Making money on the internet – the 20 best ways

Sitting comfortably at home and working. Watch your work flush money into your own coffers from the sofa. Making money in the web of unlimited possibilities is the dream of many. And rightly so, there are plenty of serious opportunities.

The range of earnings in online home work goes from a few cents a day to really lucrative side jobs where you can hang up your main job!

However, if you try everything you come across on the net, you may fall flat on your face. We present you the best serious Possibilities before, including realistic assessment of the earning possibilities.

Earn money fast

With these methods really everyone is able to quickly earn a few euros on the side. You cannot become rich by this work, but a small additional income with free time management is possible. No, or very little, preliminary work is needed to get started.

1. Writing texts

Typewriter Antique

Earn money online with writing

The opportunities to earn money on the Internet as a writer of texts are quite lucrative. If you like to write and have a good spelling, here is a good opportunity for extra income. Also for the correction of texts people are often looked for.

The advantages are obvious, absolutely free time management and no obligation to pay. Thus, writing is possible completely without pressure.

With some providers you can write free texts, if these are accepted you will be paid according to the number of clicks on your text.

Another possibility is to choose a writing job from a large job pool. You write a text according to the instructions of a client. If your client is satisfied with the delivered work, you get paid.

The amount of payment depends on the word count of the text. You can apply for example at, Textbroker or Clickworker to sign up as a copywriter and earn money online!

Here you can find more information Earn money with texts

2. Sell used goods

On the auction platform Ebay you can earn very good money, millions of sales are made here every day.

Making money on the internet - the 20 best ways

From cuddly toys to CDs – Ebay resembles a huge flea market.

But what is the best way to start? How should your ads be designed? What little things you need to pay attention to? Which picture material you may use? What tools are there?

As you can see, there are a lot of questions. The entrance into the Ebay world is not so difficult at all. For the start you need an Ebay account, this is free of charge. In the next step you need to think about what you want to sell.

At the beginning, quasi as an exercise, a few no longer needed things from the attic/cellar offer themselves. You should be aware in advance that the business as an Ebay trader is relatively time-consuming. If you have considered this, as well as the basic functioning understood and know what you must pay attention to in their advertisements, nothing more stands in the way of your career as an Ebay dealer.

You would like to become an Ebay dealer? Here you can find 10 tips for Ebay sellers

3. Participate in online surveys

paid online surveys

Participate in surveys and increase the household budget

On the search for "earn money on the Internet" or "earn money online" you often come across pages with different survey providers. But why are surveys so popular? Quite simply, with hardly any method the entrance is so fast and problem-free possible.

Why do companies conduct surveys at all??

Because there is a lot of money at stake for these companies. Developing a new product or offering a new service can be very costly.

For this reason, companies are keen to analyze the market and tailor their products to the respective target group. Companies cannot afford to develop a product that misses the market and then fails to find any customers.

By specifically questioning the respective target group, companies can carry out a very precise market analysis. For this, companies pay out millions to various survey institutes.

These institutes in turn have a great interest in finding as many participants as possible and therefore pass on part of their income to the survey participants. Surveys are ideal for a small extra income.

Here you can learn more about Paid surveys (incl. Provider overview)

4. Become a product tester and earn money on the side

Test products and earn a few euros on the side. Their task is relatively simple. As a product tester you will receive an often brand new product for free. Your task is to test this product in everyday life and judge it based on specific criteria.

Product tester at work

Become a product tester and influence trends

Evaluation is mostly done by filling out simple checklists or providing written feedback on specific issues. You often get to keep the tested product, which in some cases already represents a not inconsiderable value for the service you have provided.

In addition, you will usually receive compensation that varies depending on the company and product between one and fifty euros extends. The payment is either in cash or in the form of rewards or bonuses. Consumer vouchers.

You would like to become a product tester? Here you can find more information: Become a product tester and earn money

5. Sell your Facebook "likes

Earn money fast and easy? Get paid for every "Like" you give to Facebook. Earning money with Facebook can anyone who has a Facebook account. In the meantime there are some providers who pay for your "likes.

Whether bought Likes or paid fans are a serious thing, everyone must decide for itself. If you don’t have a problem with being bought and paid as a "fan", then you can use this method to earn a little extra money on the internet.

Here you can learn more about Paid Likes

6. Online games – Earn money online with skill games

Another way to earn money on the side are so-called skill games. We are not talking about extremely dubious roulette offers here, but about games like dice, darts, skat, rummy and many others.

Card game Skat

Have fun – Real opponents – Real winnings

Skillgames are therefore online skill games, which most of us have played at home before. You can now play online on the Internet and earn money in the process.

You compete in skillgaming against real players, Luck plays only a minor role here. It really depends on how well you or. Your opponent to master a game.

Most providers give you A little bit of play money to start to test the different possibilities for free. There are players who do skill gaming as a real side job, but this is rather the exception and requires a lot of discipline and skill. But a little fun and a little pocket money is here for everyone to have.

Attention: Skillgaming can be extremely addictive. Never use money that you can’t afford to lose.

The most popular providers for skill games are Skill7 and Gameduell.

Here you can learn more about Earn money with online games

7. Watch advertising – Paid4

Paid4 means "paid for" and is a way to earn money on the Internet by viewing advertisements. The earnings by pure Paid4 is not too high thereby. In the meantime Paid4 portals offer more and more possibilities to earn money online.

Two classics among the Paid4 services are Neobux and Clixsense. There you can besides the classic looking at ads also with surveys, mini-jobs, etc. earn money.

Neobux also offers the possibility to build a passive income.

Clixsense, on the other hand, is more suitable for earning a few euros on the side by participating in online surveys.

Another possibility offers so-called Paidmails. You get, depending on the provider, one to several times a day advertising mails sent. Most of the time, simply clicking on this ad mail is enough to get paid. Sometimes you have to visit a website via a link in the paidmail to get your credit.

Earn money with Paidmails runs almost without effort besides. But you will not earn much money. Here applies that one should use several offerers, in order to get a few euro on the account.

8. Earn money with clicks

Click what the stuff holds and earn a few euros on the side. Whether banners, likes, paidmails, surveys or the rating of products, there are several possibilities Earn money on the Internet through clicks. The activity is neither demanding nor particularly time-consuming, which is unfortunately also reflected in the earnings. More than a few euros extra in the month are not in it.

Build passive online income

With these methods you are able to make a to build up passive income. Earning a lot of money very quickly is not possible here. For sustainable success it requires a lot of diligence and perseverance. How much you can earn with the mentioned possibilities can not be said in general, but the potential is almost unlimited.

9. Create a website and earn your money online

With your own website it is possible to earn a lot of money on the internet. For this you need above all a large portion of diligence and perseverance.

In America, so-called blogs, a blog is comparable to a private online newspaper, are very popular and blogging is also becoming more and more popular in our country. Since blogs contain a lot of information, and new information is constantly being added, blogs are very popular with search engines such as Google.

What possibilities you have to earn money with your website you will learn in this article: Create your own website and earn money with it

10. Affiliate marketing: Move your readers to purchase

Affiliate marketing or also called referral marketing is a sales channel designed for the internet. The most famous affiliate in this area is Amazon.

Making money on the internet - the 20 best ways

How affiliate marketing works

You as an affiliate provide advertising space on your website, where products of one (or more) merchants are advertised. In this advertisement a link to the respective product is deposited, the so-called Affiliate link.

With appropriate parameters within the affiliate link, the affiliate (in this case you) can be uniquely identified by the merchant and then receives, depending on the resulting action of a referred customer or. Compensation model, a commission credited.

Here you can earn money relatively well and quickly online, provided you have your own website with the appropriate number of visitors.

At first glance, only very large websites with strong manpower seem to be able to earn money on the Internet. But you can also earn money with it in home work. Once you have created a website and provided it with a lot of traffic, the income will almost run by itself.

Alternative to your own website

In addition to the classic form of affiliate marketing, as the operator of its own website, there is also the possibility to implement affiliate links using email marketing (newsletter) or in social networks such as Twitter.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to worry about the products you sell. That is, you sell products and get the commission for it. The rest, such as support, warranties, shipping, etc., is up to you., takes over your affiliate partner.

Here you can learn more about the topic Earn money with affiliate marketing

11. Sell your photos

With the so-called stock photography you can earn money as a hobby photographer on the side. Sell your image rights online to microstock portals. The thing requires quite a lot of diligence and perseverance. In return, you can enjoy a real passive income afterwards. How this works, and what you should pay attention to, you will learn here. How to earn money with your photos on the Internet

12. Selling your own books on the net – eBooks

Your own eBook is a great opportunity to earn money online. Nowadays it is relatively easy for authors to market a book. You don’t need a publisher anymore and save a lot of costs. However, you should give some thought to your eBook beforehand.

Choosing the right topic

eBook with book

He who writes stays

For your first attempt, it makes sense to choose a topic you can identify with, so that you don’t lose the fun of the work early on. Once you have developed a certain routine, you can choose topics where many people have a lot of suffering. The probability with an eBook to earn money increases thereby clearly. Diet, health or (online) make money are classic examples here.

It sounds unfair, but an overweight or unemployed woman, for example, suffers more than one who wants to plant a greenhouse. This is probably also more willing to spend money on an eBook. However, if a topic completely misses your interests, it’s better to leave it alone!

Research your topic – start a search on Amazon

  • How many eBooks are there on your topic?
  • Which ranks do they occupy on the Amazon bestseller list?
  • What is the average price?
  • Are there many reviews for the individual titles?
  • Are you competitive in your topic?

A helpful collection of links around creating and marketing eBooks can be found here: Create and market an eBook

13. Earn money online – YouTube as a source of income

Youtube is now one of the most visited websites in the world. Due to its immense popularity, Youtube can be used very well to make money online.

There are several ways to do this:

How to earn money with YouTube

Much and gladly talking is the half rent

On the one hand, you can look around in affiliate networks or partner programs for a suitable product, which you would like to integrate later as an advertisement in your video. The given product information can be incorporated very easily into your video and you get later per sold product a commission, this is between 10-50%.

Or you link your YouTube channel to your Adsense account and activate ads in or next to the created video. Every clicked advertisement will be credited to your Adsense account.

Now you just need to decide on a topic and create an interesting video. You can do this easily with your digital camera or your cell phone. Free programs such as Windows Movie Maker are available for subsequent editing.

You can find more information on the topic here: Earn money with YouTube

14. Job in online marketing

Are you dissatisfied with your job and want to try something new??

People are always wanted in the field of online marketing. You will certainly not receive a particularly high salary at the beginning, you will probably even have to start as an intern. Of course, things are different if you have previous knowledge in the field.

You can find many jobs in online marketing on stepstone, for example.

Do you want to work as a freelancer or self-employed person?? Then look at the following professions:

  • Web designer
  • SEO (search engine optimizer)
  • Copywriter
  • Online editor
  • Social Media Manager


Tips and motivation for a good start!

Before you start

You should answer the following questions for yourself before you start making money online:

  • How much time you can or want to invest?
  • Are you willing to educate yourself?
  • What do you want to earn money with online?

Think about it really thoroughly. It is very annoying if you realize after 1-2 years that you have invested your time in the wrong way. The simple question is: Do you want to invest all your free time and make a living? Build passive income? Or would you just like to sacrifice an hour here and there and receive the Earn money quickly?

Finger away! – You will not earn money on the Internet with this

This is how you do not earn money on the Internet: Casino strategies (Martingale strategy, D’Alembert system, Paroli system, Parlay system etc.).). We have tested all of them and none of them has been successful in the long run, making money online is not possible that way.

On the net you read at every corner, that you can earn money online by playing in the casino. Very often you come across eBook offers that supposedly contain infallible strategies.

Here one must ask oneself nevertheless only one question: Why does someone try to earn money with an eBook, if he knows exactly how he can make a lot of money in the casino??

One thing should be clear to you, the big money can not be earned with casino tricks. Of course you can be lucky and win, but as soon as you play strategically and permanently, the probability is very high that you will lose a lot of money. Also the scam of the casinos, where you get at the beginning 20, 50 or even 100 € free, serves only one purpose, you should be seduced to risk their own money.

Just remember: Many promise that you can make money online with casino tricks, but the truth is different. A casino is also just a company that wants to make a profit, no money is given away there. And if it were really that easy, then everybody would do it. So just leave it alone and look instead for serious ways to make money on the Internet!

Please leave it alone:

  • Online gambling casinos
  • Promises of returns that are far above the usual commercial interest rate – here you should be aware of the high risk to your capital
  • Software or promises that will make you rich "overnight"

Without diligence no price

You probably know this from your own experience: Although you work hard day in and day out, you don’t earn enough money to make ends meet.

That is why you are looking for a lucrative side job in home work.

You should say goodbye to the idea of earning a lot of money overnight and with zero effort, this is also not possible on the Internet. Even if some black sheep promise something else.

There are dubious providers who lure with promises of several hundred euros a day, and that too with minimal effort. You should be pulled over the table without exception and always.

Because also with the money earning in the Internet the old rule applies: "Without diligence no price!"

Who can earn money online?

In principle, anyone can earn money online who has a computer with Internet access. Of course there are some restrictions concerning the age. Participation in online surveys is usually only permitted from 14 years of age.

An own web page with commercial background (profit intention), whereby "private" sides with switched advertisement are already classified by the legislator as commercial, is permitted only starting from 18 years.

If you want to earn money online, you are not bound to certain specifications. You decide the time and place of your home work. You are virtually your own boss. Your success depends very much on how much time you can/want to invest in your new task.

But even with only one hour a day you can already earn money on the Internet. The clear advantage is that you can work from home, and do not have to spend a lot of time and effort.

The 10 advantages of working from home at a glance:

  1. Earning money online without much effort is possible
  2. Free time management
  3. Locally independent work z.B. in the garden, cafe or while traveling
  4. You build, with the right method, a permanently growing passive income
  5. Consistently carried out, you can become your own boss with the time
  6. You can afford more or put money aside
  7. Your "secure" job is not that important anymore
  8. You acquire new skills
  9. You develop
  10. Working without pressure

Online Quickly earn a lot of money – Is it possible?

In the today’s time almost everyone would like to earn as fast as possible very much money. In addition, it should not only go fast, but with as little effort as possible. Of course, without any risk, but masses of money.

At first glance, this simply does not fit together, at second glance, unfortunately, it does not fit either! Everyone already once in its life for its money worked knows that also. By the way, the same applies to earning money online. If you think you can earn a lot of money on the Internet in a hurry, you are completely wrong!

Earning money on the net is neither easy nor fast. Nevertheless there are a few essential differences to the offline world. On the one hand there are the much more flexible working hours, on the other hand there are really almost unlimited possibilities open to everyone.

Can you really earn money online?

There is only one as short as simple answer to this: Yes! Many people earn their living on the Internet or improve their household budget with online work.

Much more importantly in the context is certainly the question: Can you also earn money on the Internet? Should it be just a few euros on the side with online surveys, paidmails, social networks, advertising look, or become a copywriter? Or do you want to invest real work, in your own website with Adsense and Affliliate Marketing? Or rather an own eBook, a career as Ebay seller or successful Youtuber?
With diligence and perseverance all ways are open to you, the possibilities and chances are almost unlimited. One more thing to the end. If an offer sounds too good to be true, you should leave it alone!

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