Markus soder: openings as early as february? Soder surprises with relaxation plans

The Omikron wave has Germany firmly in its grip, with numerous politicians from the CSU and FDP already speaking out in favor of opening perspectives – including Markus Soder. Will be open as early as mid-February?

Markus Söder can imagine relaxations after the Corona summit in February. (Photo)'


Although Corona numbers continue to rise, increasingly loud calls for easing are sounding out. Even Markus Soder (CSU) is not averse to openings and now spoke out in favor of opening prospects.

Coronavirus news update: Markus Soder advocates corona relaxations

The number of new Corona infections reached a new high on Monday. The seven-day incidence on Monday morning was 1176.8. Although the number of cases is increasing daily, after the Corona Summit on 16. February be relaxed, said Markus Soder on Sunday in "Report from Berlin". Nevertheless, the decisions would have to wait.

The Bavarian premier said on the ARD program that tougher measures were needed in the Free State because of the Delta variant, because there were many hospitalizations. But that is not the case now. There are now more normal hospital beds occupied than intensive care beds.

Markus Soder in favor of gradual opening of existing Corona measures

"So you also have to find another way. And when even conservative experts, like Prof. Drosten, say: It could be the way to endemicity. Then it must be appropriate", according to Soder. He added: "We must also look for a door in this omicron wall that is coming towards us, through which one can pass into a new era. So caution yes, but also with hope."

Step by step openings are possible in his opinion. So the strict rules in the catering trade could be lifted, events possible, as well as again more people at sports and cultural events to admit.The federal and state governments had agreed a week ago that opening perspectives should be developed for the moment when an overload of the health care system could be ruled out.

"Caution yes, but just also with hope" – Bavaria’s premier @Markus_Soeder in the #BerichtausBerlin about relaxation requests in the Omikron wave.

— Report from Berlin (@ARD_BaB) January 30, 2022

Christian Lindner: Federal Finance Minister for opening plans despite omicron wave

Also Christian Lindner (FDP) speaks out in favor of opening perspectives. "We don’t have the omicron wave behind us yet, but we already have to work concretely on when and under which conditions gradual openings can occur.", said the Federal Minister of Finance to the "Spiegel".

Measures end criticized: Janosch Dahmen is against corona openings

After calls for opening perspectives, Green Party health politician Janosch Dahmen has warned against loosening the Corona pandemic too quickly. "There is no reason for there to be opening measures in the short term", said the member of the Bundestag to the Deutsche Presse-Agentur in Berlin. "We are not out of the woods yet." Hospitalization rates are now rising again, he said, and there is no reason to sound the all-clear. If the situation worsened, he said, it would be more necessary to think about extending existing protective measures such as 2G-plus rules.

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