Gundam building – how to create a gundam model

Gundam Building

Are you interested in the Gundam building and want to know how to do it? If so, keep reading this guide and we will explain it How to build a Gundam simply.

Owning a miniature Gundam mech can be a great thing for many mech anime enthusiasts. Especially if you have seen Gundam Wing or played Sakura Wars PS4, you will love this concept. A Gundam character on your desktop would be nice, wouldn’t it? That being said, you may find model kits a bit annoying at first glance. However, there is no shortage of simple models. You can also start Building Gundam model with a few simple steps. To make things easier for you, we have written the article below.

Gundam building – The tools needed to create the Gundam model

Those who are wondering how to build a Gundam should have a few basic tools.

  • Pliers
  • Hobby knives
  • Any type of standing tool of your choice

You will need pliers to remove the plastic parts called "Gates", Which are located between the parts. You can get a pair of pliers from companies like Mr. Buy Hobby or Tamiya. They sell special pliers for the same purpose. If not, you can even use wire cutters or side cutters that cut jewelry. In fact, you can easily buy such a tool at your local hardware store. Finally, you need something that can handle miniature parts.

It’s true that hobby companies around the world make a variety of tools for this purpose. However, you can also buy these tools at your local pharmacy. You should reach the nail area and buy these basic tools at a very affordable price. For example, you can also buy one with low grit and a few finer grits. These grains work absolutely fine with all plastic model kits on the market. With these grains you can easily brush off the small bumps that remain after clamping. You can even buy an all-in-one tool (the combination of pliers, knife and file) if you need it.

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Gundam building – what are you going to build?

Here we would like to explain the process of creating the Gundam model. In some cases, the gundam building is called PLAMO or GUNPLA also. This is especially true if you are creating Mobile Suit Gundam models. In addition, you can even find model kits made of vinyl or resin. However, we still consider plastic to be the preferred option for a number of reasons. They are strong, affordable and widely available.

Interestingly, many kits from vendors like Kotobukiya and Bandai come with a "Snap together" Approach. So you don’t have to worry about repairing them. All you have to do is connect the parts together. They are more like Legos that permanently interlock with each other. So if you buy one of these models, you don’t want to have glue or plastic cement. Both vendors offer their products with plastics that are colored for you to use. Some models also include decals to add finer details to the final product. Basically, these models look nice and attractive even if you don’t paint them.

Those wondering how to build a Gundam will find many model kits based on anime. There are also models based on popular movies and TV shows. If you are not familiar with creating the Gundam model yet, it is better to start with a simpler one. Otherwise, you will probably give up in the middle of the process. The best option in this case is a product line called "30 minutes missions, ", Which is sold by Bandai. In fact, this product line is introduced specifically for beginners. You can buy one of these kits for less than 20 US dollars. Thanks to the interchangeable parts and their modular design, they are highly customizable.

They also provide simple instructions to simplify things.

You can find these instructions in English and Japanese. Even if you are a complete beginner in Gundam building, this is convenient for you.

Gundam building - how to create a gundam model

30-minute missions (30MM) don’t come with a comic or cartoon tie-in, at least for now. It also has no narrative value. All you get is a fairly weightless story told through instruction manuals. It says something about an encounter between aliens and humans. In terms of aesthetic values, 30-MM models are considered clunky. They appear as robots that resemble Mobile Suit Gundam to some extent.

Assembling them is not difficult. You can do this after taking them directly from the packaging. As you gain more experience and confidence, you can consider them as unlimited options for creativity. You can detail and paint these models to customize them to your liking. You can also combine parts from multiple kits to make them more unique.

There is another product called Zoids (by Takara Tomy). They are also ideal for beginners. A large number of new zoids come without runners. Therefore, you can build these models without the help of pliers.

However, zoids are not humanoids, they are mechs. In fact, they are more mechanical beasts. They also have a unique mechanism so they can run once built.

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Gundam building – Why Gundam is special?

Mobile Suit Gundam kits have a very long history. In the past time Bandai has offered many of them. You can classify Bandai kits into different categories (you can even call them grades). The notes define the level of difficulty. However, all these kits are easy to build regardless of their quality.

● HG (high quality)

These are entry-level models that are relatively small in size compared to other models. Also, the complexity is lower compared to the others.

● MG (Master Grade)

These models are larger than HG. They are also complex. These kits have an internal structure (a skeleton) so you can place the parts on it. The overall complexity is a bit more difficult than in HG. It also has some very simple parts to work with. In addition, they contain a larger number of parts compared to HG. After considering all these aspects, MG can be classified as the best for beginners.

● RE / 100 (Reborn-One Hundred)

The size of RE / 100 is similar to MG. However, they do not have a skeleton or a large number of parts. In a sense, they are large HG kits.

● RG (real grade)

They are similar to HG in terms of size. However, when it comes to details, they are more complex and detailed. They are affordable, but the models do get a bit more complex due to the smaller parts.

PG (perfect-class)

They are massive and very complex. They also come with expensive price tags. Definitely not the best choice for a beginner.

● SD (super deformed)

These models have a rather cartoonish appearance. They are very easy to assemble. Besides, they are very cheap.

In addition to these models, Bandai also offers some other kits based on some franchises. Dragon Ball, Star Wars and One Piece are some of these franchises. If you are a fan of Sakura Wars (for PS4), a Koby Kai Mech kit would be ideal. It is true that these kits come from different franchises. However, the overall quality of the model kits remains the same.

Kotobukiya comes with another product line called Frame Arms. They also offer a line of products called Frame Arms Girls. According to this product line, the models represent girly killing machines. They are similar to Gundam in terms of how they are repaired. They are snap on so you don’t have to reach for paint and glue. Those who love Metal Gear Solid can opt for White Tiger and Black Tortoise kits. These kits were designed by Yiji Shinkawa. These models fall under the Frame Arms product line. On the other hand, Kotobukiya also offers different product lines for Metal Gear Solid kits.

Gundam Building – How to buy these model kits?

If you are interested in building Gundam models, you should know where to buy them. Well, you can first check with the local hobby stores. If you buy your model kits from these small stores, this is a support for them. However, if there is no such store, you can buy it from Barnes and Noble. You can also buy them at Target and Kinokuniya Books. If you want to buy Kotobukiya’s products, you should try them at specialized dealers. Big Bad Toy Store and Gundam Planet are some examples.

For those who want to learn more, there is no shortage of YouTube channels on these models. They show you everything involved in creating, painting and customizing these models.

Gundam Building – What if you want to take Gundam building to the next level?

If you want to take the Gundam building to a higher level, there are easy ways to do it. You can also do this without colors. In this case, the best option is to use Tamia Weathering Master. This is a very impressive way to add a metallic or other finish to your models. You can do this with a sponge or fingers. Thanks to the soft consistency, you need to use a sealant to make it firm. You can use a spray paint to achieve this purpose. Basically, using Tamia Weathering Master is a great way to add detail to your models without using normal colors.

If you can’t find Tamia Weathering Master, don’t worry. You can achieve the same effect by simply using some soft pastel colors that are readily available. You can also scrape and apply some powder to make it look better. Such an approach gives it a shaded detailing, which is very nice to the eye.

Gundam building - how to create a gundam model

Gundam building - how to create a gundam model

If what we have explained is too daunting, you can opt for some model markers. You can add attractive details and outlines with these markers. As a result, you can give these models an authentic look.

So that’s it Gundam building. As you see, Building Gundam model is not so difficult. As a beginner, you should start with a simple model and then move on to the other models.

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