Guide:how to protect my pc

Among many honest players there are unfortunately also black sheep. It might not only be about your account data, but also your passwords, mail addresses and much more. Therefore it is recommended to protect your PC properly.

How do I protect myself for free?

This guide only explains how to protect your PC for free, although you can of course also use paid programs for this purpose.

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Guide:how to protect my pc


A firewall is needed to monitor data traffic between the computer and the Internet. This is already integrated in the system from Windows XP SP2, but it is recommended to use another one. Please note that the Windows Firewall must then be deactivated.

Recommended firewalls:

  • Zone Alarm Free
  • Ashampoo Firewall
  • Comodo Firewall Pro

In the future you will see messages indicating that a program wants to access the Internet. If you are not sure from whom or what this access comes, refuse it or inquire at Google.

Guide:how to protect my pc

Antivirus program

To protect against computer viruses, computer worms and Trojan horses, it needs an antivirus program. This detects, blocks and removes harmful programs. In order for the program to continue to detect malware in the future, it must also be updated regularly.

Recommended antivirus programs:

  • Avira AntiVir Free
  • BitDefender 10 Free Edition
  • AVG Anti Virus Free 8

Only one antivirus program may be installed on the computer. Uninstall an existing antivirus program before installing a new one. If you have more than one antivirus program, it can cause boot problems on your computer (this means that the computer will not start correctly and you may get a blue screen). Or the programs report each other as viruses. There are very few antivirus programs that can work together.

Guide:how to protect my pc

Anti-spyware software

To protect yourself from uninvited Snooping programs to protect your computer, it is recommended to install an anti-spyware program. Some antivirus programs already have this function integrated, for the others it is recommended to install one of these tools.

Recommended anti-spyware software:

  • Spybot – Search& Destroy
  • 1-2-3 Spyware Free
  • Spyware Terminator


With these tools, your computer should now be well protected against unwanted intruders. But take note: The biggest weak point is still yourself! Be it by carelessly sharing passwords or using cheats and other third-party programs.

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