Leo (zodiac sign)

Leo(Latin Leo, Greek: λέων, constellation: Leo, astronomical sign ♌) corresponds to the fifth of the twelve sections of the zodiac and lies at 120° – 150° degrees ecliptic longitude from the vernal point. In the zodiac sign Leo lie birthdays of the 23rd day of the year. July until 23. August. However, due to the migration of the vernal equinox, the sign of the zodiac no longer corresponds to the constellation Leo, which moves from 11. August to 17. September is in the sun. Thus the passage of the sun was shifted by the precession movement of the earth axis in comparison to the antiquity.

Leo (zodiac sign)

Astrologers consider Leo to be one of the most fortunate and light-filled signs of the zodiac. The lion has especially many good qualities and a lot of fun in life. The Leo rarely thinks negatively, rather he is optimistic, fun-loving, and infects others with his enthusiasm. The zodiac sign Leo symbolizes the acceptance of life and the creative principle that creates life.

The polar sign of the zodiac of Leo is Aquarius. From him the Leo must learn that there is more to life than his ego and that he is not the most important person in the whole world. Like any sign of the zodiac, the lion has light and shadow sides.

More about the asana lion (Simhasana) you can find under the following link: Simhasana.

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The lion is the most popular and, with the eagle, the most frequently used symbol on coats of arms, because it symbolizes power, courage and wisdom. As king of the animals the lion decorates thrones and castles of rulers and guards temples, graves and gates from demons as an animal of light. Thus, the lion is also considered a symbol of vigilance. In Buddhism the lion symbolizes wisdom and defends the right. In ancient Greece the lion was the symbol of courage. A fighting lion can symbolize the struggle between good and evil.

Leo (zodiac sign)

Negatively portrayed, the lion is considered a punishing force and devourer of people. The Leo is an outward looking force with a strong warm charisma. Leo also represents midsummer, youth, inexhaustible energy and is seen as a masculine (yang) sign of the zodiac. This makes him at the same time a centered, inward looking personality.

Its ruling planet is the life-giving Sun, which is considered a symbol of the center at rest in itself. It gives the lion its strength, power and self-confidence. With Aries and Sagittarius, Leo shares the fire element, which stands for life energy. As the middle fire sign it stands for stable fire. For the second decade, Jupiter is considered a deity who was, among other things, the supreme deity of the Roman religion. In the mythology of the Jews the lion is the symbol of the Messiah and is the only permitted representation in synagogues.


  • Born in the period: 23. July to 23. August
  • Eponymous constellation: Leo
  • Determining planet: Sun
  • Determining element: stable fire
  • Type: fixed
  • Polarity: plus/yang/male
  • Quality: hot, dry
  • State of aggregation: gaseous
  • Principle: self-realization, leadership
  • Identification: Master, Teacher, Center
  • Attitude: I am.
  • Temperament: choleric
  • Numbers: 1, 8, 19, 48 and all numbers with the checksum 1
  • Gemstones: Diamond, rock crystal, gold topaz, heliotrope, citrine, amber, orthoclase, yellow tourmaline
  • Color: white, gold, yellow, orange, red
  • Physical level: center of the body, abdomen, back, sides
  • Assigned organ: heart
  • Juices: Bile
  • Day of the week: Sunday
  • Season: Summer
  • Time of day: Day
  • Direction: East
  • Age: Youth
  • Purpose: Self-perfection, self-realization, leadership
  • Occupation: CEO, self-employed, team leader, manager, politician, actor, teacher

Leo Decades

Each sign of the zodiac encompasses 30° degrees from the 360° degree zodiac. These 30°-degrees are again divided into three decades, which correspond to approximately 10 days. In each decade, the characteristics of the sign are pronounced differently. The planet of the first decade is the ruling planet of the zodiac.

  1. Decade 23.07 – 02.08 (Sun)
  2. Decade 03.08 – 12.08 (Jupiter)
  3. Decade 13.08 – 23.08 (Mars)

Sun: Around the sun revolve all the planets of our solar system. It represents self-confidence and willpower and is responsible for life on our planet. She is selfless and gives without wanting anything in return. She gives warmth, but if you get too close, she burns you. It gives light, but if you want to grasp it, it is too bright.

She gives life but asks nothing in return. It embodies the male Yang principle and spirituality. The Sun is a personality planet and the center of every horoscope, because it shapes the innermost core of every human being. It also represents the unfolding self, self-confidence and life force. It unfolds its power most in the fire sign Leo. A highly developed spiritual Leo is like the sun.

Jupiter: Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. It stands for expansion, charisma, human values, senses and ideals. For the Romans, he was the highest deity, corresponding to Zeus, the father of the gods, of the Greeks. As the supreme god, he embodies law and justice and rules over prosperity. At the same time he is a god of luck. Jupiter rules the fire sign Sagittarius.

Mars: Mars represents the masculine principle and is considered a god of war. He embodies self-assertion, assertiveness, courage and aggressiveness. Mars rules the fire sign Aries.

The character of Leo

A Leo doesn’t want to be judged by what he used to do, but by what he really is, a unique personality. That is why the lion does not like negative criticism. It is much better to show the lion how he can improve in his deeds, instead of just telling him what he does badly. Leo is a very self-confident person. He has pride, optimism, enthusiasm and a lot of attraction for other people.

Leo has charm, he is self-confident and creative. With his ambition and tenacity, he can get big projects off the ground. When a Leo is at ease, he is usually very generous – when not, Lions can be very selfish and exploitative. Leo is a good leader, likes to be the center of his world like the Sun, likes to be adored and loves compliments and attention. In their relationships, the Leo is very generous, romantic and passionate.

A lion does what it wants because it is the king of all animals, and that is how it behaves: always dominant and relaxed. The Leo does not allow himself to be ordered around, but sets the tone himself. Lions are not simple worker bees, but great and magnanimous born pack leaders and so they think also. They don’t run after anyone who doesn’t give them credit for their unique personality. For this they usually have many like-minded friends.

Preferably, the lion is the center of all like the sun, always in front to see where the music plays. Lions do not like small minds and rarely do things by halves, instead they think in megalomaniac dimensions that often seem unattainable for their fellows. They themselves, however, always remain self-confident and completely relaxed in their undertakings, because they know what they can do. The lion believes that everything is attainable for it. What a Leo cannot do yet, he prefers not to show, because there is no recognition and praise for it. The lion much prefers to practice his craft on his own and present it as soon as he masters it perfectly.

In addition to attention and recognition, love is also important to lions. They are very loving, generous and passionate people who share generously, especially when things are going well for them. If they do not receive recognition for their unique personality, they quickly look for a new stage. The lion has ambition, but can also be very lazy, so it should pay attention to balance. If a lion wants, he basks lazily in the sun all day, because he is the king and can do what he wants. His world belongs to him. Lions are creative and creative people, but unfortunately often far too materialistic. They like to present their sports car to attract attention. Rich lions like to share and give a lot and give away expensive things.

The weaknesses of the lion

The weak lion believes to be invincible and does not like to ask for help. He is often megalomaniac, overestimates himself and wants to do everything alone. If they have achieved something, they can be very boastful and seem arrogant to others. Often they are arrogant towards inferiors and thus attract envy and competition into their lives with their behavior.

Weak Lions are very flashy, materialistic, selfish and self-absorbed. In many life situations they are overactive and impatient, in relationships often very jealous. In life, the Leo can be very pleasure-seeking and reckless. Many lions are very comfortable and lazy. If you want to teach them, they often remain stubborn and shy of criticism.

The strengths of the Leo

The strong lion is very sovereign, creative, creative and rich in ideas, also energetic, capable of leadership and strong-willed. The Leo is self-confident, expressive, adventurous and courageous. If they have found a great idea, they will realize it optimistically, carefree and independently, no matter how megalomaniac it seems to other people. They are organizational, confident and can be very ambitious. In addition, they have the talent to easily carry other people along and to inspire them for their ideas and plans.

A strong Leo has charm, is fun-loving and very attractive to other people. Mostly the lion is humorous, fond of children and playful. Lions are dominant, but also very big-hearted and generous. To other people they are loyal, warm-hearted and benevolent. They are very lively, strong, vital and self-actualizing personalities who exude a lot of pride and dignity. In their relationships and with their family they are especially kind, cordial, loving and dutiful.

Lions in society

Lions have a lot of dynamism, but with their flashy lifestyle they can quickly block a lot of energy by attracting envy and competition into their lives. Lions should be self-confident, but not arrogant and enjoy their luxuries not only for themselves, but also share them sometimes. If they are like no one, but act like everyone and live their lives from the heart, their lives run more harmoniously because they attract less envy and competition into their lives. A Leo should promote his strengths and know and work on his weaknesses, because only in this way he can develop his full potential in society.

The lion is a very sociable person with a lot of attraction. If they don’t constantly push themselves to be the center of attention, showing off their Leo assets, successes, talents, deeds and luxury, and instead stay humble, more people will admire and like them and not label them as arrogant. In society, a Leo should be a positive role model and play the forerunner, because he is good at convincing other people of his ideas and carrying them along in their undertakings. The ideal place for a lion in society is where people need to be led and where a lot of self-confidence is needed, for example on stage or in front of the camera.

The Leo woman

The Leo woman is a confident, fun-loving and extravagant diva. She likes to show off and likes very much to be flattered and treated like a unique queen. With her everything can be a little more and a little more expensive. She loves luxury and, like most Leo men, aspires to be in the bosses, on stages, in front of cameras, or become self-employed. Other Leo women look for a rich man, because men are at their feet anyway.

Leo women love to be adored, admired and desired. The lioness needs a man who will adorn her by his side, treat her like his sole queen, and allow her to live a luxurious lifestyle. For him she must be the only one, but she does not limit herself. Lionesses are very exceptional and are very envied by other women because they immediately catch men’s eyes.

The lion man

The Leo man is a born alpha among men and a ladies’ man among zodiac signs and that is exactly how he behaves and feels. He likes to protect weaker ones, is a born king and an excellent leader. Leo men are brave, strong and generous. Other men envy them because they attract women very quickly with their strong charisma alone.

Leo males fall in love quickly, and fidelity is hard for them especially when they are young, but when they find the right partner, she is treated like their sole goddess. In love they are extremely passionate and emotional, but also very jealous. They do everything for their family, because it is very important to them. If a Leo has a lot of money, he can be very lavish, but also very generous. Leo set big goals and fight for them, so they usually become leaders.

The Lion Child

Even as a child, Leo children want to be the center of attention. Leo children are very playful, love big toys and need a lot of attention. Even at a young age, Leo children try to assert themselves and try to make their parents dance to their tune. They have many friends and like to be outside in the sun. At school, they are among the top of the class, the most conspicuous children, or do not like to go there in the first place, because the leadership roles are already given to stronger classmates, teachers and principals.

Once Leo children are especially good at a subject, they want to stay that way so they can continue to enjoy the glory of being better than others. They learn best through play, fun, and competitions where they can measure their strength against others. If they do not get attention and recognition, they will seek it in a negative way. Leo children need to learn compassion and that they are not the center of the world around which everything must revolve.

Leo in partnership

Romance, closeness and family are very important to a Leo man. They are very potent and passionate lovers with a big lion’s heart and usually have a lot of admirers due to their high power of attraction. With so much admiration, it can be hard for them to be faithful, but when a Leo has found the right partner, they like to faithfully commit to their love.

Lions in love treat their partner like a treasure and are happy to be there for them. They prefer to be with their partner all day, but must also be able to withdraw from time to time. They are very generous and give a lot in the relationship, but themselves also need a lot of recognition and attention from their partner to feel really loved.

Lions really need the feeling of being something special and unique for their partner. If the Leo feels loved, he can be the most generous of all the signs of the zodiac. To make him feel comfortable, you should not constantly tell him what to do, restrict him in his territory or constantly criticize him.

Profession and career of the lion

Lions are born leaders, role models and creative creators. In any area where the Leo can realize himself and receive recognition for his unique personality, talents and deeds, he feels really comfortable. In most cases, a Leo also deserves his needed appreciation, because his great ambition usually makes his work above average.

A lion subordinates itself only very with difficulty and always wants to be the best, therefore it strives into the boss floors or becomes independent entrepreneurs. Also in the public life the lion feels very well, because he receives here a lot of attention. No matter in which area the lion is, as long as he is the center of attention, he feels comfortable, and that is where he belongs. Wherever self-confidence, leadership and creativity are required, the Leo is right.

This is how you find lions in front of cameras, on stages and in executive chairs. Also in the trade, or as a teacher, lions are good, because they have a lot of assertiveness and persuasiveness in the cradle. Telling others how to do what is in their blood. In the occupation lions need a lot of free space to be able to develop themselves. If you give them this, they develop their full potential. No matter which vocation a Leo follows, he makes a steep career. If a Leo believes that everything comes to him by itself and that he does not have to do anything for anything, he wastes his potential. Instead, he should activate his ambition and follow through with his plans with his determination.

The Leo is a fair, relaxed and respectful superior and colleague, as long as you are loyal to him. Who has a lion as a boss, or colleagues, should not patronize him, otherwise the lion starts to roar, because what the lion says is law. In order to make a friend of a lion, you should give him regular caresses in the form of recognition, compliments and small favors, besides you should not argue with him. Professions suitable to the Leo are: Self-employed, supervisor, manager, teacher, artist, musician, actor, professional athlete.

The health of the lion

In general, the Leo is very resistant and have a lot of energy. However, their megalomaniac ambition can drive them to burnout and sleep deprivation. The lion must pay special attention to the balance between work and recreation. If they have sufficient relaxation breaks, they also perform better. In the zodiac man (lat. Homo signorum), the lion is assigned to the center of the body, the heart, the abdominal area, the back and the sides.

In astromedicine, the ruling planet Sun corresponds to the heart, blood circulation and eyes. Above all, the Leo must take care to get enough exercise for their circulation and that they do not overload their heart. Typical illnesses are cardiovascular diseases like the heart attack, which can indicate that life was lived with too little love and compassion. This is also followed by depression, denial of life and flight into addictions.

The Spiritual Leo and his life tasks

The advanced spiritual Leo is a wise, patient, loving teacher and spiritual master to those around them. From his arrogance, greed and selfishness became humility, modesty and selflessness. The lion no longer thinks only of himself, but has a lot of compassion. His strong charisma is very attractive to other people, children and animals. Now he doesn’t need power, compliments and recognition anymore, because he knows what he is and what he can do. Competitive games he looks calmly from above and no longer seeks power struggles. The lion no longer feels a desire for more and more material, ephemeral things and many partners, but is satisfied with what he has.

Now the Leo doesn’t need to be the center of attention, or at the top, because they know where they stand. The lion does not have to be the best anymore, because he knows that there is always someone better, and he begrudges him the victory. Jealousy is no longer an issue for him. Now the lion tolerates and accepts everything as it is and that not everyone was born a king. The lion no longer brags about his abundance and does not exploit anyone, but helps selflessly.

The advanced spiritual lion no longer identifies himself as king of the world, but as servant of God. The lion is no longer a commander, he has become a spiritual master. Leo does not take advantage of anyone anymore, but is selfless. His focus is now on self and God-realization instead of materialism and accumulation of perishable and meaningless things.

The main life tasks of the lion are, first of all, to conquer his lower nature, to take responsibility and to put his inner and outer world in order. Instead of selfishly ruling and keeping his power only for himself, the Leo should generously share, teach and lead. The lion has received many advantages to serve the world with and to give a hand to the weaker ones.

The karmic path of the lion

The Leo was probably very poor before life and had to watch others live in abundance, or lived in abundance himself but greedily kept everything for himself. So now the lion must learn about abundance or realize that there is no point in being the richest in the graveyard. A Leo wants and needs to learn from the things that come his way in life. His main life theme is self-actualization and leading others. Through self-perfection, the lion reaps its used recognition and appreciation.

If the lion becomes too arrogant and arrogant, the lion misses his path in life. Even if a Leo has achieved a lot, should he be cordial and compassionate. A good king serves his people and makes sure that everyone is doing well. In service to humanity, Leo can accomplish much with his talents and achieve true greatness. Love must be the source of his strength.

Leo (zodiac sign)

The Leo ascendant

Those with Leo as their ascendant live confidently and from the heart. He loves children and animals, is playful and up for any fun. For others he is sociable, generous and friendly. Negatively, he may be prone to arrogance, lust for power and exaggerated dominance. The main issues are self-assertion and self-expression.

People born in the ascendant Leo are very adventurous and charming people who like to be the center of attention. They are creative, dynamic and expressive, like luxury and like to show what they have. They are born optimists who are born with leadership qualities. Success is preprogrammed with the ascendant Leo. Convincing others and asserting themselves is easy for them. They have a strong charisma and sparkle with joie de vivre and creativity.

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