Grow hair faster: the best hacks for naturally long hair

Grow hair faster: the best hacks for naturally long hair

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Kristina Isopp

Having beautiful long hair isn’t just a stroke of genetic luck. I know a few home remedies that will lead to the mane of your dreams. Because growing hair faster, it can work!

long hair is so popular because it can be styled in such an incredible variety of ways. You can style them elaborately or just leave them as they are.

You don’t necessarily have to run to the hairdresser all the time. The many hairstyles available to you are actually doable.

But not everyone has the genetic predisposition of fast growing hair. There are two types of women in the hairdresser.

One of them always has her hair cut off by 10-15 centimeters. The other gets already at 2 centimeters almost no more air. The reason? That’s never going to work with long hair!

But this is the wrong approach. The visit to the hairdresser is even your miracle weapon in the fight for the Rapunzelhaar.

For hair to grow and thrive it needs not only patience, luck and vitamins, but also a regular cut. Why this is so, we will soon clarify.

Grow your hair faster

How fast does hair grow?

Per month hair grows on average 1-1.5 centimeters. Of course, this depends on several factors and varies from person to person.

Per year this is 12-18 centimeters. Not bad at all or?

What influences hair growth

There are so many factors that play a role. Some you can influence, the others are unfortunately set in stone.

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Good genes for strong hair

The genes that we have inherited play a decisive role in the Rapunzel mane.

As always, there are lucky people whose hair grows faster and those whose hair does not grow so well.

Especially those who have very thin hair, often wait in vain for the growth spurt.

Grow your hair faster

Nutrition for healthy hair

Of course, a healthy diet is the be-all and end-all here as well. Many vitamins and minerals are very important for long hair.

A balanced diet with enough fluids should always be a priority.

Above all Biotin plays a crucial role, if it concerns that the hair is to grow faster. It prevents broken, dry and brittle hair and is an essential building block for healthy hair. Biotin is also called vitamin B7 or H. The body cannot produce it itself, so we have to take it with food.

There is a lot of biotin in beef liver, yeast, egg yolk, peanuts and oatmeal. But there is a tasty alternative and that is biotin gummy bears :) So you can snack and do something good for your mane.

Also in the Biotin Gummy Bears you will find zinc, folic acid, vitamins A, C and E. So the full load of hair power. The light orange bears taste like wild berries and are mega delicious. I can recommend it to you best. If you’re unhappy, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose.

Biotin gummy bears

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Because they are highly dosed, you only need to eat one gummy bear per day. Sounds good, or? :)

Environmental influences on the mane

Hair grows minimally faster in summer than in winter. But what the environmental factors can really do is break your hair.

Bathing vacations are good for the soul, but the sun, salt and chlorine dry out the hair and make it susceptible to split ends and hair breakage.

This means for you then: Off to the hairdresser and cut off the hard-won centimeters. So always tie your hair up and make sure it doesn’t come into contact with chlorine or salt too often.

How you can make hair grow faster with home remedies

1: You want long hair without split ends? Make a hair appointment right away

The eternally long dream mane does not bring much if everything is full of split ends. Even if you’re in the process of growing your hair out: Regular tip trimming is a must!

Especially if you want your hair to grow faster. This way you prevent the hair damage from moving upwards.

Always stay wild.

Basically, you should wander every 4 months to the hairstylist, so that you come closer to the goal of healthy long hairstyle. Of course, only minimal shortening should be done during this hairdresser visit. It is best to discuss this with the hairdresser of your choice.

2: Deficiencies are poison for long beautiful hair. Bring on the vitamins!

I bought vitamin capsules online. But as I said: You can find all the vitamins in biotin jelly bears. It’s a little easier than taking each vitamin one at a time.

Vitamin A for a healthy shiny head of hair. Vitamin A capsules help to keep the hair supple. Is contained in fish and dairy products, carrots, spinach, tomatoes and much more.

B vitamins are very important to stimulate cell metabolism, regulate sebum production and for a healthy scalp. If you want to get these vitamins naturally, it is best to eat nuts, legumes and whole grain products.

Iron and Zinc should both be important parts of your diet if you want to grow your hair faster. Zinc enables cell division, which makes the hair grow.

Iron is responsible for oxygen transport in the blood and prevents hair loss. Iron is found in green leafy vegetables, legumes and meat, zinc is also found in meat and some nuts.

3: Bring on the moisture, ditch the salt spray. The secret tip for healthy hair

The longer the hair becomes, the more it is at risk of breaking. To counteract this you should make sure that your hair does not become too dry. If you have a tendency to oily hair anyway, this point is however negligible.

Once a week a cure will do the hair good, now and then some extra care like hair oil is also recommended. You don’t necessarily have to buy a ready-made cure, you can also mix your own from the things you have at home (egg, avocado, yogurt). Then you even save money.

I like to use the Wella Luxeoil hair oil for silky shine. It provides the mane with quite a lot of moisture and makes the hair shine beautifully in the sun. You can buy it on Amazon.

4: A head massage is good for you and your soon-to-be dream mane too

Making your hair grow faster works best with well supplied hair roots. Healthy and strong hair follicles that like to do their job are obtained by regular massages (daily if possible).

Whether with special equipment or with your fingers, a massage will really get your scalp going.

Regular brushing also makes the hair shiny and massages the scalp.

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