Long hairstyles for men: the 11 best hairstyles for long hair and how to grow them

Long hairstyles for men

E gal, whether actors like Jason Momoa, known as Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, or model Brock O’Hurn, whose hair is also his trademark – long hair for men is currently very trendy.

We show you the best hairstyles, how to grow long hair as a man and what to look out for in the Care absolutely have to pay attention to.

Long hairstyles for men: these are the top 11

Even though long hair requires a lot of attention, especially when it comes to care, it has the advantage of being very changeable are. With a few moves you can conjure up, for example, from the long mane many different variations of the Man Bun.

Man Bun

Man Bun

If there is one long hairstyle that is currently in trend, it is the Man Bun. It is characterized by a node, whereby there are very many different possibilities here. From the top knot, man bun undercut to the variant with strands hanging out, everything is possible.

Man Bun Undercut

If you want to know more about the Man Bun and other types of the men’s hairstyle, then it goes here to the detailed Man Bun article.

Open long hair

Man with long open hair

If you want it to be especially uncomplicated, you can leave your long hair simply open. This look is particularly casual and looks self-confident. But beware: open hair can sometimes be a little difficult to tame in everyday life – so it’s best to always have hair ties with you.

Man with open medium length hair


Natural curls look really great even with long hair and look exotic. If you don’t have curls naturally, you should ask your trusted hairdresser for advice. A Perm can namely also for the man an alternative his. In today’s world, people pay special attention to the fact that the artificial curls look natural. In addition, the perm is not a hairstyle for a few days: from a real professional it can last up to 3 months.

Man with long hair and curls

If you want to know more about the hairstyle and how it is done, here is our detailed article on the perm.


Man with ponytail

With a ponytail, the hair is simply with a rubber Held together without forming it into a knot like in the man bun. This long hairstyle is simple, practical and protects the hair.

Sleek Style

Long hairstyle on a man in sleek style

A somewhat more offensive look is the so-called Sleek Style. Sleek means something like "smooth. Here the hair with some gel or wax is put smoothly to the back or to the side. The slightly wet impression of the hair is desired with this long hairstyle. It is especially suitable for self-confident men who know what they are doing.

Long hair with parting

Man with middle parting and long hair

You can style the parting in very different ways. There are for example the classic middle parting or a slightly sideways variation where the hair is not strictly divided.


Man with dreadlocks and long hair

You like it particularly unusual and are fans of nature? Then dreadlocks could be the right choice for you. Paired with the right care and clothing dreadlocks do not have to look unkempt, but can become your personal trademark.

Braided long hair

Man with braided long hair

Braiding is also a simple variant to change long hair without a visit to the hairdresser. With a little practice you can create many different styles. Surely you know long braided hair especially from the successful series Vikings. Paired with a Full beard or Ducktail beard the look looks particularly masculine.

Bro Flow

The hair of the bro flow is rather to be defined as medium length, but nevertheless we do not want to deprive you of this hairstyle. She is the perfect transitional hairstyle, if your hair has not yet reached the desired length. The Bro Flow looks masculine, well-groomed and fits into everyday life as well as the office.

Bro Flow

If you want to learn more about the cut, then it goes here to the Bro Flow article.

Growing long hair& Care properly

Basically, every man with enough hair growth can let his hair grow long. Whereby it must be said here that it also depends on the thickness of the hair. If you have particularly thin hair, you will have a lot more problems afterwards.

If you want to grow your hair long, then you should create some important tips note:

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