Harald gloockler about beauty surgeries and jungle camp – “”will be the first to…””

As usual, the elective Palatine (living in Kirchheim/Weinstrabe since 2015) chats casually about his controversial facial beauty surgeries, his time in pandemic lockdown and, of course, about the jungle camp, which will take place for the first time in South Africa in January 2022 due to Corona.

Name Harald Gloockler
Occupation Designer (fashion, wallpaper, art, tableware, etc.).)
Born 30. May 1965, Maulbronn
Spouse Dieter Schroth
TV shows Gloockler, Glanz und Gloria (Vox), Let’s Dance (RTL), Curvy Supermodel – Real. Curvy. Beautiful. (RTL II), Five Friends 4, The 30 Most Beautiful Fashion Sins (HR)

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Harald Gloockler: "Be the first to look out of the dirt with make-up on"

Just recently, Gloockler had more beauty procedures done on his face especially for the jungle camp, so that he wouldn’t look old at the campfire next to the jungle competitors, some of whom are only half his age. And he is more than happy with the result!

Harald Gloockler:"I feel completely relieved because I don’t have to do all this work anymore. After I had so many hairs on my head, I thought, let’s do it now without hair. Up to now this was quasi a biotope in the jungle, what I had on it. Now I have it much easier: I shave my head and beard in the morning and that’s it. I wake up in the morning almost ready for the day: The eye shadow is on, everything is permanent. I wake up made up, the dream of all women- That’s ideal for the jungle camp. I will be the first to look out of the mud with make-up on. I save half an hour every morning.“

Harald Gloockler: Dschungelcamp "will not be a camping vacation"

The success spoiled designer, artist and entrepreneur is used to a life of luxury. His first experiences with South Africa were more about air-conditioned posh hotels than uncomfortable camp beds in the blazing sunI think South Africa is a really, really great country. I can’t explain it. There are places where you come and just feel comfortable and think: Wow, great atmosphere! But I haven’t been in the wilderness yet, but we’ll make up for that now“, explains Gloockler.

Harald Gloockler: Jungle camp for the home – fashion designer designs wallpaper

Designer Harald Gloockler (56) has wrapped models in the wallpaper he designed

And Harald Gloockler is absolutely aware that his up to two weeks in the jungle camp will not be a bed of roses:"It won’t be a camping vacation!“, laughs the animal and nature lover. What two allowed personal things, the so-called "luxury items", he will take with him into the camp knows he still does not.

Has a celebrity like the 56-year-old fashion guru ever slept in a sleeping bag??

Harald Gloockler:"Oh, maybe as a child, but then that was a long time ago too. In the hammock yes, there you can sleep very well. I could hang one up to get used to it.

Allegedly, RTL has often inquired- why now the participation in the Dschungelcamp?

Harald Gloockler:"At the Lockdown I was sitting in my garden and thought to myself: Now I’m sitting here and I’m paralyzed, but somehow I need PR again. Besides, I want to get out again. Then came the request for the jungle and I thought: Then you can also sit in the jungle. There you sit in January in the warmth, here in the cold. There eight to ten million people look at you and here nobody sees you.“ In addition, he wants to get out of his comfort zone, get to know his limits and expand his horizons.

Designer Harald Gloockler (56) has wrapped models in the wallpaper he designed

The self-made man loves the challenge, always strives for more. Accordingly, he is not afraid of the jungle camp:"The challenge is also not greater than my other life also. My whole life was a jungle camp. It’s exciting, it’s thrilling, it’s something new: I’ve never been exposed to the African jungle before. I’m a country boy, so when I was a kid you’d catch a rat in the dark in the cellar if you wanted to take a potato. I have neither before small nor before large animals fear, me ofachtsten as far as possible freely made. I’m less worried about the animals than I am about the people- the people are more exhausting for me.“

Is there a celebrity that Harald Gloockler wouldn’t want to be in the jungle??

Harald Gloockler:"I do not care at all! I am there completely painless. When they go to a hotel, they don’t know who is sitting at the next table or in the restaurant. I get along with everyone, and anyone who doesn’t like me doesn’t have good taste.“ If he had one wish, he would like to have singer and actress Grace Jones (73) with him, because he simply thinks she’s great.

Who does not like me, has no good taste!

Harald Gloockler, designer

Does Gloockler possibly survival tips from his longtime acquaintance Brigitte Nielsen (58), who in 2012 the 6. Season of "I am a Star Get me out of here!“ could win and left as jungle queen?

Harald Gloockler:"I know not whether you can get tips, because everyone has to experience it for themselves and differently. Besides, it was in Australia and not in South Africa. I don’t so much get tips from people who have been inside as I get coached. There are other challenges. You sit there for a long time. Since you need to be able to engage with yourself or things- and I can do that very well. Everyone is different: Some can be very good alone, others can not. large gets advice from others in advance.

Fashion designer Harald Gloockler on August 2, 2011 with actress Brigitte Nielsen at the opening of his Berlin Haute Couture Gallery. (archive photo)

Harald Gloockler: No fear of bull testicles and creepy crawlies

Asked about the culinary challenges, such as bull testicles or crawling animals, Gloockler responds glibly:"Oh, if they knew what they eat, what they buy in the supermarket or otherwise have on their plates, they would probably be happy to get bull testicles for dinner. Nothing scares me anymore! I haven’t eaten insects yet, but I’ll know how it feels when I do. But I’ve already eaten so much dirt in my life, a few insects don’t matter anymore.

And perfectionist Harald Gloockler, who desperately wants the jungle crown, is already making a very clear declaration of war on the competition around the so far confirmed participants Lucas Cordalis (54) and Filip Pavlovic (27) :"I bring the biggest fall and am the biggest surprise as THE Dschungelcamp Teilnehmeruberhaupt so far. The others can dress warmly who are with me.

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