Gif creation made easy

Ready-made GIFs are too boring for you? You want to create your own animations? We present the most important apps.

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Why write when you can let pictures speak for themselves too? On the Internet you will find Trillions of funny GIFs, that you can use to express your opinion and impress your friends on WhatsApp or social networks.

But what do you do if the existing GIFs get boring or you want to stand out especially? For the smartphone there are numerous apps with which you can create your own animated GIFs from your photos and videos guaranteed individual! We present the most interesting programs.

GIPHY CAM is the Eldorado of all GIF fans, the platform offers a huge selection of ready-made GIFs. You can also create your own GIFs in the browser. The GIPHY CAM app allows you to create your own moving images on your smartphone as well. You can either take pictures directly in the app or use existing pictures and videos.

Before you send the GIFs out into the wide world, you design them with Filters and special effects at. Small animations, stickers, frames and of course the possibility to add short texts to the GIF expand your possibilities. There are also exciting effects that stay on your face with the help of face tracking. Afterwards, you can send your images to the most popular messengers, save them on your smartphone or post them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Messenger.

GIF creator, GIF editor, video as GIF

The app ( Android ) with the complicated name offers extensive possibilities to create your own GIF files. You can use or edit pictures, videos, screen shots or animated GIFs and for example combine several single photos to one GIF. With filters, frames, stickers, emojis and text spice up your GIFs.

So that the moving images do not become too large, you can compress them. Your finished artwork share it for example via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or Skype.

Gif Me! Camera

Gif Me! Camera ( Android | iOS ) convinces with a clear user interface, which makes GIF creation a breeze. You can take and edit camera shots directly in the app, or you can use images you already have. you can put filters over them and add text or images. You can also use effects like time lapse.

When your GIFs are ready, they will have usually a watermark. But you can remove this in the settings of the app. You send your final product by email or share it on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WhatsApp or Instagram.


GIF X is an app with which you can create especially creative GIF images. In addition to your own images, you can also use the Giphy database. You can optimize the images and add various effects, filters and masks to them. You can also Put music over your moving images. Then save them as GIFs or videos, or post them directly to social networks.

Create GIFs directly in WhatsApp

You don’t feel like downloading an app to create GIFs for your WhatsApp chats? No problem! You can in WhatsApp GIFs from videos, even if you don’t have as many effects and filters as with real GIF apps.

Simply record a video with WhatsApp or choose one from the gallery. Cut it afterwards so that it is short enough for a GIF. You can also label it, add emojis or draw something on it. At the top right you have the option to convert the short video into a GIF and as such to send to your friends.

By the way: If you need data volume for your new GIF hobby, our data flat is just right for you!

Photo: ©Shutterstock/Daria Minaeva

Gif creation made easy

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