Instagram screenshots not always unnoticed – what senders see

Then Instagram notifies its users about a screenshot – and here’s how you can stop it from happening

Have you ever wondered when another user on Instagram gets notified when you take a screenshot? We’ll tell you.

If you take a screenshot on Instagram of stories, reels, posts, or direct messages that disappear again, you don’t have to worry about the platform notifying the sender about it.

However, the situation is different for photos and videos that disappear again. Then the sender of the photo or video receives a message.

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Everyone has probably been in a situation like this: you want to screenshot a friend’s Instagram story about your birthday so you can save it. Or you might just want to screenshot a recipe someone posted so you can cook it yourself later. Regardless of whether you screenshot (or screen capture) a story or post, Instagram doesn’t notify the other user that you captured the content. However, if you take a screenshot of a "disappearing" photo or video sent to you via direct message, Instagram will notify the sender of the message. Here’s everything you need to know about taking screenshots or screen captures on Instagram.

When does Instagram notify users about a screenshot?

Instagram will only notify you of a screenshot taken of a photo or video sent in a private chat that disappears itself. Instagram doesn’t notify users of screenshots on stories, posts, reels, permanent direct messages or other content in the app.

Important: Although Instagram used to notify users about screenshots on stories, this is no longer the case. Nevertheless, this may always change in the future.

When someone takes a screenshot of a photo or video that disappears again, a small shaded circle will appear next to it.

Instagram screenshots not always unnoticed - what senders see

Screenshots will also appear in the conversation summary on your main message page, where you will see the "Screenshot" notice.

Instagram screenshots not always unnoticed - what senders see

What you need to know about screenshots from direct messages on Instagram

You can then send a photo or video that disappears again if you take it directly with the camera on Instagram chat. The message disappears because the other user can only view it once or twice, depending on whether you allow it to be replayed. Instagram will notify you when someone takes a screenshot of a photo or video of this type.

However, if you send someone a photo or video from your smartphone’s memory, you won’t be notified when someone takes screenshots. You can also capture other content in a direct chat as screenshots – such as individual messages, conversation history, and posts sent back and forth – without notifying the other person.

How to prevent screenshot notifications on Instagram

If you want to keep a "disappearing" video or photo that someone sent you via direct message on Instagram, there are a few ways to prevent the other person from being notified about the screenshot:

  • Put your phone in flight mode: If you screenshot the "disappearing" photo or video while your phone is in flight mode, the other participant will not be notified about the screenshot. If the photo doesn’t load while your smartphone is in flight mode, try opening the photo, hold your finger on it and quickly turn on flight mode while the photo is still open. If the photo is already loaded and your phone is now in airplane mode, you can quickly take a screenshot.
  • Open Instagram in a web browser: If you log into Instagram in a web browser on your computer and go to direct messages, you can take a screenshot of a "disappearing" photo or video without the person noticing. Instagram won’t notify screenshots taken in a web browser.
  • Use a different camera or device: You can of course take a photo of the screen with another device, although this may not give you the best quality.

Important: With these methods, you can prevent screenshot notifications, but you should never use or share images, confidential content or personal information of a person without their consent.

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