary for the construction of the airplane Balsa and plywood
  • all necessary Hardware components
  • if necessary. Radio transmitters and receivers
  • Steering rudder, landing gear parts, motor mount and fuel tank

So, in essence, the kit to build a model airplane yourself contains everything you need to complete the model airplanes, and you can add the covering material, radio equipment, as well as the engine and associated Accessories in case of loss, or damage, just buy new ones. Some kits also include a cover material for the building structure (usually an iron-on plastic sheet), but this is not always the case in some kits. If you want to further modify your model airplane, you can use an airbrush gun to further complete the individual look, so that in the end you will have your own unique model, which is completely in line with your ideas. In general, you should check whether you need RC airplane insurance or not. We like to clarify here.

Model airplane to build yourself

How to build your own model airplane yourself

The vast majority of modern RC airplanes are built to a certain degree of factory-made. It is no longer mandatory to spend long hours cutting, gluing and sanding pieces of balsa wood to create a flying model airplane. For many, the process of transforming light wood into a flying machine is their favorite aspect of the RC hobby. There is certainly an increased sense of pride when you build a model airplane yourself and your handmade creation takes to the skies.

Like so many other aspects of RC, balsa kits have benefited from new technologies. Most new aircraft kits will be designed with CAD software and from Laser cutting made. This creates clean, sharp edges and parts that (usually) fit together perfectly.

Not so long ago Kit components by punching produced. A cookie cutter-like tool stamped the individual components from balsa sheets, so they just needed to be put together. This process works perfectly as long as the die is sharp. However, it was not uncommon to be, parts with squashed or unfinished edges to find. Nowadays, with the increased advent of 3d printers, there are inexpensive producers that make, or rather print, inexpensive plastic model airplanes.

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