Gntm: how to take part in the show – all important information and tips

GNTM starts on Thursday, January 30, 2020, on ProSieben

How to apply for the next GNTM season? Ex-candidate Johanna reveals important tips on YouTube. We have summarized all the information.

  • Everything about the participation in "Germany’s next Topmodel.
  • Ex-candidate Johanna reveals important tips on her YouTube Channel.
  • How to apply for GNTM? Here are the answers to all questions

At the moment the 15. season of "Germany’s next Topmodel" on Pro Sieben and daie one or the other young woman asks itself surely: Why was I not with it then in this year and could Heidi Klum Inspire on the catwalk? But in order to make it to the first round, the applicants have to consider a few things and bring along requirements. Which are those and how the whole procedure runs at all, you can read here. In addition Ex-candidate Johanna helpful tips on her YouTube Channel which are very valuable, so that it also works out with the GNTM application for 2021.

All conditions fulfilled? Then it works out perhaps with the participation in the coming year. For all those who want to know when the next episodes of the hit show will run: Here are the broadcast dates of the current season.

Ex-GNTM contestant Johanna gives important tips on her YouTube channel

The Ex-GNTM candidate Johanna now reveals firsthand how everything goes, what requirements there are and what you should definitely pay attention to. On her own YouTube channel she has answered important questions.

Ex- GNTM contestant Johanna answers questions from fans and takes some GNTM colleagues with her in a second video.

There were numerous questions from fans about participation and the course of the show. Johanna has picked out and answered a few. But in order for her viewers to get even more out of it, she came up with the idea of stealing some of her GNTM- colleagues in a second video to take along. These have then also openly and honestly expressed themselves.

Johanna tells: How does the pre-casting at GNTM go down?

Johanna explains: "The pre-casting is in different German cities. I was in Stuttgart and had to wait in line until I got my number. In groups of five we were brought into a room, had to walk a few steps and introduce ourselves. Thereupon already directly some were sent out again.“

The up-and-coming model continues: "I was allowed to stay and photos were taken of me and my measurements were taken. ‚You are further’, I was told and went into the next room for a small interview. Parts of it are also on my Video of the audition from ProSieben to see. In the next and last room, a catwalk was set up and a camera filmed me on the catwalk. Two to three weeks later I received an email with the confirmation to come to the casting in Munich".

Johanna has these tips for the GNTM application

Johanna can recommend one thing above all to all women who want to apply: "Practice walking, that’s the most important thing I can say about it. Put on shoes that you can walk and stand on, because there are also many waiting times. Talk a lot when you introduce yourself. Tell us your hobbies, what you do in your spare time, why you applied only now. Do not only mention your name and age. Make yourself interesting, because boring girls are not taken".

Does the GNTM participation cost something?

Johanna also has an answer to this question: "No, it’s all very nice free. The only thing you have to take care of is the journey to the casting and if you are not accepted, also the departure. But if you get through to the next round, your trip home from the casting will be paid for. The flights, hotels and everything else will be paid by the production as well, only personal things that you want to buy yourself, you have to pay out of your own pocket, of course".

Can you apply again for GNTM?

Johanna explains in her YouTube video: "It works, you can definitely apply again if you were not in the top 20 or more. Like contestant Saskia, she also took part three years ago. And who was not taken at the pre-casting, it can definitely try again".

More interesting info about GNTM from Johanna

Not only to the application Johanna reveals exciting information. She also tells, for example, that you can really No photo after the ejection gets. „Otherwise Heidi’s last sentence wouldn’t make any sense at all: ‘I’m afraid I don’t have a photo for you today’. After the fact, I got the photo as a file, but I had to print it out myself". Furthermore, the young model reports that a lot is not shown on TV at all "because there is so much broadcast material, which one could not accommodate in an episode".

On the subject of free time, Johanna gives info: "it’s a job we do. Since we do not have much free time. When the cameras are away or we are in the loft, we are also for us, but in itself it is just work".

How the ProSieben team reveals itself to the girls, Johanna also reports: "The team behind the cameras is extremely nice. The cameramen, the sound people who wired us, I got along well with everyone. We were only often annoyed by the people who asked us questions about everything".

Also two other GNTM candidates give tips for the casting

Ex-participant Lucy also has a tip: "My tip for the casting is the most obvious: Just be yourself. They are looking for so many different types, there is no point in pretending. If they want you, then just as you are." Nadine joins in and also says: "Stay yourself, show what makes you special and unique. Then it works out already".

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