House itself build – how expensively?

Suddenly owner: A house building is a large adventure, all the same whether you decide for a prefabricated house, a kit, building with wood or a classical self-designed solid house. To manage everything on your own is a mammoth task, can be financially worthwhile however.

Building a house yourself - how expensive?

In the following article we have compiled a small overview, in which you can see what can be saved by various own contributions.

Costs when building a house on your own

If one assumes the building of a massif house with approximately 140 square meters of floor space, one with 1.300 euros (without cellar) to 2.000 euros per square meter. Of course, it also depends on the equipment, basement or floor slab and balcony or terrace. In total, we are talking about 182.000 – 280.000, with labor costs normally accounting for around 60 percent and material costs for around 40 percent. Often this aspect brings builders to save on the bigger chunk and therefore want to do a lot on their own. On average, you can save 22 percent, whereby however not all projects of a house building are suitable, approach it without experts. Above all, if one is rather an inexperienced craftsman.

Here the alternative prefabricated house comes into play, which you can buy ready for occupancy or in addition, in a development stage. This contains for example a given plan to the ready building, with which one can save likewise some, in which one makes it oneself, however not completely so much manual skill needs.

In any case, it is important that you Include ancillary construction costs. Here it concerns all cost points, which apart from the purchase price for the property and if necessary. the real estate accrue. In this case, we are talking about costs for excavation and surveying of the land (in the case of a new building), notary and land registry costs, land transfer tax, etc. Anyone who does not take these costs into account has clearly calculated too tightly.

Potential risks of building a house by yourself

If you consider, what everything can be made in self-direction, you should be honest in each case to yourselves and to the craftsmen, with whom you work, and not overestimate yourselves. Because nobody, least of all you yourself, is helped with it, if by not existing abilities the new building becomes defective. Because of this you and your family will have to suffer later on. Consider, the builder as a construction manager really well, what you can handle alone and / or with friends and where rather but professionals should be at work. In any case, make sure that your helpers are well insured should anything happen on the construction site.

You find further information to the topic house building in self-direction under Ploetzlichbauherr.

How much own contribution is healthy? Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of building a house largely by oneself are:

– On everything, which is self-made, you save cash money.

– Many small things add up that may seem endless at first.

– Are you perhaps a craftsman or show a lot of skill in this area, you can realize yourself and your own ideas.

– Working together on the house with your family welds together and gives you the feeling of having accomplished a great deal.

Disadvantages are, however:

– You, as the builder and construction manager in one, not only work on your dream house, but are also completely responsible for everything. If something doesn’t go smoothly and stresses you out, take the trouble home to the family.

– Few builders can stay on the building site for the entire time, as there is usually a job to be filled. Accordingly, you will be exposed to a large double burden over a longer period of time. Who plans vacation for the building phase, it is missing behind out to the recovery.

Building with children, especially younger ones, also becomes a challenge, especially if there are no grandparents nearby. You must be aware that building a house will be a burden for your whole family, not only for your partnership. Therefore, set rules together with your family; take regular time off, if necessary, take care of a babysitter at the appropriate time, etc.

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