Gta online guide: 13 ways to make money fast in 2022

Everybody who plays GTA 5 Online knows the problem: There are many nice things to buy, but unfortunately you don’t have enough GTA$ to call these cars, houses, airplanes or even weapons your own. If you don’t want to invest real money so that you can get credited with a high in-game money amount, you should follow these tips and tricks to make a lot of money in GTA Online.

  • On page 1 you will find tips for players who have not yet earned any or only a little money in GTA Online (Good for beginners)
  • See page 2 for tips on how to win millions, but they also require equity

Update: This article was published on 2. January 2022 updated. The new content from "The Contract" will be taken into account. Although you can also earn a lot of money there, the basic direction of earning money in GTA Online hasn’t changed at all. We will keep this list updated for you and bring updates as soon as there are lucrative methods.

Have you progressed in GTA Online yet?? On page 2, there are the million-dollar winnings. Sometimes you have to invest money first, but you’ll be rewarded handsomely for it afterwards. The richest players in GTA Online use these ways to make a lot of money fast.

1. Daily Objectives / Daily Objectives in GTA 5 Online

GTA 5 Daily Quest

GTA 5 Online Daily Objectives Overview

Every day (between 6 and 7 a.m. our time) you will be assigned three new daily objectives for your character in GTA 5 Online. Completing these goals will earn you 30.000 GTA$ and 3.000 RP. If you manage to complete the daily objectives for a week, you will get 150 for it.000 GTA$. If you can even manage to complete the daily objectives for a whole month, you will end up getting 750.000 $ as a bonus! For this you have to complete the daily goals 30 days in a row.

But don’t worry, only the days you are online in GTA 5 count – if you can’t play one day (and don’t log in), does not interrupt the 30 days. How many times in a row you have completed the daily goals, you can find in the pause menu under Statistics – Awards – General.

You should also always pay attention to the event weeks, because there you can earn double cash and RP.

2. Easy missions – earn money fast in GTA 5 Online is also possible solo

GTA 5 missions easy

Mission overview in GTA 5 Online

Missions are a good way to earn GTA$ quickly without other players to be able to. A strong advantage is if you already have the armored Kuruma in your possession. With the help of this bulletproof car, you can comfortably flatten the opponents without getting into danger. Learn here why I always use the armored Kuruma in GTA Online, even though there are better cars available.

A job I especially like to play alone is "A job for a titan" – in this mission you only have to "clean up" a hangar by killing all enemies.

GTA 5 mission successful

Reward for the Titan Job.

Again, the armored Kuruma is particularly well suited for this, as you can simply drive in circles and thus catch every opponent without any problems. Afterwards you park a truck and fly with the Titan to Trevor’s landing place (Attention, you should practice landing well before). Should it be through an event week double GTA$ or RP for missions, you will have an easy game.

3. Time race in GTA Online – 100.000 $ in 2 minutes

The time races in GTA Online rotate weekly. you will find them on the world map accessible for every player. This means that you don’t have to start a game mode for it, but just race it in your online session.

The time races change their location when rotating and thus also change the route. You can recognize the starting point by the purple stopwatch on the map.

GTA Online time race on map

You can recognize time races on the map of GTA Online by this marker

The special thing about the time races is that the time limit is relatively tight. If you crash on the track, you can start right from the beginning again.

If you manage to reach the finish line within the given time, you will receive 100.000 GTA dollars, sometimes even double the rewards when bonuses are active. You can earn this amount once per week.

This way you can easily get at least 100.000 $ in one to two minutes.

Guides to the time races: These races have different names and locations and rotate weekly. Here you will find tips and tricks for completing the races. (This list will be updated regularly)

4. The Fleeca heist will bring you cash and a cheap, important car

GTA 5 Heist board

Heist Overview

The most GTA$ you can get from the heists in GTA 5 Online, which you can start from your planning room in your house. The catch is that you need reliable players to do the races. If you randomly invite players from an online session of GTA 5, it often happens that they simply leave the game during the job or make it difficult for you to earn money in other ways.

But if you have friends who also play GTA 5 online, then the millionaire thing will work out much better.

Except for the Cayo Perico heist, which you can play solo as the first heist in GTA Online.

GTA Money Heist

Loot of a Fleeca heist

If you have only one teammate you can use this to play the Fleeca Heist. There you will also unlock the Kuruma, which will make your life much easier in later missions and heists. you can also repeat this heist if you don’t have enough players for the other heists. In the guide for the Fleeca heist at GTA 5 Online we give you tips for this heist.

Keep in mind that starting heists requires you to pay a certain fee, which varies depending on the heist you’re doing. We recommend the Fleeca job for beginners because the fee is only 15.000 GTA dollars. You will be rewarded with about 143.000 GTA Dollars.

5. Bring cars to Simeon and sell them

GTA 5 Los Santos Customs

Sell your car at Los Santos Customs

If you need money fast and don’t have time for missions, you can sell stolen cars at "Los Santos Customs". Depending on the car you get there sometimes more than 10.000 GTA$.

Maybe you remember the car dealership owner Simeon, where the story starts in offline mode. Even in online mode he regularly sends you messages to your phone with cars he is looking for.

GTA 5 Simeon car sold

Successful sale at Simeon in the harbor

Once you have found a car from Simeon’s list, it is best to go to a "Los Santos Customs" store and repaint it there. It doesn’t have to look very nice; the main thing is not to spend too much money on the paint job. The business should be worthwhile. Afterwards you will get an S-symbol on your map. There Simeon waits for the car you painted. Bring it there best without scratches and dents, because then you will get good money.

At Simeon there are now also new missions you can play. There you steal luxury cars or blow them up. Simeon gives you precise instructions.

6. Quick money for in between: Spontaneous Events& Raid stores

GTA 5 raid business

Store robbery in GTA 5 Online

If you are traveling from point A to B and need some cash in between, then look for a store on the minimap. Park your getaway car in front of the door, go inside and point the gun at the seller – if you are patient, you will quickly get a few thousand GTA$ there, which you can use to pay for the equipment for your next mission.

There are also regular spontaneous events in the various online sessions. There you have to cover the longest distance without damaging your car or kill the most players – all in a limited period of time. If you land there on one of the top places, you get GTA$ and RP as a reward.

7. Time race for RC Bandito

What are these races? These checkpoint races you drive with the small, remote controlled RC Bandito cars.

GTA Online RC Bandito money

How to get an RC Bandito? For that you have to buy an arena real estate first. Only after you have invested in this property, you can buy and upgrade such a remote controlled car.

What do the races bring? Similar to the timed races for the "big" cars, RC Bandito races bring you once a week per race a sum of money of over 100.000 GTA dollars. So it’s worth to take the normal time race and the RC Bandito time race every week. This is how you make 200.000 GTA$ in only about 10 minutes of time.

On the next page we will look at the more expensive and lucrative heists.

On page 2 we show you five ways to earn millions at once.

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But we can’t offer this one to beginners, because you need a lot of skills and experience in GTA Online. (cayo perico heist)

So you can watch some youtube videos… then the heist will not be hard. It is even very simple. The main loot can be solved completely stealth with a maximum of one kill. You only have to dress up as a guard.

One of the most important sources is not listed at all…although I don’t actually have to do anything for it: The nightclub, fully developed with 5 assistants brings around 400000 dollars per session (few hours) and you don’t have to do anything for it, except deliver it.

Well for that you have to have a lot of money first. Ca ka 5-7million?

Jo is needed for some tips from the article. Even the RC Bandito races can’t be done without the Arena Workshop. Also the Cajo Perico and the Casino Heist are listed…for this I have to buy an arcade and a submarine.. Nothing is for free..

Quote: Easy missions- earn money fast in GTA 5 Online also goes solo

the picture which you have shown here does not present itself with me ?!
In the list under "online" I do not find the point " missions " and also on the right then the list not.

Can someone explain this to me ?
Have the PS 4 new and rank 44

Rank 130 should be the first goal for new players in my opinion, because with rank 120 you get access to the last weapon, with rank 100 you have access to all the rank dependent tuning stuff and with rank 130 you get the tenth and last replacement armor.

The money comes on the way towards rank 130 all by itself in my experience. I have now played with 5 different characters pretty much exactly 635 ranks in GTA 5 Online and can therefore say from my own experience that the lobby PvE missions are the best way for leveling, because you get the most RP per hour.
Which is why I would also advise you to concentrate on these first.

Especially in heists it can happen that you get kicked as a low level character, because your life bar increases steadily up to rank 100 and low level characters die much faster than characters around or above rank 100, so lowies get kicked from time to time.
Which is also a reason to stay away from heist invitations for the time being, if they are random invitations and you want to save yourself the possible frustration.

I would also advise against the low rider missions, because they are not easy and many of them are for 4 players. The problem is that you don’t have a team life, so no one is allowed to die, which makes the lowrider missions with bad randoms a torture, when you have to restart several missions because again someone didn’t manage to fill up his life bar in cover with snacks and spare armor and the mission failed immediately at the first dead player.

Selling cars at the docks in Free Mode may be fun, but it doesn’t really make money or give you any significant RP. So if you just by chance steal a wanted car in Free Mode, then you can certainly turn this 1 car into money, only this is definitely not a permanent occupation resp. as such completely unsuitable.

Heists on stores can be done sometimes, I personally fill up my snacks 1 to max. 2 times on one day when I play, directly afterwards I rob the store where I just bought the snacks. However, I would not do this more often because this is also not suitable as a permanent occupation and the earning potential and the RP received are simply too low.

What really brings at the beginning both reasonable money and correspondingly much RP are the lobby PvE missions! This is the method I would advise every beginner to use. Play the individual missions really often to know them as well as possible and to be able to complete the respective missions as efficiently and quickly as possible.
And very important, get used to the difficulty hard as soon as possible for the maximum money and the maximum RP.

On the way to rank 130 I would personally advise you to first buy a heist capable house with a 10 car garage and fill the garage with the absolute "must have" cars that you personally want to have first.

At some point when the first millions are raked in I would advise 1 business, no matter if hangar, office or motorcycle club, night club, etc., first 1, because the upgrades devour further millions GTA$. Also here you should choose this business first for which you are interested the most. If you like to fly, the CEO’s office and the hangar are the best places to do so. If you don’t have it with flying maybe you should z.B. choose the motorcycle club where flying is rare, at most when delivering your drug products, once you have invested in one of the drug lab upgrades, which are expensive at the beginning.

Level up, ideally to rank 130, via primarily lobby PvE missions< make money on the side almost completely unnoticed< Acquire a booth with a heat preparation room< Acquire the first desire vehicles< invest in the first business = multi-millionaire in GTA 5 Online

That would be my advice for new players who should ask themselves what they should do first.

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