Minecraft how to build a house

Learn how to build a house in Minecraft in this guide. If this question still interests you, read on.

In Minecraft, players must create and destroy different types of blocks in a three-dimensional environment. The player wears an avatar that can destroy or create blocks and form fantastic structures, creations and artworks on various multiplayer servers in multiple game modes. How to build a house.

Monsters like skeletons and zombies appear at night, so you need a house to hide safely from them and serve as a base for your character.

where to build a house

Build a simple house at the original spawn location, especially if you plan to play with friends. This gives them a safe place to rest when they spawn at night, and also serves as a marker so you know where the spawn is located.

If you go a little deeper into the game, you can build a more elaborate house in your favorite biome.

how to build a house

To build any building in Minecraft, simply place blocks to create walls. Place the blocks on top of each other to build walls, and build a roof by placing the blocks on top of each other.

Most blocks are used to build a house, whether they are made of earth, wood or cobblestones. Sand and gravel also work, but can not be used for the roof, because they fall down. Remember that using wooden blocks will make the building vulnerable to fire, so we recommend using stone or other blocks.

This is an example of a very simple Minecraft house

Make sure you set up torches in the house, as monsters spawn in the dark. You’ll also need a door, which you can make by putting 2 x 3 boards on your crafting table.

Doors can be made with three wooden cubes at the same time

Put it all together and you have an easy place to hide from monsters at night.

Putting something in the house

Since your house serves as a base, you must have at least one bed (three wool and three boards), chests (eight boards), a craft table (four boards) and a kitchen (eight cobblestones or black stone). All the following ingredients are made on your craft table with the given ingredients.

Later, for a more advanced Minecraft game, you will need a charming table (two diamonds, four obsidian, and one book), bookshelves (three books and six boards), an anvil (three iron blocks and four iron ingots), and a whetstone (two sticks, one stone slab, and two boards), although most players prefer to place them in a different building. These items are used to enchant tools and armor.

House decoration

Once you can easily collect the materials, you can work on improving your house. You can make concrete from concrete powder (one dye, four sands, and four gravels) to make colored houses, use cubes (three iron ingots) to make puddles of water (or lava), and use sand to make crystals (six jars). for the windows. You can also use the wool to make rugs (two wools) and even decorate the walls with paintings (eight sticks and one wool).

This is all you need to know to build a beautiful house Minecraft.

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