Mobile number blocked? How to find out!

Is your number on the blacklist?

Apple first introduced the caller blocking feature with iOS 7 – the popularity of this feature is also increasing in subsequent versions. But how to find out if your number has already been blacklisted by a contact? Fortunately, there are some clear signs of this, which we will explain in this article: How your smartphone behaves when you try to call; what answer you get when you call; the number of dial tones you hear until voicemail answers…

Was my number blocked?

This cannot be determined with absolute certainty. But if you pay attention to the signs of a lock, you will also soon know where you stand. The first sign of a blocked cell phone number is a changed call process. When you call a number that has blocked you, the called person’s phone will ring exactly once. After that you will receive a message that the dialed number is busy and that you can leave a message on the mailbox. The owner of the cell phone will never receive a notification that there is a message on his mailbox.

Don’t be too quick to judge in the case of a one-time ringing and a call to voicemail: the person you’re calling doesn’t necessarily have to have blocked you, he or she could have switched off the cell phone at the very moment of the call or set up automatic forwarding. But you can easily find out if this is the case by calling from another number or hiding your call number (if you use an iPhone yourself, open the "Settings> Phone> Send my caller ID" and turn off the feature there). Please note, since iOS 12 and newer there is a way to block the unknown or suppressed number as well.

What happens if I write to someone who has blocked me?

We tried it out and sent a text message to a number that blocked us. For us, everything was completely normal: the text was sent and we didn’t receive any error message. The recipient, however, will never receive the messages from a blocked number – and will not be informed that there was a message.

Block numbers in iOS 13?

As annoying as the function is for the blocked person, it is actually a quite useful feature. In iOS 13, it can also be activated quite easily. All you need is a call from the person you want to block. It can also be further in the past. Open your call log and search for the number you want to block. Then tap the "i" icon to the right of it and scroll all the way down to the "Block caller" option. Confirm your decision and you will not receive calls, text messages or Facetime calls from the blocked person in the future.

Furthermore you can block numbers or contacts via the settings menu. Go for it settings> Phone> Blocked contacts. Would you like a blocked number to be able to reach you again, just tap on Edit and remove the blocked contact from the list. About the option "Add contact. " you can add more contacts to the list of your blocked numbers.

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