How to make yourself interesting for your ex again: this is how it works!

The relationship has ended and you want your ex back, who has unfortunately gone your distance. A difficult undertaking? Actually not, because if the relationship was not long ago, it is impossible that he has already finished with you.

Making yourself interesting again for your ex: this is how it works!

He, like you, will still have feelings, even though he seems to have lost interest. Therefore, the only question that you need to ask yourself and that we would like to clarify in the following is: How to make myself interesting for my ex again?

What are some ways to reappear in charming light and on his screen?

Work on your own mistakes

If the breakup was based in the fact that he just couldn’t stand some qualities about you anymore or was annoyed by some things, you may have thought at the first moment and even after the breakup, "What an ass, every man has faults and weaknesses, he yes just like me!"

However, it can be quite helpful to question your own weaknesses. Were you perhaps really too jealous or too focused on certain things?

Then it’s not devastating, it’s totally easy for you: You can regain his interest by working on your weak points and letting him know about it openly or indirectly.

For example, if he was annoyed by your mess, you can post photos of a neat kitchen or apartment. If he has accused you of being too jealous, you can write a loving text message thanking him for the time you spent together and wishing him good luck with a new woman – whom he may not want at all, because his heart is still attached to you!

If he sees that you are already working on your own mistakes, you will definitely make yourself interesting again in a strong character way.

Keep yourself busy with positive things

Have you ever heard of the law of attraction? This one says that you can attract things into your life through your charisma. You certainly know the pull that happy or good-humored people have on those around them.

You can also do this! Instead of falling into sadness or self-pity, it makes more sense to occupy yourself with positive things. You can z. B. you can specifically deal with mentors, trainers or personality development on Youtube and pick out the best content for yourself.

When you start to change things in your daily life for the positive, you will automatically and independently trigger a process – you become lighter, happier, more liberated in dealing with yourself and others.

This will not remain unnoticed by your ex and with a bit of luck, the pull effect will arise that will make him long for your closeness again. Positive people like to be around and they automatically seem attractive to their counterparts!

Independence as the key to happiness

Many men lose interest because we have given too much too soon. Regardless of whether this involves physical closeness, attention or even gifts, if you shoot too much powder too soon, you will become uninteresting or cause flighty reactions.

It’s better if you focus on being independent after a break in contact. It is taboo to overwhelm your ex with text messages or phone calls.

You will become interesting again when the ex sees that you can manage without him and master your life with flying colors.

This includes, for example, going to a festival alone or with friends without telling him about it. It’s best to pick an event that he himself has always wanted to go to.

Likewise, you could use social media to publicize your next travel destinations or tout the new part-time job that will allow you to buy all the great things you want yourself. You do not need a man to give it to you. When he sees that you are able to make yourself happy, he will inevitably want to be part of it again and show interest in you.

Win your ex back now without begging or making a fool of yourself!

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