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Every year, before friends’ and family’s birthdays, festive occasions and holidays like Christmas, we ask ourselves: What can we give that is meaningful?? If you are looking for a gift for a good cause that will also bring joy to the recipient, you have come to the right place.

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Give a gift and do good: Our top 5 gifts for a good cause

Did you know that you can donate money to UNICEF in more than just the traditional way?? In our donation store you will find many great gift ideas and can conveniently donate relief goods in the name of a loved one – from life-saving special food to vaccines, school backpacks and toys. This is urgently needed by children all over the world and is at the same time a very special gift for your loved ones.


After donating to a relief item, you will receive your personalized gift to present with the UNICEF certificate. Simply write the name of the recipient on the certificate and print it out – this works even at the last minute, z.B. shortly before Christmas. In this way, you not only make others happy, but also help children in need in a very concrete way.

Top 5: Gifts for a good cause

1. Save children’s lives

Every 13 seconds, a child under the age of five still dies of hunger worldwide. Girls and boys in crisis countries, such as currently in Yemen, Afghanistan, South Sudan or Somalia, are particularly threatened. But you can help with simple means and save lives.

We at UNICEF help malnourished children with peanut paste, special milk or micronutrient powder. This therapeutic food quickly gives them new strength. Give life-saving help as a gift: Send the special food in the name of your loved ones to children in need via the UNICEF donation store.

This one-year-old girl in Juba can no longer eat solid food. She receives special milk with vitamins and minerals from UNICEF. As soon as he is better, it can be treated with peanut paste.

The mother of seven-month-old Yar Makoi did not have enough milk for her daughter. Yar hasn’t had enough to eat for months now. Now she is acutely malnourished – clearly recognizable by her much too small arm circumference during the measuring tape examination.

Little Aziz from Somalia is happy again – your donation makes this possible. Please support UNICEF’s work for children suffering from hunger. Thank you.

2. Give a gift voucher for relief supplies

Her friends have no idea what to ask for on their birthday or for Christmas? Then gift certificates are a good option. In the UNICEF donation store you will find vouchers for aid donations that you can print out and give as a gift.

But the personalized voucher can also be easily sent by e-mail or post – a sensible and practical last-minute gift, even if you can’t meet the recipient in person. By the way, also works as a gift for invitations.

Gifts for a good cause: Meaningful gifts at UNICEF: UNICEF donation store voucher

3. Our last minute surprise

Her friends love surprises? Then the surprise package from our donation store is the right gift for them. You are free to choose the amount you would like to donate, and UNICEF decides which relief supplies are to be packed. This also works at the last minute shortly before Christmas Eve!

Whether it’s school books, high-protein cookies or crisis packages – UNICEF always puts the aid supplies worldwide exactly where children need them most urgently.

4. Together with family and/or friends*: Your own fundraiser

They are not looking for gift ideas for others – but for themselves? You would like to receive a gift for a good cause for your birthday, Christmas or any other occasion? Then a fundraising campaign is a good way.

The online donation campaign is started with just a few clicks. If each of your family and friends gives the amount he or she had earmarked for a gift, together you will be able to achieve a lot for children in need. This makes joy and welds together.

Gifts for a good cause: Meaningful gifts from UNICEF: Donation campaign

5. The best for the end: UNICEF sponsorship as a gift

A UNICEF sponsorship is the most sensible of all gifts for a good cause. Because it means long-term and therefore sustainable help. With a permanent, monthly donation, you give children what they need most – from vaccinations to clean water to protection from violence.

UNICEF godparents reliably accompany children until they grow up healthy and safe – a very special gift.

Gifts for a good cause: Meaningful gifts at UNICEF: Gift certificate UNICEF sponsorship

Extra tip for parents: Discover the world with Willi

Does your child love to receive mail personally? Then give him a special gift this Christmas and register it for "Children Worldwide with Willi" to.

Every month your child receives a letter with an exciting task from Willi Weitzel, known from the show "Willi wills wissen". Playfully discover the everyday life of girls and boys around the world. At the same time you help children in need with a regular contribution.

Willi Weitzel and UNICEF

A meaningful gift is suitable for every occasion

Now we have presented you many good ideas for meaningful gifts. The only thing missing is an occasion? Whether it is a birthday, wedding, Christmas: Whenever you want to give something, you can also choose a meaningful gift with which you do good at the same time.

For many people, Christmas is a good opportunity to support people in need with one or more Christmas gifts at the same time. If you are thinking about making a Christmas donation, here are tips on how to donate properly at Christmas.

But one thing is certain: UNICEF gifts for a good cause fit all year round and always help children and families in need. Whether for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, a birthday or wedding, the birth of a child or, or, or .

Have fun with your gift for a good cause

You can be sure: Meaningful gifts from UNICEF go down well – and especially with the children who benefit from them:

In Syria, there is great joy about the aid delivery. Due to the conflict that has been going on for several years, the population lacks everything. Among other things, the children are protected against the cold with clothes.

These girls on the island of Antigua were very happy to receive exercise books and pencils from UNICEF. School materials help them learn to read, write and calculate.

"Peace" and thank you from these boys and girls from Bangladesh! Thanks to UNICEF’s teaching materials for teachers and students, they can learn to read and write at preschool age and visibly enjoy doing so.

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