Look younger: with renunciation on these food it works out

Great complexion, plump skin, as few wrinkles as possible – an ideal of beauty that, of course, cannot be achieved in the long run. But there are some tips that can make you look younger and slow down the aging process: These include z. B. avoiding sunlight and taking proper care of your skin. But avoiding certain foods also benefits your appearance: EAT SMARTER has summarized the worst offenders.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Salt
  2. 2. Charred meat
  3. 3. Alcohol
  4. 4. Soft drinks
  5. 5. Sugar
  6. 6. Saturated fatty acids
  7. 7. Sweeteners
  8. Knowledge to go

There are some tips that can make you look younger and slow down the aging process: These include, for example, too much exposure to the sun and taking proper care of your skin. But also in the area of food you can do without certain things and thus help your skin to a younger appearance for a longer time.

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1. Salt

One of the most commonly used means of seasoning food is salt. The body needs it, among other things, to regulate the acid-base balance and as a basic substance for gastric juice.

Nevertheless, salt should not be consumed carelessly, because it causes the body to store more water, which makes the face swell and dark circles under the eyes appear darker. Who by healthy nutrition gladly look younger would like, should not exceed the six grams of salt per day recommended by the German Nutrition Society (DGE) (1) .

2. Charred meat

On warm and sunny days, people like to fire up the grill – meat, sausages, tofu and vegetables taste simply delicious, thanks to the roasted aromas! But the grilled food should not turn black, because the charred areas contain carcinogenic substances that are not good for the skin.

Because the consumption of charred meat or burnt barbecue products can also cause the skin to become more impure.

3. Alcohol

It is well known that the moderate consumption of red wine, for example, can have positive effects on health. But many cocktails and long drinks also contain all kinds of juices and soft drinks in addition to high-proof drinks. It is obvious that these are true sugar bombs, which also hit the calorie account.

Looking younger by healthy nutrition is possible, but when drinking these beverages this is not the case. Alcohol dries out the body, making the skin look pale and wrinkled. Therefore, it is better to refrain from such drinks.

4. Soft drinks

Cola, lemonade and co. are advertised as refreshing drinks and thirst quenchers. Go to younger appearance they are not suitable, because they contain a lot of sugar or sweeteners. These ingredients cause blemished skin and are also not at all suitable as thirst quenchers. On top of that, cola contains phosphoric acid, which is suspected of weakening bones.

As a thirst quencher, rely on water or highly diluted juice spritzers – these are much more suitable as thirst quenchers. If you want to spice up your water, add cucumber slices or some lemon or lime juice to your drink for variety.

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