Knacklion is a Pokemon with the type Soil and exists since the third game generation. It evolves into Vibrava, which in turn can evolve into Libelldra.

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Appearance and physique

Knacklion has a reddish brown body with a white colored belly and two black sparkling eyes. Its head is as big as its body, so once it falls down, it is very difficult for the Pokemon to get up again. The size of its oval head can be justified by its gigantic jaws. This pine has enough strength to crush rocks. Furthermore, Knacklion’s round shape is reminiscent of an ant lion .

In its iridescent form, Knacklion has a dark turquoise body.

Attacks and abilities


Knacklion is a Pokemon with relatively balanced stats, but it is incredibly sluggish and is one of the slowest Pokemon around. On the other hand, its gigantic jaws give it immense attack power, especially for undeveloped Pokemon. The jaw is made usable for attacks like crunch or geofissure. Knacklion exploits its sandy habitat for a variety of ground attacks such as earthquake, steamroller or clayclamp, or digs in using shovelers. It can summon sandstorms and rain down boulders on enemies with a hail of rocks.

The digging of pitfalls at the bottom of which it lurks is reflected in the attacks Sand Dig and Patience, but also in the ability Hopeless, which prevents other Pokemon from escaping. Other specimens have the Scissor Power ability, which alludes to the jaw, and their attack power cannot be reduced. Some specimens can have the hidden ability Brute Force, which increases the power of attacks, but prevents their additional effects.

Behavior and habitat


Knacklion, the ant lion Pokemon, inhabits arid, desert habitats such as Route 111 in Hoenn or the Haina Desert of Alola. In the hot desert sands, it excavates funnel-shaped pitfalls and then waits patiently for prey victims to slide into the traps at the bottom of which it lurks. It gets along motionless up to one week completely without water and food. The pits are also its burrow, at night it buries itself completely in the sand to sleep.

Knacklion’s gigantic jaws, with which it can bite rocks and stones, make it a dangerous enemy. However, it is so heavy that once it falls down, it has difficulty getting up again. Then it becomes the victim of other desert dwellers like Ganovil.


Knacklion is the first part of a three-stage evolutionary series and can evolve into Vibrava, which itself can evolve into Libelldra.

As it evolves, this Pokemon transforms from a bug hiding in the sand – to an insect-like, flying form – to a large, dangerous hunter. It is noticeable that Knacklion’s body color differs from that of its evolutions. Thus Knacklion is colored in a reddish brown, while Libelldra and Vibrava’s body are green. Knacklion’s appearance is presumably based on that of an ant lion. Meanwhile, its evolution is probably based on an ant-lion, which is also found in biology as the higher evolutionary stage of an ant-lion. When evolving into Libelldra, the body of this being, which at first resembles a net-winged dragon, expands to include elements of a dragon. Thus Libelldra’s body becomes stronger and hands with claws are formed.

In the games of the main series, the evolution of Knacklion to Vibrava is triggered when reaching at least level 35, that to Libelldra at least level 45.

Knacklion Level 35 Level 35 Level 35 Level 35

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