Gw2: new trailer reveals release date and features of end of dragons

What is End of Dragons? In the upcoming expansion, players will be able to explore the continent of Cantha, which some may already know from the predecessor Guild Wars Factions.

Special highlights of the expansion include the new elite specializations, the 4 varied maps, new instanced hard boss fights, fishing, shipping and the Siege Turtle mount. On it can ride even two players at the same time.

We at MeinMMO have already played the expansion and summarized everything important for you here:


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GW2 End of Dragons

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Guild Wars 2 by ArenaNet revolutionizes the genre like no other MMORPG with its ideas. A one-time purchase is enough to be carried away by the atmosphere of the game.

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Personally, I’m already looking forward to the expansion and I like this "colorful setting-MushUp" and poison green slime robots XD

p.s. don’t let one or two trolls, who represent a puny part of the community, spoil your mood&

Everything in February, so they bite themselves in the butt^^

Boah, the comments here, and also already under the last GW2 article, are really bad. & I think I’ll write something nice now for a change. I am really looking forward to the expansion! So far I have never been disappointed by ANET and it won’t be this time either. I find the maps all look top. The story will be good, as always, and I’m looking forward to the features, too. I think there is something for everyone. I don’t understand why people always complain that the features are stupid. Yes, they don’t top the mounts from PoF. But do they have to? No! They are still great features and they are designed to fit the setting and region. And most of all I find that the features are still better than in other MMOs. Look at ESO. The developers have more budget and what do they bring? A card game! This is really only aimed at a small target group. And there ANET manages in almost the same time with less budget 5! to develop features where everyone should like at least one of them. There I ask myself seriously how high the expectations were. So I am completely satisfied. That the setting is not for everyone I can understand. It is quite bunch, gaudy and what new. But you don’t write a comment like: "Setting stupid, I don’t play". You can probably think of that but not write it as a comment. Besides, no one forces you to play that. Such a comment is just unnecessary and uncalled for. The trailer is objectively really good. You can see that also in the likes on the trailer. For GW2 are 4.000+ likes really well. How the extension is then in the end we know only when it is outside. It won’t be perfect and not all players in the world will like it. But it does not have to be so. There will be enough people who will enjoy it and instead of always going against it we should just be happy for those who will be happy.

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