Get-well wishes: heartfelt words for the sick person

You want to show a dear friend, neighbor or colleague that you care about his or her illness? Now the card is open in front of you and you are struggling with the words, because you do not want to think of the appropriate, compassionate words? We give you ideas for your recovery wishes, so that your text does not only contain the phrase "get well soon", but conveys hope for a speedy recovery and gives courage in a difficult time. Get inspired by the most beautiful sayings and use our tips and templates..

Recovery wishes: Heartfelt words for the sick person

➠ Contents: What to expect

Friendly recovery wishes

It does not take many words when you send get-well wishes. Really become personal, if you send it not by mail or SMS, but as a card or letter. The sick person can then place it by their bedside and be reminded of your compassionate words over and over again as they look at it.

Inspirational templates for a text to a friend:

  • "Hello dear Felix, I met Tim at the gym earlier. He told me that you got it over skiing – you have a torn cruciate ligament and can’t do much at the moment. I hope it heals quickly. If you need help with errands, – I have plenty of time and will gladly come over to help you. Sincerely Michael."
  • "Dear Schnoddernaschen! Where did you catch it? I’m sorry to hear that, hope you feel better soon. To cheer you up I packed you a little first aid package (tissues, lozenges, Vitmamin C, a magazine or book and chocolates). Get well soon. You’re missing – Lena."
  • "Hello sunshine, I miss you very much! Without your good mood nothing works here, everything goes more heavily from the hand. But that’s not to say you should come back quickly. It is much more important that you start again healthy and strong. So, your body comes first! Take care of yourself and do yourself a lot of good. All the best Michael."
  • "Dear Alex, I have a little task for you here: Think of 5 things you’d like to do when you’re well again. – I look forward to doing these things together with you! All Love"

Good friends can be teased too:

Recovery wish coffee break Boring Get well soon

  • "Without you the coffee break is boring."
  • "For reasons of contagion, there is only a virtual greeting from me: HAPPY MEND! Here’s to you being healthy again very quickly."
  • "A scar only means that you were stronger than what hurt you. Do not grieve! Everything will be fine again."
  • "You are strong! You can cope with this illness too! Stand firm. Everything will be fine again."

Funny get well wishes

Funny wishes should be sent with care. They are not appropriate in every situation or for every illness, but they can also help bring cheer to the patient:

Recovery wish leg break good recovery

  • "So this time it’s a leg break. You will always find new ways to avoid work ;-)!"
  • "The best medicine against illness is sleep, so take the time and just sleep yourself healthy!"

Recovery wish vitamin C Get well soon

Recovery wish Laughter Medicine Get well soon

Get well wish Head Up Get well soon

Recovery wish head up ruff good recovery

Get well wish Lots of vitamin C Mojito Get well soon

Sensitive recovery wishes

Especially in the case of a serious illness, the outcome of which may even be uncertain, you must be sensitive to the situation of the sick person.

Compassionate templates for get well wishes to the seriously ill:

  • "Dear(r) …, with dismay and deep sympathy I learned today of your illness. It is difficult for me to find the right words now. But I want you to know one thing: I am with you in my thoughts, I wish you strength and patience from the bottom of my heart, so that you will overcome the illness. If there is anything I can do for you or your family, please let me know. In deep solidarity …"
  • "Dear …, the news about your serious illness has made me very sad. I am at a loss for words. – Take all the time you need to get well. And let me know how I can support you. Sincerely …"
  • "Dear(r) …, I am glad to hear that your surgery went so well. Now I wish that you get a little better every day. Even if it will take a little more time! I’m already looking forward to it again when we plan our joint city tours and stroll leisurely through the alleys. All love, see you soon …"
  • "Dear(r) … Healing needs time. I wish you this time. May patience and calmness accompany you."

Sentimental recovery wishes

  • "Three virtues I wish you:
    Patience to wait and see,
    Strength to fight on
    and trust in yourself!"
  • "No mountain is too high
    no road too long,
    no sea too stormy,
    no desert too barren.
    No forest too dense
    no darkness too black,
    when you receive comfort from God."
  • "Turn your face to the sun, and the shadows will fall behind you."
  • "Because I’ve told you far too seldom:
    You are
  • incredible
  • unique
  • wonderful.

Please get well very quickly!"

Get well wish Bouquet of flowers And kisses Get well soon

Recovery Wishes: Quotes

  • "The best doctors in the world are Dr. Eat, Dr. Rest and Dr. Happy." (Jonathan Swift)
  • "Heaven has given man three things as a counterbalance to the many hardships: Hope, sleep and laughter." (Immanuel Kant)

Get well wish Love Is The Best Medicine Get well soon

Short get well wishes

Especially for Whatsapp or SMS these concise wording are suitable.

Few words that express much:

  • "I wish you a good night that will make you well again quickly."
  • "Get well soon I wish you and leave you three kisses here."
  • "In my thoughts I embrace you and wish you from the bottom of my heart good recovery.
  • "Without you everything is stupid here! Get well quickly!"
  • "Get well soon, stay good in bed, and don’t forget your vitamins A through Z."
  • "No matter what medicine you need, you’ll get my hug to go with it!"

Christian recovery wishes

Especially in great distress, in severe illness, affected people seek support in your faith.

Prayers and Bible verses that encourage:

  • "Our God, who has so much love for us, will also take care of you and heal your body."
  • "I pray for you, that you may get well quickly. And I pray that God will give you strength, patience and confidence to get through this difficult time."
  • "Stay confident and trust firmly that God will heal you. I believe in it."
  • "O Lord, in your arm I am safe. If you hold me, I have nothing to fear. I know nothing of the future. But I trust in you." (Francis of Assisi)
  • "But I would turn to God, bring my cause before him, who does great things that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted." (Job 5:8-9)
  • "We were at the end of our strength and had already finished with life. Our death seemed inevitable. But God did not want us to rely on ourselves, but on him who raises the dead to new life." (2. Corinthians 1:8-9)
  • "You have sorrow, but I will see you again, and your heart will rejoice, and your joy no one will take from you." (John 16:22)

Get well wish rainbow blessing prayer get well soon

Personal get-well wishes: formulating them easily with text blocks

Before you formulate your get-well wish, consider how personal you want it to be. The best friend is thought of differently than the neighbor or the colleague.

As a rule, the text consists of three components:

  • Expression of consternation
  • Recovery wish
  • offer to help

Below we have put together wording guides for all three areas:

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