Mind map template

Mindmap template

Free mind map template in PowerPoint and Word format. The mindmap templates are available for direct download for free.

Free mind map template for PowerPoint and Word

Do you need to create a mindmap and are looking for a mind map template for common office tools like Powerpoint or Word? Then you are right here. On Vorla.ch you can directly download a free mindmap template for Word and PowerPoint.

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Create a mind map

A mindmap is a representation of your individual thoughts on a topic and helps you to visually represent an issue. The central topic is placed in the middle and the resulting sub-topics are arranged in a clockwise direction all around.

Usually you find subtopics by first writing down keywords that come to mind about the central topic. In a further step, you can usually condense key words and find a supertitle for them. This would be a sub-topic, which should certainly appear on the mind map.

This is what a mind map looks like schematically.

With connecting lines between titles and sub-topics you can show how something is connected or into which sub-aspects a sub-topic can be broken down. To a sub-topic further sub-topics can be added, which in turn are linked with connecting lines.

Unlike a classic write-up, in which bullet points are listed one below the other, creating a mind map is a creative process. By mapping out your thoughts on a topic step by step and the resulting connections, you create a pictorial representation of your thoughts – or a mind map, which is what the word "mind map" actually stands for.

Mindmap and Project Management

Mindmaps have long been used in everyday project work. Many project managers or project members often structure an issue with a mindmap.

Often a mindmap is a first basis for creating the project order, later the project plan, resp. of a work breakdown structure. Especially the work breakdown structure could also be presented very well in the form of a mindmap.

Although a mindmap represents the individual thought processes on a topic, mindmaps can help to better explain an issue to third parties in the context of a project presentation, because an issue has already been divided into different subtopics. Especially for such presentations you can find a suitable Word and PowerPoint template here.

Mindmap Templates

Here you can find a mindmap template for Word and Powerpoint.

Mindmap Template Word

Mindmap template in Word format

Mindmap template Word

  • Mindmap template for MS-Word
  • A4 landscape format
  • Optimal for integration in a concept or documentation
  • No sheet protection; template can be freely edited and modified
  • Free download

Mindmap template PowerPoint

Mindmap template in PowerPoint format

Mindmap template PowerPoint

  • Template for MS-Powerpoint
  • A4 landscape format
  • Optimal for a presentation or for integration in a concept or documentation
  • Template can be freely edited and modified
  • Free download

Create mindmap tutorial

  1. First download the appropriate mindmap template to your computer and open the template either with MS-Word or MS-Powerpoint, depending on the file type
  2. First enter the marginal data such as title, date, project manager, etc
  3. Then enter in the box in the middle first the central topic around which it should go in the mind map
  4. Capture key topics, or. Collective terms for your mind map.
  1. If there are too few boxes available, copy an existing one and also an existing connecting line.
  2. Connect the boxes by means of connecting line at the points where the box connects

Sources and further links

  • Professional article by Zeitzuleben.en: How to create a mindmap
  • Free online tool for the creation of a mindmap

On Vorla.ch you will find templates for every situation. All templates can be downloaded free of charge and easily.

There are many different websites with Word templates on the Internet. Often you have to pay for these templates or you have to register with a profile – this is annoying! Therefore, we decided to create a website where you can easily download templates of daily use directly and free of charge.

We look forward to your comments and suggestions for improvements to other useful templates.

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