Healthy food for only 5 euros a day – it’s that simple!

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Eat healthy at a low price

Whether you’re on a tight budget, a student, at the end of the month or simply thrifty: when it comes to saving money, everyone is happy to listen. Often we reach for the much cheaper ready-made products because we believe that cooking fresh and healthy is much more expensive. We like to convince you of the opposite. With only 5 Euro in the bag we have made ourselves to the challenge, 3 delicious meals to put together for one day. At the same time, of course, these should be healthy, varied and delicious! Inexpensive healthy eating does not necessarily have to be difficult.

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Healthy through the day with only 5 Euro!

The thought of having saved even just 3 euros gives us a good feeling. The same applies to our food. But should you really save on healthy food? Especially the "to-go" offers in cities seem to grow more and more. Whether snack or cafe, who is hungry and has little time, finds a solution. And is thus immediately before the question: Why should I 6 euros spend on a smoothie when there’s a burger and fries across the street for only 4 euros gives?

Cheap healthy food burgers

A similar situation is known from the supermarket. Especially ready meals impress with their low price – at least compared to fresh foods. Often people associate fresh food directly with an expensive purchase. Vegetables and fruits, especially if they are to be organic, are not always cheap – no question about that. Often, however, with a few small tips and tricks, you can store smarter and cheaper.

We show you that a Healthy and inexpensive nutrition even without junk food is possible. Which foods can be replaced by a healthier option, you can see in our "instead of" table.

3 meals for 5 euros a day is impossible? Not quite! We present you with three delicious dishes that can even be varied quite easily. Additionally, of course, the prices of the ingredients, based on common supermarket chains or discounters.

Three healthy and balanced meals for under 5 euros

Cheap healthy food omelet

The following recipes are all quick to prepare, inexpensive and healthy. They can be varied without problems, so there is a little variety on the plate every day.

Breakfast: Low-fat curd cheese with fruit and oatmeal

A healthy breakfast gives strength for the whole day. You should not be discouraged by frozen products. Of course, there are black sheep, but as a rule Frozen fruit of high quality and can be stored much easier.

Ingredient Price
250g low-fat curd cheese 0.34 euros
50g frozen berries 0,26 Euro
50g oatmeal 0,04 Euro
Total 0,64 Euro

Breakfast preparation

Defrost the frozen berries in the refrigerator overnight. The next morning, mix the low-fat curd together with berries and oatmeal. Of course, any other kind of fruit or berries can be used as well. This provides variety every day!

Lunch: Whole grain spaghetti with fresh spinach

Pasta is a staple food, especially for many students. It is hard to imagine Italian cuisine without these pasta variations. Just like the potato, a true all-rounder!

Ingredient price
100g organic wholemeal spaghetti 0,20 Euro
250g fresh spinach leaves 0,85 Euro
1 onion 0.18 euros
1 clove of garlic 0,05 Euro
50g herb cream cheese 0,17 Euro
Total 1,45 Euro

Preparation lunch

Cook pasta in salted water until al dente. In the meantime, heat oil in a pot or pan, chop the onion and fry it until translucent. Then add the package of spinach and the chopped garlic. As soon as the spinach is defrosted, add the herb cream cheese to it. Season a little and simmer. Stir frequently so that nothing burns. Then put the pasta on a plate, spread spinach sauce over it, et voilà!

Dinner: Omelet with vegetables

Omelets provide an ideal protein base. The vegetables used can be swapped or replaced to one’s heart’s content. It is also quick to prepare!

Ingredient Price
3 free-range eggs 0,51 Euro
1 clove of garlic 0,05 Euro
1 tomato 0,20 Euro
1 onion 0,18 Euro
1 red bell pepper 0,60 Euro
1 small zucchini 0.35 euros
50g Gouda 0,22 Euro
Total 2,11 Euro

Preparation dinner

Peel the vegetables and chop them as you like. Fry the onion and garlic in a little butter or preferably oil until translucent. Add the peppers, zucchini and tomato, season and simmer until the vegetables are soft. Break the eggs and mix. Then put on the vegetables, season and let them simmer on medium heat. Poke occasionally with a spoon so that the liquid egg touches the bottom of the pan. Fry only one side. Grate the cheese on it and close it so that a half moon is formed. Good appetite!

Total bill of all prices

Meal price
Breakfast 0,64 Euro
Lunch 1,45 Euro
Dinner 2,11 Euro
Total 4,20 Euro

With only 4,20 Euro you can cook 3 delicious meals that are also healthy and filling. Of course, basic ingredients like oil or spices are missing from the calculations, but these are usually part of the basic equipment of every kitchen and can be accounted for with the remaining 80 cents.

However, if you now march into the supermarket with your shopping list, you will quickly come across the magic 5 euros. Of course, the prices refer only to the portions. But if you shop and cook smart, you rarely have leftovers and increase creativity in the kitchen.

Tips& Tricks: Food

Cheap healthy food Vegetables

A few foods are great for a healthy and inexpensive diet. Although some things may sound boring, a few tricks can turn a boring ingredient into a culinary highlight with all the important nutrients. (Tip: You can easily determine your optimal nutrient requirements with our nutrient calculator.)

1. Oatmeal: 8 cents per 100 g

With all the cereal variations, the classic is often forgotten: Oatmeal! With an unbeatable price of 40 cents for 500 grams, the grain offers much more than a cheap satiator. Rolled oats are a first class Carbohydrate supplier. This gives strength for the day and is a good alternative to the heavily sweetened, classic muesli. But that’s not all: in addition to Egg whites there is still a lot of fiber in oats. Good for your digestion and good for your bank account!

Luxury variant: With low-fat curd cheese and bananas – a super fitness breakfast! If you prefer something sweet, add cocoa powder.

2. Grainy cream cheese/cottage cheese: 30 cents per 100 g

Some love it, some hate it. But there are enough reasons to give the cream cheese substitute a second chance. Whether pure as a snack or as a spread on bread, with less than 100 kcal per 100 g a light alternative to cream cheese, which often contains 5 times as much fat. In addition, it is a pure protein bomb. Ideal for muscle building or as a meal for in between meals.

Luxury variant: As a sweet variant with honey or with herbal salt and pepper. There are no limits to the imagination!

3. Potatoes: 60 cents per 1 kg

Okay, no real insider tip, nevertheless often underestimated. Often feared during a low carb diet, but here too: the dose makes the poison. Potatoes offer an ideal saturation side dish, contain a lot of potassium and are inexpensive. Baked with rosemary in the oven, pan-fried as a roast potato, mashed into a puree or cooked in the classic way, it belongs on this list for its versatility alone. By the way, it is a widespread misconception that carbohydrates make you fat in the evening!

Luxury variant: The Sweet potato is a little more expensive, but has its own unique taste. Also delicious mixed!

General tips for a favorable diet

Cheap healthy food vs. fast food

Not only the choice of food plays an important role, also the place where it is bought. If you want to save money, you might also want to rethink your cooking habits. Below are a few tricks on how you can save even more money without sacrificing healthy food.

1. The weekly market

Weekly markets often offer untreated food from the region often comes at a price. Wrongly thought, just before the end, many retailers often offer their goods at very low prices. Large quantities of fruit, often even cheaper than at the discount store. With a little luck you can save a lot. Even if nothing comes out, Weekly markets have their very own charm, so you never really go empty-handed.

2. Plan your shopping and make a plan

Sometimes you have to trick yourself a little: If you go shopping spontaneously every day (especially when you’re hungry), you run the risk of buying superfluous foods. Fixed shopping lists not only save time, but are a mental support. Who studies at home still a little the weekly offers, saves even more.

3. Cooking in larger quantities

Often food in large quantities not only tastes better, it also saves a lot of time! You can cook for the next days directly and heat up comfortably. Alternatively, of course, freeze. Stews often taste particularly good just then. It also creates fewer leftovers, which brings us directly to the next point.
Tip: Find out everything about Meal Prep here.

4. Use leftovers

According to the Gesellschaft fur Konsumforschung (Society for Consumer Research), we throw away almost 50 kg of food per person. In the year! Not only a moral problem, but also a superfluous cost item. It does not have to be the stew at the weekend from all the leftovers, it is enough to think about what you could cook with all the food you have started to eat. Small tip: There are various cooking sites that suggest you from your leftovers, delicious recipes.

Healthy cooking for 5 euros – Conclusion

To fast food& Co. to reach is probably often the simpler and usually also cheaper variant. But as a rule satiates junk food only briefly and in the long run we pay with something that money can’t buy: our health. Exceptions and small sins are of course part of it, but the benefits of a healthy diet outweigh by far. Many have no time or desire to deal intensively with the recipe search. So how about someone suggesting you recipes every day that are not only quick to prepare but also healthy? Create an individual diet plan and try it out!

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