Love-hungry in hamburg romantic addresses to eat

Let’s start our excursion to romantic-culinary places with some enlightening synonyms and interpretations of the word romance. First of all, there are explanations about the literary trend of the 19th century. The following can be found at the beginning of the twentieth century: Escaping the world, turning to nature, retreating into fantasy and dream worlds, and emphasizing subjective feelings and the individual.

A little world escape can’t hurt to celebrate love, we thought, and so we’ve compiled a short list of our favorite restaurants that offer at least temporary refuge to the romantic:in. Compiled and to be understood as an inspiration for a romantic evening for two, because the 14. February is not far.

You can find more details about each place by clicking on the orange marked names!

Let’s start our little retreat from reality on Sankt Pauli. There, on Paul-Roosen-Strasse lies the Jug. Simple, and in the best sense of the word, as the name is also the interior. Here you can be served at simple wooden tables by the friendly staff. From the small kitchen, which is openly visible from the guest room, the cooks conjure up their creations with love and devotion, experimenting and tradition-conscious on the plates.

Krug |
Paul-Roosen-Strasse 35 | 22767 Hamburg-St. Pauli

Golden Goose

A little further west, on Ottensen’s picturesque Spritzenplatz, lies the Golden goose a culinary treasure. In the Golden Goose is a team at work that understands and loves its craft. For his menu, chef Christian likes to be inspired by what’s on offer at the Isemarkt, for example. You can taste it, the love for the product and for craftsmanship.

Golden Goose |
Rothestrabe 70 | 22765 Hamburg-Ottensen

Kinfelds Kitchen& Wine

We are moving in the direction of Hafencity. At the Kaiserkai, so to speak at the foot of the Elbphilharmonie, star chef Kirill Kinfelt opened the Kinfeld’s Kitchen& Wine and continues the success of his restaurant Truffelschwein in Winterhude. At Kinfelt’s Kitchen& Wine now spoiling his guests with upscale bistro cuisine and an impressive wine selection. Special extra for planning an all-round successful evening: The Kinfelts Kitchen& Wine also offers a menu for visitors to the Elbphilharmonie: three courses before the concert, main course and dessert afterwards. Pleasure for eye, ear and palate guaranteed.

Kinfelts Kitchen& Wine |
Am Kaiserkai 56 | 20457 Hamburg-Hafencity


Somewhere in the off between Elbbrucken and Billhafen we find the 100/200. Unusual as the location and the building in which the 100/200 is also that you buy a ticket for the visit online in advance. And that without knowing what will be for dinner. But do not worry. Thomas Imbusch, who has been awarded a Michelin star for his restaurant, guarantees that it will be a great evening with excellent food. At 100/200 is celebrated great pleasure cinema that guarantees a unique evening in every respect.

100/200 Kitchen |
Brandshofer Deich 68 | 20539 Hamburg-Hafencity

Cafe Paris

We close our round of romantic places with a classic. To Cafe Paris in Hamburg’s city center. For many Hamburgers, the Cafe Paris to the best cafes and restaurants in the city. It brings much more than just French flair to the far north of Hamburg. The bistro has become a real institution. Alone the atmosphere of the premises inspires. The former butcher’s shop from 1882 impresses with its rich art nouveau elements and the elaborate ornaments on the ceiling. Set up is the Cafe Paris in addition in the classical style of a bistro. Here you can have a wonderful breakfast together or a stimulating and extensive dinner for two.

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