Interview with philipp j. Muller: “anyone can do it”: self-made millionaire explains the steps to more wealth

There is hardly anyone who does not have the desire to make more out of their money. Self-made millionaire and stock market expert Philipp J. Muller has done it. In an interview with FOCUS Online, he gives tips on how everyone can get a little closer to their goal.

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Philipp J. Muller has made himself a millionaire. He passes on his knowledge about the right investment in seminars. Muller is sure that everyone can make it richer. For this, he recommends the following steps:

1) Accept the status quo: It’s fine the way it is. "There are an incredible number of people who condemn themselves for not knowing how to get more out of their money", says Muller. "Not worth it. You have to forgive yourself."

2) Decide to be more involved with your own money from now on: "It’s important to take care of your money yourself and not leave it to an advisor.", says Muller.

3) Set up a fixed date: "I set aside a fixed date each week to deal with my finances", explains Muller.

4) Make a list of all costs, expenses and obligations.

Wealth through discipline: The pots model

5) Saving according to the pots model. Muller recommends splitting the monthly income according to fixed rules. In a pot goes the money, which is needed for everyday life. From this for example rent, clothes and food are paid. Money for education and leisure goes into the next pot. The third pot is used to set aside money for larger purchases. Muller advises to also donate regularly and to create a separate pot for this purpose as well. Finally, in pot five comes the money that is saved and invested.

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6) Start investing the money. Muller advocates investing this money in the stock market. The easiest way to do this is through ETFs (see "Keyword"), but it makes sense to delve a little deeper and spend more time investing, he said. "Many think the stock market is complicated. But when I get into it, I realize that I can also learn it", says Muller. But you need help – just like you need help when you learn to drive a car. The supply for this is large, says Muller. In addition to seminars, there are many books and Internet videos that explain the rules of the stock market.

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Build a good relationship with money

In addition to the right savings strategy, Muller believes it is also important to develop the right mindset. "We need to build a relationship with our money", he says. Money is often negatively occupied, as also many proverbs showed. Examples of this are: "Money corrupts character", "Money alone does not make you happy either", "One does not speak about money" or "It’s always about money". But that is a mistake. "We are allowed to love money if we see it as a symbol of something", explains Muller "for example for security and freedom. On the other hand, it would be wrong if we were only concerned with status symbols."

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About Philipp J. Muller

At the age of 16, Philipp J. Muller, investing money in the stock market. He comes from an entrepreneurial household, his father had his own construction company. After graduating from high school, Muller began studying law, which he dropped out of to pursue a banking apprenticeship instead at age 22. He founded his first own investment company, and several other companies followed in the same sector. At 33, he sold his companies and became a private citizen.

In 2015, he founded one of Europe’s largest financial academies, the PJM Investment Academy, one of the very few state-recognized educational institutes in this industry. Here Muller offers a training program for independent and successful investing on the stock exchange.

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