How to make beautiful photos

How to make beautiful photos
How to make beautiful photos

Maybe you know this: you take a great photo for Instagram and now you’d like to post-process it, preferably comfortably on your phone. But just as Beginner can it be difficult its, Pictures properly professional for Instagram to Edit: There are so many photo editing apps and features that it can be really confusing at times.

In this post I share my best tips and tricks to Instagram image editing with you.

I’ll also show you using concrete examples, how you can use apps to edit your Instagram photos so they look professional.

A few basic questions around Instagram!

Why good pictures are so important on Instagram in the first place?

Logical: Only with a larger reach you will also be visible! And that’s where good pictures important: Since Instagram is a visual platform you will only grow there if your images and videos are also of good quality. So it’s important to learn how to edit Instagram photos so that they appeal to others.

How to tell if my pictures are good enough?

It’s simple: you check if your reach is developing positively. For this you can simply use the Instagram Insights which you can use for free in your business account (by the way, converting to a business account is also free). If your Follower numbers and yours Reach grow continuously, you know that your visibility is developing well and that your content is well received! You want to learn more about Instagram Insights? Here you get all the important information:

Is there a formula for success on Instagram?

In any case! The basic Key To Success on Instagram are good pictures in combination with the right Growth strategy (hashtags, formats, added value, algorithm). I’ve jotted down this mnemonic for you again here:

Remember: good images + Added value + Strategy = Success on Instagram

What is the Instagram algorithm?

An algorithm Programming In an app like Instagram. On Instagram, this programming decides according to certain criteria, which posts are played more often and which are not. So if you understand the algorithm, you have a good chance of growing on Instagram!

Why do I need to edit my images for Instagram?

So they look even better and you can develop a consistent look for your feed. Remember: the goal is for your content to stand out from other Instagram users.

The most important basics for beautiful Instagram pictures

Instagram tip no. 1: Use the right technique

As you’ve probably noticed, the nuts and bolts of great Instagram photos is having the right basic technical equipment. Most professional bloggers and Instagrammers use a professional camera for their pictures Professional camera, that will give you high-quality images.

But I also know of many successful examples that can only be achieved with Cell phone camera Shoot, because you can already achieve very high-quality results with the current smartphone cameras. On my channel you can find a mixture of both: cellphone photos and pictures from the DSLR camera.

In this post, you’ll learn how to create top-notch photos with ease:

Instagram Tip no. 2: Pay attention to the lighting conditions

In addition to the right technique, the Light A great roll. At best, you use for creating your Instagram photos natural daylight. If that should not be possible sometimes, because z.B. If it’s bad weather outside, you can also use so-called viral reels Softboxes Reach back. These simulate daylight and illuminate your Instagram photo subjects well.

Don’t worry: you can buy softboxes very cheaply – prices start at about 35 Euros.

Depending on whether you want to create a person or z.B. If you’re shooting a flatlay, you’ll need to adjust the lighting conditions accordingly. To show you again what a difference softboxes (daylight lamps) make, I have prepared an example for you:

First you see the photo taken without daylight and softboxes. The photo looks very yellowish. After that you see the same setting with a softbox illuminated. You see immediately: the photo looks less yellowish and is much better lit:

Photo result without softbox

Photo result with softbox

Before you read any further: You’re probably here to learn how you increase your reach on Instagram can. For this Instagram Reels egreat opportunity! Here I have get 20 viral reel ideas summarized.

Get 20 viral reel ideas for more reach now

The Reel starter pack is just right for you, if you want to

➤ would love to try Reels, but just don’t know how to get started.

you are afraid to stand in front of the camera and therefore do not dare to use reels.

looking for easy to implement ideas, that you don’t have to "make a fool of yourself" for must.

Instagram tip no. 3: Speed up your work with filters

Now it’s time to edit the photos you’ve taken! There are countless ways to put the finishing touches on photos. I would like to recommend you one of them in particular, which not only saves time, but also provides convincing results: Filter!

Explanation: filters

Filters are nothing more than presets that you click to put on your unedited image. Automatically adjust exposure, contrast, color spectrum, and more.

Even professionals now swear by ready-made presets. With filters, you can transform your image from unspectacular to unique in no time at all! You can either use predefined filters/presets or create your own personal filter. With many apps this is now quite simple.

After you’ve applied the filter, there’s usually no or only minor tweaking required. A super time saver, which I can only recommend to you! In addition, filters provide a consistent look in your feed, whether vintage, dreamy or clean.

Here I show you an example of my own filters – on the left you see the unprocessed photos, on the right the photos processed with a filter:

How to make beautiful photos

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Edit Instagram pictures using apps

Instagram Tip no. 4: Don’t use Instagram’s internal image editing

A very important tip: Use softboxes for your image editing not the Instagram app!

The Instagram app compresses your images a lot, so your image quality suffers tremendously.

It’s better to use external apps if you want to edit your Instagram photos and then publish the final result in the Instagram app.

Instagram tip no. 5: The best free photo editing apps

In the Appstore and on Google Play, you’ll find a wide selection of different editing apps that you can use for your Instagram photos. Some apps you have to pay something for, others you can download for free. Below, I’d like to share with you my favorite photo editing apps, all of which are free, by the way.

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