Gntm 2021 finale: transgender model alex wins – but heidi klum fails

GNTM finale 2021 Transgender model Alex wins – but Heidi Klum fails once again all along the line

Alex is the winner of'Germany's Next Topmodel 2021'.

Yes, it was bad. But maybe that is already too high. It was just boring. And it is also boring to write about how boring it was. So the question remains, why model mama Heidi Klum just can’t manage to make the finale of "Germany’s Next Topmodel" a success? is at least entertaining. But tough as a chewing gum. This has been going on for years. And the foreign shame factor may have been enormously high at the 2019 GNTM finale – at that time, candidate Theresia and her fiance Thomas pretended to be "registrars Heidi the word of consent – so the narcotic event had at least once a highlight. But on Thursday evening it was not even enough for an embarrassing excess. Questionable enough.

"Germany’s Next Topmodel" Alex wants a schnitzel

Transgender model Alex Mariah Peter (23) from Cologne is the winner of 16. Season of GNTM, which is under the motto "Diversity" ran. She, the Snow White elegant, is the most down-to-earth of them all. Who didn’t constantly peddle her life story, which is not without its challenges, and who was also otherwise pleasantly restrained – and not, like other contestants, with permanent "I love it" statements-Sentences annoyed. Her statements are usually refreshingly surprising. "Being different is much more common than we often admit", she said in the final show, which took place exclusively with viewers tuned in via screen. And when she was interviewed live on "Red" afterwards, she said: "I love to pose." was asked how things were going with her, Alex replied: "I’m going to eat a schnitzel for now."

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With her in the race went Dascha (21) from Solingen, Romina (21) from Cologne and Soulin (20) from Hamburg. Actually there would have been a fifth finalist. But Ashley dropped out for personal reasons. Why, was not thematisiert with GNTM. In an Instagram video, however, she made a statement of her own: "I put my self-satisfaction and my inner gut feeling first."

These candidates made it into the top ten

GNTM 2021: Ashley

Designer darling Soulin, whose victory seemed almost certain, was surprisingly eliminated in third place, and curvy girl Dascha, who hoped to win with her curves until the very end, ended up in second place. But why does one get further and the other not? According to which criteria the selection takes place? Heidi probably doesn’t think much of transparency. Because: She never gave reasons. Her solo verdict – even the other guest judges were missing – she made godlike. So it is decided. And that’s that. In between, Zoe Wees sang her song "Girls like us". And when Tokio Hotel appeared on stage, and with them Klum husband Tom Kaulitz, Heidi exclaimed in teenage attitude: "I haven’t snogged him in a long time". And smooched him off.

Dialogues not to be surpassed in empty phrases and emptiness

Because there are so many designers in the fashion world who stage aesthetically sophisticated and refined shows, you could have at least been inspired by them. But here, too: Missing. No matter if pyro- or laser-technical interludes, the catwalk performances seemed unimaginative. And more provincial than international. For example, one could have found the artistic pretension when the candidates were sent down the catwalk as flower vases, but that also fizzled out. Just like the dialogues, which were unsurpassable in terms of platitudes and emptiness. Heidi: "What’s going on in your head??" Soulin: "I love to pose". Heidi: "We loved it".

The GNTM winners Sara Nuru, Barbara Meier and Lena Gehrke

See in the video: What do the GNTM winners actually do today?

Does this still have any meaning? Is it even allowed to ask after that? No one symbolizes the meaninglessness and futility of existence better than a figure from mythology: Sisyphus. He rolls a rock up the mountain and, as soon as he reaches the top, he has to watch the rock roll down the mountain again. And the game starts all over again. The character of the absurd is clear from this. GNTM certainly does not create a new myth. But if you want to say something kind about the final shows, it would be to call them absurd.

"I hope you will never forget me", Heidi called at the end. But, no, it will not come to that. Especially since Klum has already come up with a new twist for the next season: "Older ladies should also come to me, there are no limits for me from the age of 18."

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