Hacking defense tip

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Surely you have already been afraid for your account, because of a hacker attack.

I thought I would put a little tip in the forum:

Hackers hack via your e-mail address, which z.B are freely available in forums. They try to get the password

and then you’re out of the window and your account is hacked. Certainly the probability is small, but it is a chance,

which you can take away from the hackers.

Created on one of the free e-mail sites like z.B Hotmail, GMX or others a new email address.

Now enter on Nostale.de the new e-mail address and confirm it by clicking on the link, which is

was sent to your NEW address. So the email address is ONLY for your Nos account.

Do not use this email for anything else.

So your email address is not found in any forum or the like and you are against a part of the

good idea but you should be careful that you do not misplace the PW and the username of the new email account
because if you forget your nostale PW, change it and don’t know it anymore or something like that, you can use it to protect yourself
"PW forgotten" Function on nostale.de forgotten


In itself a useful tip, but in forums there is also the function that you can hide your email address.. Say, no one else who clicks on your profile can see them. This function exists eig. in any forum..
(Except your forum account. will be hacked now.. Then he finds the email addy anyway..)

Well, what I find in this variant only not so great.. Then you have at the end 33452352346534 email addresses. Many then lose track.. (Whereby that is of course then guilt own..)
Well, everyone must know for himself.


What you should also mention is that you should not log in to any other sites.

There are neither free talers nor free levels at the push of a button.

A "hack is in most cases not a hack at all but simple account data sharing.

The security query of the email address is also a huge flaw with most of them. With such questions as "what is your uncle’s name" etc, you should rather enter a different answer than is queried since many from around this can guess.



This "protection is good, only it does not really bring what, since eh hardly someone it "value!" wehre "Gehackt to become.
In NosTale, it NEVER will! come to cases indendenen a "Hacker" will seriously deal with it, a "Normal User" to hack.

1. It doesn’t help much, because the account after noticing the "hack" is a serious one, easily back to beckommen is.
2. It doesn’t do much good, because all the "items" are the one "steal from a "GA can be traced back.
3. It doesn’t help much, because the account is based on the "Stolen Items" are transferred, after about 1 – 2 days is banned.

There are more reasons, but these 3 alone, are enough to NEVER! a serious "hack on a "normal user is carried out.
The only people "worth it" are are to be hacked are GM’s and the posts about it.
But these are only hacked because people hope not to get caught, which they will anyway.

And Gm’s are not hacked by email addresses, but rather by an attack, on the NosTale database.
And if someone can do that, he can see all data anyway.

If you still want to protect yourself from a non-existent danger, I give a par tips.
1. e-mail addresses with difficult password changing questions.
2. E.mail addresses with hard passwords, e.g, .2931.Hiii.1392.
3. NosTale password with heavy passwords austaten, zbs, (See above)
4. NEVER! but also NEVER! tell someone your NosTale ID.
5. If family members / friends are with you, tell them to look away while you are logging in.
6. Keep the passwords you have stored on your PC/Laptop in a password protected folder.
7. Internet sites where people offer you hacks, e.g. gold, exp, sp, hacks, don’t even pay attention to them!
8. Do not log out on any Internet site except" nostale.de" with your correct Ig data!

That should be enough not to be "hacked" to become
Which you don’t have to worry about anyway .
But well =P


The idea written in the opening post is in my opinion a good idea. However, please ask your parents if they can set up a sub-mail for you at your provider. The free email accounts are not exactly a secure solution. With a major worldwide free e-mail provider 80% of all email addresses were hacked within one night (mine was one of them), because there is no sufficient protection for providers without a password. Usually your internet provider offers an e-mail function via your connection (exception Vodafone/Arcor). These providers have already set up a hack protection on their servers so that a hacking of the mail is actually not possible.

Furthermore, give absolutely NOBODY your account data. No supporter,GM,SGM or admin needs these to help you out. And other players or websites certainly not.


I think it is important to mention here that there are unfortunately other ways to get hacked as well .

I can only advise you never to use Skype, ICQ, MSN or other chat programs to send any exe. or similar files to assume. ( from people you don’t know or trust 100%)

Such files could be a keylogger that allows the hacker to spy on your login data directly.


What I would like to add at this point (thanks finis for the nudge) is that you should also be careful with your RL name ingame or in the Fourm. There are programs where you can just type in the name and you have all the e-mail addresses of that person. The rest then runs as normal.

So beware(!) Be careful who you tell your RL name to

I can only say yes to all the points that have already been mentioned!

Raptusheef wrote:

[. ]
7. Don’t pay attention to internet sites where people offer you hacks, e.g. gold, exp, sp, hacks!
8. Do not log out on any internet site except" nostale.en" Enter your correct Ig data!

I would like to add at this point:

No matter what you do at several video upload hosters (Youtube, MyVideo etc pp), I will not give your consent.) see, these, mostly with hacks titled programs,
work not!

They only serve to spy on your account data. This tip I would like to give also generally on the way.
Be it Nostale, other MMOGame games, or, or, or.

In this sense love greeting


Additional protection for passwords can be:

1. Use a virtual keyboard, because this way (most) keyloggers don’t work anymore

2. special characters like ¥,£,¢,",©,®,ª,Ǣ, because these would most likely withstand even a bruteforce attack, because these are usually not queried in such attacks (because there are just too many)
You can reach these signs by pressing Windows key+R> "charmap" type and confirm> A window with different signs appears. A single click selects the character so that you see the required string to create (numeric keypad)!). Double click copied in the box below where you can copy it on your part.

By the way, you can create very secure containers with True Crypt. These are almost impossible to crack (as long as you use a proper master password). In the created encrypted directory you can download a .txt file with your logins.

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