How much euro can you export turkey

From Aspirin to the birth control pill – in the Turkey you can buy everything buy and everything is by a multiple cheaper than in Germany. A good reason in Vacation the medicine cabinet to be filled up and at the same time every Money to save. You must not only heed the advice of your family doctor or pharmacist, when buying Medication in Turkey the maxim "ignorance does not protect before punishment" is valid.

Buy cheap medicines in Turkey

What do medicines cost in Turkey?

Basically you pay a Fraction of the German Price. Depending on the product, the savings are up to 90 percent. So if you would pay 50 Euro for a certain preparation at home, it costs 5 Euro in Turkey. An exceedingly tempting Price advantage, which you can certainly take advantage of if you follow certain rules of conduct and comply with the legal provisions.

Buy medicines in Turkey?

… without ifs and buts: only in pharmacies. The Turkish word for pharmacy is "Eczane", and the German name is usually also written on the. If you want to buy a pack of aspirin, this is easily. If you however Advice need, then take a close look at who you are talking to. Not every nice gentleman in a white coat behind the sales counter is really a Pharmacist.

There is in Turkey the obligation the License to operate a pharmacy to be publicly displayed in the business premises. This piece of writing usually hangs in a picture frame in an easily visible place and is to be filled in not only with the name but also with a Picture the Pharmacists provide. So you can easily determine whether you are dealing with a competent Professional speak or not.

Medicines and natural remedies from Turkey

Need a prescription in Turkey?

For many Medicines yes, but for many not. Not everything that requires a prescription in Germany requires a prescription in the Turkey a medical prescription. But keep in mind when Buy, that there are some medicines which are dangerous to take. The German prescription requirement has its good reasons. Before you buy your Health If you are in danger of overheating, you should seek the advice of a professional.

Medicines: original and alternative

When you enter the pharmacy you will find many Medicines see you know. If you are looking for a specific product that is available in the Turkey does not exist, then they will give you a Alternative offer. Quickly the pharmacist by means of computer and the composition of the desired product a "identical drug" find and advertise. Always keep in mind how dangerous it is to take especially prescription medicines can be and consider well whether you really want to buy the offered means.

pharmacy in the city center of Antalya

Buy medicines – a good address

From our own experience, we can not give you any information on this subject. But we can tell you pharmacy name, which is good reputation in Antalya has. Many Germans who often Turkish Riviera spend their vacation or in Antalya live, provide themselves here with the necessary medication. We have heard over many years only positive statements, negative experiences did not come to our ears. The owner of ozturk pharmacy speaks good German and is reported to be a reliable and conscientious pharmacist. In addition to an extensive range of classic pharmaceuticals, the ozturk pharmacy offers a wide variety of pharmaceutical products also a wide range of Natural remedies to. The location of the pharmacy in the City center of Antalya we have on the plan shown at the bottom of this page. When we took the picture, the forecourt in front of the pharmacy was being renovated, so the facade is partly protected with newspapers.

Legal requirements for importing medicines

Price advantage in Turkey also with natural remedies

They may not be used in unrestricted quantities and not every type of Medicines according to Germany import. As a rule, it is permitted Medicines for the own needs for a maximum of three months from the Turkey bring along. Certain preparations are even subject to a Import ban, especially means that violate the narcotics law. Before you because of the favorable prices to bargain hunting for medicines, inform yourself well. The Federal Ministry of Finance has detailed information on this topic on its website. In case of doubt, you should check before your vacation with the competent Customs office inquire. A violation of Import regulations in this area is not a trivial offense, it can lead to high Fines or also to Custodial sentences lead.

source information: The license for the first photo on this page (drug capsules with Turkish money) was acquired from Fotolia LLC, 41 East, 11th Street, 11th Floor, New York, USA. All other pictures we have taken with permission of the owner in the ozturk pharmacy in Antalya.

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