Gntm 2022: start on tv is imminent – there have never been models like this before

ProSieben-Show : Germany’s next Topmodel: New season starts with models who have never been on the show before

Heidi Klum also decides in GNTM 2022, which models have a chance to win

Trier When does GNTM 2022 start and which broadcast dates are already confirmed for the start? On TV and in the live stream there is a new episode every week and also the regular repetition.

Robert Marlander

At the beginning of February, the extremely successful but also controversial TV format "Germany’s next Topmodel" goes into the 17. Season. Of course, there is also something new in 2022, which has never been seen before on GNTM. After all, that’s how it is every year.

This time Heidi Klum has for the first time candidates at retirement age with them. Whether these up-and-coming models may be more than a PR stunt to draw attention to the start of the show will soon become clear.

When does GNTM 2022 start? TV start on ProSieben

At Thursday, the 3. February 2022 runs by 20.15 o’clock the first episode GNTM. From then on it goes weekly always on Thursdays at 20.15 o’clock on, as fans of the show are already used to from the show.

When the 17. Season has a similar length as the last seasons, should take place towards the end of May the finale. Until then, there are no holidays that fall on a Thursday. ProSieben can therefore drive the weekly rhythm for GNTM 2022 without interruption.

For the start of GNTM 2022 is also a repeat in the night from Thursday to Friday in the program.

GNTM start and other broadcast dates confirmed so far

First, ProSieben has not officially announced how many episodes there will be in GNTM 2022. Only the first broadcast dates on TV are definitely confirmed:

  • 1. Episode: 3. February 2022
  • 2. Episode: 10. February 2022
  • 3. Episode: 17. February 2022

GNTM 2022 in the live stream at ProSieben

The complete TV program from ProSieben is also available as a live stream on For the use of the live stream is a free registration required. Then you can watch the new episodes of GNTM for the first broadcast also online. On the smartphone, it also goes with the app of the transmitter.

GNTM 2022 in the live stream at Joyn

There is a similar possibility with the media library Joyn. Here you can find the live streams of many channels. Among them is also ProSieben. Registration is required for Joyn. However, the use is free of charge.

sixx shows GNTM as a repeat on TV and in the live stream

If you missed an episode of GNTM 2022 on TV, you can watch it again at prime time. Always on Fridays at 20.3 p.m. on sixx runs a repeat of the current GNTM episode from the previous day. On runs the free live stream in parallel, for which you can use the same access data as for the ProSieben live stream.

Watch whole episodes as video online

You can watch the whole episodes after the TV broadcast in the GNTM section on prosieben.en for free. There you can also find highlight clips of the show and the videos from the previous.

What will GNTM 2022 use to lure viewers in front of their TV sets at the start??

"Diversity" is again a key buzzword as Heidi Klum goes model hunting. The candidates should be diverse. In recent years, for example, the show has opened up to body measurements with which a model in the show’s early years would not have had a chance under any circumstances. Now the last big barrier falls: The age of the candidates no longer plays a role upwards. The oldest models, which ProSieben has presented in advance, are 68 and 66 years old. Candidates below the age of 18, on the other hand, were not seen.

In 2022, "Germany’s next Topmodel" offers another special feature: This time, a mother-daughter team is taking part. They are not a team, but compete against each other quite regularly as competitors.

It starts for the candidates with a fashion show in Athens. Mega star Kylie Minogue will decide at the beginning at the side of Heidi Klum, who may continue to dream of the great model career. So the usual lineup of stars is provided again. It’s fitting that Heidi Klum sang the theme song for GNTM 2022 together with cult rapper Snoop Dogg.

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