Install programs& uninstall

Install & uninstall programs

I’m sure you have also asked yourself how you can Installing programs on the Mac or uninstall can. As a rookie you have your difficulties, if you are desperately looking for an installer or a setup. Because not every program has to be installed install will.

Programs, which are downloaded from the internet, usually come as DMG -file (.dmg) therefore. You can open these disk images with a simple double click.
The image will be mounted and a new drive icon will appear next to the disk image – the application folder.

Install Mac program

Either a window will open as well, where you can select the program in the "Programs-folder, like in our example with Adium, or you can open the image folder and move the program file contained there to the "Applications" folder-folder on your hard drive and created an alias on the desktop or in the dock. You can remove the mounted folder with a ShortCut and open the respective installation file (.dmg) delete.

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to Install programs& uninstall

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to Install Programs& uninstall

I’m sure you’ve wondered how to install and uninstall applications on your Mac. As a rookie you also have your difficulties when you desperately search for an installer or setup. Because not.

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Kurt Radowisch wrote on 17. June

Just copy the program to a stick, and copy it to the program folder on the target device. This folder is not even mandatory, but it is useful to put programs in the program folder.
Then you start it on the target device with a double click.
All necessary auxiliary files install themselves then automatically, thereby the first start lasts somewhat longer.

Bucumer wrote on 16. June

I have a question about it:
If I have downloaded Xcode, as in my case. Is it possible to save the file which I put in "Programs"? find, copy it to a USB stick and then also install it on my MacBook? or is the file under "Program not the installation file to run?

Thanks for the answer!

The traveler wrote on 26. December

If the installation file is an xyz.pkg file, you can choose the location during installation. At xyz.dmg files opens a window from which the program (which in this case consists of only one file) is moved to the Applications folder. If you want to have it not there but On the external disk, create there a folder that z.B. "Programs 2" heist and push it there.

But I advise you not to do it, because distributing programs to different places can have unwanted side effects. If you z.B. if you use Time Machine for backup, the programs on the external disk will not be backed up as well.

My programs folder has 9 gigabytes and I have installed lots of them. Yours should not get much bigger in the end either. With 256 GB of storage space that is not really much. you should consider moving memory hogs like the iTunes library to the external disk. Then you only have to stick the disk every time to listen to music. Movies anyway. With 256 GB I would only deal with it when there are only 25 GB free.

Weili wrote on 26. December

I’ll continue this topic for a while:
Install I manage :-) But in my Macbook Pro I only have a 256 GB SSD, how can I install an application on an external hard drive?

alon wrote on 29. July

Badmax wrote on 19. May

Thanks for this helpful tip, even I managed to do it .

/Martin wrote on 4. December

I also thank you for these tips here. as a newbie in the world of apple i am surprised that it is so simple.

daniel wrote on 29. November

Thanks to the author of this little tutorial. Now some things are clearer to me and I am also grateful to know how it is with uninstalling.

Matthias Mueller wrote on 26. August

That there are no residues when deleting is not quite correct !

z.B. the chatt program Adium leaves not only but also in the library a plist, Adium support folder and a caches folder.

There are a few uninstall programs that can find that !

I use the AppCleaner which is freeware.

Stefan wrote on 20. August

the update should simply .Replace app. In the DMG – file, is certainly the new app. Then you just have to drag and drop them into your program folder and you’re done.

Gerhard wrote on 20. August

but what about UpdateFiles? I have z.B. Photo software from Canon installed from CD and now there are update files (DMG) via the WEB site of Canon. Are they handled in such a way that you drag the DMG files into the program folder?

Stefan wrote on 13. August

to uninstall a program just use the .delete app. Some programs have a folder, then delete the folder, or there is an What you know from the Windows level does not apply here. There is no registry :-p
As a tip, click right on a .App and select "Show package contents" then you see what the program requires, all in one .App is packed. Similar to a ZIP or RAR archive.

Matthias wrote on 13. August

As a Mac beginner, this has now explained to me how to install programs. That’s something :-)

Now I have installed some garbage, but how do I get rid of it again cleanly.

Just deleting from the programs folder, or what? Put for Mac programs no .ini’s or .cfg’s or anything else, which then ends up on my hard disk as "data garbage" remains?

Still questions?

Contrary to expectations, we could not help you and your problem was not or only partially solved?

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