Mint promotion: building “chipz” robots with infrared recognition

Building robots without programming – KOSMOS "Chipz" Experimental kit

building robots& Building obstacles

for older children from 8 years

Promotion MINT Robotics / Construction

DIY robot kit with play factor

The robot is almost finished - this is how to build the infrared detection system

Robots to build& Love! Assemble 100 parts and "Chipz" runs like a little dog behind the child! With infrared recognition, without programming.

  • Building a robot from individual parts
  • Robotics without programming
  • for children interested in technology

Install the circuit board in the robot head

Plastic components for the motor of the robot

Install the circuit board in the robot head

Build legs to the robot

Building robots experimental kit for children 8 years and older

Assemble gears so that the robot can drive

The robot is almost finished - this is how you build the infrared detection system

Instructions – how to build a robot –


  • Experiment kit "Chipz – your intelligent robot

Building a robot – that sounds difficult at first… But it’s not! The kit is intended for children from 8 years according to the manufacturer. Those who are LEGO skilled will progress very quickly.

What may be new for beginners and novices are the electronics components that need to be assembled and screwed together. Two motors, a circuit board, gears and other components create the heart of the "Chipz" robot: The head with the striking blue eyes.

Ca. 100 parts are to be assembled. If you follow the instructions exactly, it’s quite manageable. In some places you have to look a bit closer, but with a bit of trial&error – also happens with us – you get the robot well assembled.

Assembling is the main work, tightening screws is mainly necessary at the beginning of the work steps.

It has two functions: Follow-me mode and Explore mode.

Follow-me mode:

The built-in infrared sensors detect the environment of the robot. If you hold your hand in front of the eyes of "Chipz", he follows your hand. How to "steer" it. But if the hand is too close to his eyes, he backs away on his little legs.

Explore mode:

The robot moves independently until it comes to an obstacle. He avoids this and looks for a new way. For example, you can build a maze and let "Chipz" figure out its own way.

The instructions are self-explanatory and get by without a lot of words. A comic introduces the subject matter and lets you immerse yourself in the game. The building steps consist of many, many pictures.

It’s good that the instructions show a "right" and "wrong" picture for tricky building sections. This way you know what to look for even without previous knowledge.

But it’s an advantage if you’ve already assembled LEGO or Playmobil. So children know how to read building instructions. But even without that it is well manageable.

I would recommend adult supervision, as the components must first be removed from the frame and when cutting off the burrs, small plastic particles can sometimes fly through the air. See instructions and notes of the manufacturer.

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