Klo-ho-ho! 5 gifts for christmas

It’s like every year – Christmas is just around the corner. For those celebrating this holiday, that often means gift-giving stress, too. To make sure you’re not just giving crap, here are five gift ideas for you that are not only sustainable, but also socially, sensibly and always fairly produced. Everything you buy from us supports our vision of "loos for all! All for toilets!".


Klo-ho-ho! 5 gifts for christmas

The ultimate all-rounder gift. With the toilet paper subscription you give away security, lightheartedness, one less thing to worry about in everyday life. Once subscribed, is always provided for sufficient toilet paper in the given household. This gift is not only meaningful and long-term, but also sustainable: Goldeimer toilet paper is made of 100% recycled paper. This means that no (Christmas) tree was cut down so we can wipe our butts with it. You can adjust the quantity and regularity of the deliveries to your individual needs. As a rule of thumb, 9 packs every 6 months should be enough for a two-person household.

& Never buy toilet paper again!

& meaningful, sustainable, creative – makes for a laugh under the tree!


Klo-ho-ho! 5 gifts for christmas

It is golden yellow and radiates good mood even on the darkest winter day. Our beloved, wonderfully soft beanie is back and the perfect Christmas gift for anyone’s head. It keeps you nice and warm and makes sure the person carrying it doesn’t get lost at the Christmas market. Bonus feature with surprise effect: on the back from the label is a second embroidery motif!

& Ultra soft cap in gold bucket yellow

& 100% organic cotton, fairly produced, GOTS certified

& In collaboration with Recolution #supportyourlocalbusiness


Klo-ho-ho! 5 gifts for christmas

Klo-Ho-Ho – once gold bucket for’s big business, for washing hands, reading and writing, please! In this Christmas bundle, you’ll get a social pack of toilet paper, a bar of organic curd soap, ten fun Christmas cards, and our children’s book "The Little Story of Big Business" at a discounted price. Here is really something for everyone. With Gold Bucket gifts, you’re helping to raise awareness and educate about port-a-potties and supporting a local nonprofit. We are grateful and say: Happy Christmas!

& Everyone loves toilet paper

& Great gifts for the whole family


Klo-ho-ho! 5 gifts for christmas

Your friend wants to start next year in the allotment garden? Your relatives went under the bower peepers this year? Perfect, because probably they do not have yet a sanitary solution in their garden idyll. And if you want to spend long days and barbecues in the allotment garden, you need a toilet. Preferably a sustainable one, without water. Our dry toilet starter kits are the perfect way to get started. Included is not only the loo with everything you need to use it, but also toilet paper, soap, seeds, and a booklet with lots of info and tips on how to use, compost, and recycle the contents.

& Perfect for all allotment gardeners*

& sustainable toilet without chemicals and water

♻ Helps you turn feces and urine into awesome fertilizer for your flower beds


Grandma already has everything? Then give the gift of a donation to Goldeimer. The donation goes directly to the vision "Toilets for all! All for loos!". Helping to raise awareness of global sanitation and supporting WASH projects at home and abroad. Simply select the amount, personalize the certificate and print it out. This gift is also ideal for all those who are late and have no (delivery) time left!

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