Make-up with glasses

Extravagant glasses and those with really big lenses dominate some fashion areas and are for many an absolute fashion must-have. In the course of the massive retro wave, nerd glasses in all their multifaceted forms are also in demand like seldom before. The fashion question or that of type-appropriate glasses are relatively easy to answer. The lady world stands there however still before a further question, which are really important. It concerns the make up. This has a simple reason. Behind the lenses, eyes look bigger or smaller depending on whether they are long or short-sighted. Thus the topic discussed here is: How do I make up with glasses??

The correct use of make-up

Eyebrow pencil

Glasses that are really big are or greatly enlarge the eyes, draw increased attention to themselves. This makes it advisable to make the eye make-up rather muted and with more neutral colors. Strong color can then get, for example, the lips. Since glasses are something like optical cues to the brows, they should be kept in shape and contour at all times and regardless of glasses. Have them plucked in a clearly defined shape. A regular plucking of small hairs must not be dispensed with. Thinned out or weaker colored areas can be touched up with an eyebrow pencil.

Glamorous effect due to the eyeliner

Using eyeliner in the right proportion is also the easiest way to emphasize the eyes here. With someexercise and gel eyeliner, the eyes also get a glamorous effect. If the frame of the glasses is thicker, the eyes can be visually emphasized with a slightly wider eyeliner. The eyes are outlined so contrasting and thus more strongly set in scene. What else is important to consider when applying makeup with glasses? Conversely, this means that if the frame is thinner, the eyes must also have a narrower eyeliner, so that the ratio is correct again. Especially for short-sighted people, a gel eyeliner with a refined metallic effect is offered in this context.

Important rules for the eyeliner pencil

Apply kohl pencil correctly

The lenses that short-sighted people wear have the effect of visually reducing the size of the eyes. Here you should pay particular attention when applying makeup with glasses, because different rules apply here for the eye shadow. Shortsighted people should use light, pastel color schemes. These have an opening effect on the eye. The Kajal is also here an important stylistic device. However, in this case, white kohl is used instead of black kohl.

Make up eyelashes

The upper lash line is emphasized with eyeliner. This line may, precisely led, to the outside then gladly something broader become. The eyelashes are strongly mascaraed both upwards and downwards. What else should be considered when applying make-up with glasses?? As colors for the song shadow, the matte shades of gray, brown, blue or green are used for this purpose. The eyeliner appears in classic black or a rich brown tone. A dark green or an almost exciting night blue also come into their own here. The eyeliner is applied very delicately and thinly.

Concealer as a harmonizer

Concealer should not be dispensed with when wearing make-up with glasses, it is an important harmonizer. Every pair of glasses brings shadows to the face. A concealer that can perfectly cover dark circles can also make the shadow of glasses disappear from the face. The cream is applied in a fan shape under the eyes- it may be gladly a little more. This quickly brings a high coverage – rich, feathery and creamy. Annoying eye shadows are already gone.

Make-up glasses as a useful tool

For women who cannot see themselves properly in the mirror without glasses, make-up is difficult and sometimes almost impossible. When applying make-up with glasses, however, you should solve the problem with a simple aid. There are extra make-up glasses for exactly this situation. These have exactly the same lens thicknesses as the actual glasses. With make-up glasses, however, you can fold up the lenses individually, separately from each other. In answer to the question: This helps immensely when putting on makeup with glasses, because you can see yourself in the mirror with one eye while the other is being made up.

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