How to get lowe

Interpretation of the ideogram: In bold sweep, the life line develops up and out of inner security into extraversion. [1]

How to get lowe

Sun in Leo: from about 23. July to 22. August

Season: The scorching heat of midsummer, inexhaustible energy

Archetype [3] : father, king, ruler

Culture: Vacation, relaxation, devotion to pleasure and play

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How to get lowe

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. Here the zodiac reaches its highest magnificence. It is an outward force that radiates intense warmth.
The Leo wants to shape something, to be creative and thus express himself, be it through a playful approach to life, through creative work or through having his own children. He wants to make something out of everything he has, wants to leave clear traces behind. In fact, according to psychoanalyst and astrologer Liz Greene, the point is that "the great creation of the Leo man is to be himself". [5]

People in whose horoscope the sign Leo is emphasized love to be the center of attention and let others share in their shine. They like to be the sun in their own universe, around which everything revolves. For this, of course, they need an applauding audience that reflects their magnificence to them.

A danger is present for Leo when they do not fulfill the demands on themselves. They thus sometimes resemble an elaborate facade, behind which there is not much. Such a demeanor appears self-important, arrogant and put-upon. As the story from the Heracles myth shows, a person with an emphasis on this sign must first defeat the wild beast before they are allowed to adorn themselves with its attributes. And only then give it dignity and strength. Leo-born must acquire a certain authority in the course of life. This then also allows them to create things themselves while maintaining their independence.

These people have a sympathetic ear for the concerns of those who are less well off. And they are, if it stands in their possibilities, quite also helpful. This patronage/sponsorship stems from their warm-heartedness, but also has the effect of reflecting to them their own importance.

The zodiacal sign of Leo gives grandeur, drama and liveliness to axes and planets that are in it.

With its opposition sign Aquarius the lion shares the interest in an unfolding of the human being. The Leo is primarily concerned with a realization of himself, the Aquarius with the group/community. With the other two fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius, Leo has in common the passionate energy. But while Aries uses them to set something in motion (the "spark"), Leo can learn from them to ignite), the lion radiates the energy ("glow") evenly in all directions and thus also warms its surroundings. Finally, Sagittarius uses its energy to carry and spread its fire (the "flames") (see also Quality). From the two signs that are squared to him, Leo can learn the concrete handling of things (Taurus) and the power to transform something fundamentally (Scorpio).

How to get lowe

Motto of the appearance:"Where is the throne here, minion?" [7]

Fairy taleAccording to Claus RiemannDermot with the love spot" and"The King’s Son" Leo Fairy Tales. Klein/ Dahlke name"The singing, jumping lion." [8]

Colorsfire red, light red, yellow, gold, orange, red orange, scarlet red.
Color quality: full spectral colors [9]


In Leo Pluto is exalted, Saturn and Uranus are in exile.


As an area of the body, the lion the heart and the blood circulation assigned to.

Consonants (consonants, sounds) of the lion are D, T. [10]


Traditional landscapes, countries and cities of Leo are:
Majestic, imposing, rocky landscapes; mountains.

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