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This is a surprise for us: After KARSTEN WALTER is on the road as a solo singer – as is well known, the quartet FEUERHERZ has disbanded – he now also reaches for the stars as an actor. RTL has snatched the heartthrob for the spin-off series of GZSZ – motto: "Leon – don’t believe everything you see". On 15.02.2022 is about 20.15 o’clock on RTL directly after GZSZ loose – by the way not the first engagement of KARSTEN with RTL. Ten years ago he took part in DSDS – back then he looked like this:

Picture from Schlagerprofis.de

Photo: RTL, Stefan Gregorowius

Press release from RTL

The singer Karsten Walter is also part of the GZSZ spin-off "Leon – Don’t believe everything you see"!

So far, for example, he sang on DSDS ten years ago and had u. a. a permanent subscription to the Silbereisen shows – now he has his premiere as an actor: Karsten Walter, the singer who became famous with the band "Feuerherz" before he took off with his solo career. In the interview, the new Berliner talks about filming and his role "Linus" in "Leon – Don’t believe everything you see"! The feature film version runs on 15.2.2022 at 20:15 in primetime and directly after GZSZ on RTL.

Oops, we know him, many will surely think. Where do people know you from?

I’m a singer and was part of the band "Feuerherz" for six years. 2021 I released my first solo single "Komm Naher – Rhythm of the Night" and sang the duet "Fahr zur Holle" with Marina Marx.

Who do you play at Leon?

In "Leon – Don’t believe everything you see" I play Linus, a kitesurfer.

What can you already reveal about your role?

Linus is a young, sporty kitesurfer, who can also convince one or the other woman of his talent.

How did you come to this?

I was asked by the production and was very happy about it. By the way, I used to watch GZSZ with my two sisters and can still remember the love story of Leon and Verena. I found Leon’s new story super exciting right away, so I agreed to do it.

Your first shoot as an actor?

In my music videos, I’ve often had to slip into different roles. But to be a part of such a big production, I found very exciting. Seeing the work that goes into it and how much text the main actors have to memorize when they’re in front of the camera every day really impressed me, and I have a lot of respect for that.

How were your shoots and the time on Rugen?

The time on Rugen was super nice. The team was very relaxed, welcomed me openly and warmly. We weren’t always so lucky with the weather, but the filming locations on Rugen were impressive. I am a big fan of this island.

Do you remember funny anecdotes?

I can remember many, funny situations. For example, I had never been kitesurfing before in my life, so I didn’t really know much about wetsuits, which are quite tight against the skin, like a second skin. I remember that at the beginning I had a lot of difficulties to find my way around in this suit and I needed help to put it on and take it off all the time. And to use the washrooms was also not possible. (laughs) By the way, I’ve learned that water-based lubricant helps you get into a wetsuit like that better. (laughs)

Picture from Schlagerprofis.de

Photo: RTL, Oliver Ziebe

What do you like better: acting or music?

Acting really appeals to me. I’m very keen to keep trying out as an actor and would love to slip into many more roles. But my first great love was and remains definitely the music.

What’s next on your agenda?

I bring this year, on 3. June, my debut album "Komm Naher" out. I’ve been working on this album for almost two years now and it’s my first baby. I am very curious about the reactions. I also have some live performances coming up this year and I’m looking forward to every single one I’m going to see this year.

What would be your absolute dream role?

"Tatort" commissioner! (laughs) I’m a huge "Tatort" fan. Or something completely different, which has little to do with my person, for example to play a criminal or a villain, would also excite me very much.

About the content of LEON, don’t believe everything you see:

Leon fulfills his dream of owning a restaurant by the sea and moves with his son Oskar from Berlin to the kitesurfing village of Engelshoop on the Baltic Sea. But the new start is accompanied by strange events: Leon finds a photo of his Verena in his new house. Oskar also believes he has observed a woman with his drone who looks confusingly like his biological mother.

When Leon suddenly comes face to face with the woman, the ground is pulled out from under his feet: Who is she?? For Sarah, too, the first encounter with Leon is a shock. She feels stalked, having just fled Portugal to her hometown from a stalker. On the island she wants to come to rest. But the initial doubts about Leon fade away quickly. The two get to know each other and fall in love. As memories and reality blur for Leon, he misses telling Sarah the truth about her resemblance to his dead wife. Little does he know that this will put him in the crosshairs of the police..

Christiane Ghosh, Executive Producer RTL: "The gripping story of ‘Leon – Don’t believe everything you see’ combined with the comeback of Susan Sideropoulos is so big that we will tell it both as an eight-part streaming series on RTL+ and with feature-length event programming in primetime after GZSZ on RTL. Both formats follow their own dramaturgy. Who on 15. February has already seen the series, should still not do without the feature film with exclusive bonus scenes. And if you start with the movie, you will definitely want to stream the series as well."

Annette Herre, Producer UFA Serial Drama: "We are very pleased that RTL has decided to show the wonderful story of ‘Leon – Don’t believe everything you see’ as a feature film on free TV as well. GZSZ’s large fan base can watch on 15. February directly after the evening series enjoy the extraordinary story with their favorites Daniel Fehlow and Susan Sideropoulos. Great emotions, an exciting mystery and great Baltic Sea pictures – an evening on RTL that hits right to the heart!"

Susan Sideropoulos plays a double role in "Leon – Don’t believe everything you see", Verena Koch and new Sarah Elsasser, born and raised in Engelshoop, the fictional setting of the series. The character of the spirited Verena Koch was an integral part of GZSZ from February 2001 until her tragic death in summer 2011. Now this one pops up again. The spectators can be curious. Leon Moreno, a well-known GZSZ face and played by Daniel Fehlow, ventures a new start on the Baltic Sea in this spin-off.

The cast also includes u. a. Frederic Heidorn, Kathrin Osterode, Adrian Spielbauer, Amelie Arndt, Arne-Carlos Bottcher, Carmela A. C. Bonomi, Tim Olrik Stoneberg, Joey Altmann.

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