Lose weight fast: how to lose 10 kilos in 5 days

fast slimming juice cure

Losing weight fast is not only possible, but can be mega healthy to boot.

No, wait a minute…let me rephrase that:

In fact, it’s the ALL THE BEST thing you can ever do for your body!

And in this post I’ll show you how to do it.

I myself just got through it.

For the fourth time now.

And the effect on my body and psyche has been tremendous.

And I can not write here the word ENORM big enough.

This feeling I have right now, I didn’t have on my best day. And the clarity that my thoughts and my eyes have, it’s just mesmerizing…

In short, I feel like I was born again!

But, a warning beforehand: this is not for sissies!

Bonus: Download the complete instructions here with all the details including three extra recipes for instant weight loss!

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Final tips

With this cure you will lose weight extremely fast.

You will lose a lot of weight and detoxify your body at the same time. You will feel like newborn afterwards, I guarantee you that. However, during the cure it can be sometimes not so funny. You will have to deal with detoxification symptoms and of course with a massive, very fast weight loss.

That’s why, before you get started on your regimen, keep these things in mind:

  • If you usually eat a lot of meat, then reduce your meat consumption the days before you start the cure.
  • The same goes for alcohol and cigarettes. During the course you should not smoke and NEVER drink alcohol. Reduce your consumption the days before.
  • If you eat a lot of pasta, cut back on that. Replace that with quinoa or couscous.
  • If you eat a lot of frozen foods, eat more freshly prepared foods the days before.

And, I don’t think I need to mention this at all, but I’ll say it just in case: ALL ingredients for your green drinks should of course be sourced from ABSOLUTE BEST ORGANIC QUALITY be and must NOT be sprayed in any case.

Don’t be a penny pincher here. Go to the organic store you trust and get the absolute best quality you can find.

Question for you: How often do you make a cure like this in your life? Probably not every day..

Therefore do something good for yourself here and pamper your body only with the very-ALL-ALL-BEST.

*Update 2018:* I have just completed 10 days of water fasting, the "supreme discipline" of therapeutic fasting. Made you a video on this here with more tips on fasting and what you should definitely look for:

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You have never experienced anything like this before

The effects will be dramatic, I can already guarantee that!

Depending on how (poorly) you ate before this, you will feel ENORMOUS changes.

  • You will have an extreme feeling of lightness in your body (and in your mind)
  • Your skin will radiate a completely different color and freshness
  • Your head and your thought processes will brighten up and be much clearer, you will be able to focus better
  • The colors of your eyes will become clearer and more powerful
  • You will feel like a diver who has dropped his weights

And also your fellow men will notice this change in your energy immediately.

Personally, I notice how people respond to me much more kindly and notice me much faster.

And especially with the opposite sex…

This morning at the health food store, the saleswoman didn’t want to stop talking to me…

Where does it come from? Very simple.

After this cure you will radiate an extreme vitality and life energy.

You will have THAT which basically all PEOPLE are looking for, but which only the FEW have:

An extremely strong LIFE ENERGY!

Lose weight fast free report download

Bonus: Download the full instructions here with all the details including three extra recipes for immediate weight loss:

Frequently asked questions

Is the cure dangerous?? What should I do, if it does not go me well thereby?

The first and foremost rule is the same as everywhere else: THINK for yourself! Only YOU know in the end what is good for you. So if you are unsure whether this cure is something for you, then please ask your doctor or pharmacist beforehand whether he considers this cure useful for you.

Furthermore you will have to fight during the cure with some detoxification appearances. Depending on how poorly or well you ate before, you will struggle with it more or less. But if these symptoms become too strong or if this whole thing doesn’t feel good anymore, please stop it and talk to your doctor again if this cure is useful for you.

Can I do the cure without enemas??

Answer: NO. Do them with the enemas. And ready. The enemas help your intestines to regenerate and flush out old waste products. Therefore, do not think about it for a long time but just do it. It is also much less bad than one always thinks at the beginning. Once you do it, the second time is no problem at all. So: Do it!

The shopping list does not match the pictures of the drinks? What to follow?

What counts is the shopping list. There are the ingredients for each drink on it. Important: There are 13 drinks listed in the list. If you drink three per day, then you need a total of 15 drinks for 5 days! Means: you just take your two favorite drinks on the 5th day and make them again (you can do this cure for up to 7 days, you should do it for at least 5 days)

Can I also drink the juices as a smoothie??

No! Plus, they definitely won’t taste like this (the drinks are already a huge challenge as is – i.e., in watery form – for most). Hey, I said above that this is not for sissies. So please do not cry about it now. But again, you need to juice the juices in a juicer and then top them up with water as described above. This is the only way to do the cure right.

What should I do with the healing clay that is on the shopping list??

You will drink the healing clay in the morning, right after you have drunk your lemon water. Drink a glass of water and mix it with a spoonful of healing clay. Stir well and then drink. The healing clay has a mineralizing effect on your body and supplies your system with important minerals. Do not skip and drink every morning!

Can I use a blender instead of a juicer??

No, you can’t. You need a juicer for this cure. It doesn’t have to be a very expensive one, just a regular juicer will do. Why juicing and not blending? Because you only want the juice of your green ingredients and not the fiber.

Is there a yo-yo effect?

It all depends on what you do next THEN! If you eat afterwards the same (bad) as before, then this vegetable juice cure will not help you here much. It’s all up to you and what YOU are willing to do to have a healthy body and a happy life. Also important: First and foremost, you will lose a lot of water with this cure and thus lose a lot of weight very quickly. To maintain this effect of weight loss, it is essential to continue to eat healthy afterwards. That means no sugar (here’s a super article on the topic: sugar-free diet), no industrially processed foods, and preferably no extract flours either. Remember: How you continue THEN is much much more important than any temporary diet or regimen you can ever do!

Do I need to do a lot of exercise during the cure?

NO! It is even downright forbidden to do too much exercise. Your body will rapidly lose weight and detoxify itself and that alone demands enough energy from it. You should, however, in order to wash out any remaining toxins in your body, do approx. 20-30 minutes light do sports activity. It shouldn’t be too strenuous, but you should work up a bit of a sweat. Jogging/running is good, a walk in the forest or sauna and steam bath are a good thing.

Can I modify the cure/juices, omit some of it and do it differently?

No! Do the juices exactly as I have described them. Drink your lemon water in the morning and use Himalayan salt. Change nothing. Don’t change anything. Do nothing differently. Just as I have described it. If you can’t find any kale, you can take dandelion instead (I did this during my cure – see pictures above)

Still questions?

Then please ask them to me below in the comments…

And other than that, all that’s left for me to say is:

Have fun with the cure and let me know how it went for you (and how many kilos you lost in the end& )

The therapeutic fasting master class: With all recipes + schedule + shopping list + Facebook support community& all important info, on what you must pay attention with the chamfering, here: The Healing Fasting Master Course – Healthy and Easy through Life!

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