Get well funny: the best get well wishes& sayings

Get well funny: The best recovery wishes & Sprüche

Your friend, boyfriend, someone from work or family is sick and you want to send a get well card or message?

Then you are in the right place! Here you will find the perfect sayings, quotes and a great collection to get well soon!

The recovery wishes we have chosen for you are definitely funny, interesting and will definitely make everyone laugh.

The person who is sick will feel better at the moment if you send a nice gift and one of these get well sayings!

Laughter is the best medicine and with these get well funny sayings you will surely make the person laugh!

Get well funny: The best recovery wishes funny

Get well funny: the best get well wishes& sayings

1. Now that you are sick, I would like to make you tea and chicken soup for your recovery. But with my cooking skills, I’d probably only make it worse…!

2. I was shocked to hear that the flu is bothering you again. Therefore I send you an antibody army, so that you can romp naked in the snow again.

3. Some people think that when they are sick everyone will say something nice- I am not like that, you lazy dog, hurry up and get better!

4. Since I do not want to catch it, this greeting is only virtually. Oh, and jump the flu soon again from the tip!

5. Take the time you need to get back on your feet. But not too much- otherwise everything will go haywire here!

6. And now it’s a broken arm- but that you always find ways to avoid work as well!

7. Oh dear, the flu has you in its grip. All the best, nice greetings. Come soon back on your feet! It is useless to play the sacrificial lamb.

8. I wonder why you can always read a doctor’s bill but never his prescriptions.

9. Tear together that you are soon back on the dam.

10. Instead of death and decay I wish you a speedy recovery.

Get well funny: the best get well wishes& sayings

11. Drink onion juice, take a steam bath, don’t get drunk! Only the one who suffers will get well again! Get well soon!

12. Get back on your feet, you sick chicken! I miss your laugh.

13. It is well known that weeds do not fade away. Be glad that you are such a special weed, of the hardy variety!

14. Man can also prescribe his own happiness, just scare away your worries.

15. Nothing will make you get well faster than the next doctor’s bill. On that note, get well soon.

16. Health is not a given. Unfortunately you have felt that now. Cheer up and wish you a speedy recovery..

17. If you’re too smart to pay a doctor, you’d better have been too smart to get sick.

18. I quickly realized that you were missing when I spent an hour chatting with the office plant.

Eyes open and a smile on the lips, then you will also flip this disease something.

Loving get well sayings that fit to every situation

Get well funny: the best get well wishes& sayings

19. Without you everything is stupid, without you I feel bad, but my sunny get well wishes to you are really and sincerely genuine! Get well soon!

20. Cheer up, otherwise your double chin will be visible.

21. So that you never lack the handkerchiefs, you never have to torture yourself without lozenges, and that you never miss your aspirin, so that you are soon the old again!

22. Health and cheerful courage, that is man’s highest good.

23. I have a task for you: Think of 5 things you’d like to do when you’re well again. I’m glad to be doing these things with you.

24. Cheer up, otherwise you won’t be able to see the stars anymore.

25. I am aware that everyone gets sick sometimes. But if you are not well, I don’t like that. So get well quickly! Get well soon!

26. I hug you in my thoughts and wish you a speedy recovery.

27. The fate has its own will and the human being must unfortunately also sometimes go through troughs. In any case, we keep our fingers crossed that things will get better for you in the near future.

28. A good recovery greeting, with a kick and a kiss. That will catapult you out of lethargy and rigidity and motivate you again. If it does not help, do not give up. A bag of motivation is also available in the department store.

29. The easiest way to lose health is to drink to it.

30. Be happy that now you can lie in this nice bed and everyone is constantly around you: nursesdoctors and so on. What I would give to be served like this again!

31. The gap you have left is huge. We are looking forward to your return. Until then we send you this warm greeting and hope for a speedy recovery!

The best therapy is friendship and love! Get well soon collection


32. Oh dear, has it got you again, you poor mouse. Get well soon!

33. Being sick is a stupid game, so we send you greetings a lot. Get well again very quickly, because you have no reason to be sick.

34. I wish you a speedy recovery; the wait is not always easy. So I’ll send you something to read, so that the time will go by quickly.

35. Gone are the lonely hours, believe me, for now you will recover. We help you that is clear, then you jump already in the next year.

36. My thoughts are with you, I send you strength from afar, that you recover as soon as possible! You have already managed much worse!

37. That, what today still complains, that may hurry disappear. This I wish from my heart: may all pains, troubles, worries and complaints disappear. The important thing is to get well!

38. Because of the danger of infection I only give you a virtual get well greeting. Get well soon! May you get well again quickly.

39. That from the illness only the memory remains, and you soon have the old momentum again, we wish you from the bottom of our hearts, be quickly back with us and here. Who stands full of courage on two legs, he can be sure that he will soon feel better.

40. Don’t let your illness rule your life. Be fierce. I wish you the necessary energy for it!

41. Someone who is as full of life as you are, will soon get back on his feet. Let your illness bare you do not get down and recover You well. All the best!

42. We wish you good luck and well-being, make an effort, then you will see, you can master this illness, and you will inspire us again with your laughter!

43. Healthy and lively you are in no time, more recovered already after this line, therefore look forward and have the courage, a blink and you’re fine.

44. Please do not let it get you down, then you will beat this disease. We wish you a speedy recovery, get well as soon as possible.

45. No matter what medicine you need, you’ll get my hug too!

Get well WhatsApp sayings

WhatsApp is a famous instant messaging application for smartphones

46. You are sick and that is why this WhatsApp is a great support for you. If that doesn’t help, I’ll come and nurse you back to health.

47. Get well soon and have a restful sleep, count every single sheep. They guarantee you a good night’s sleep, which will quickly make you healthy again!

48. With a lot of patience and serenity you can overcome any stupid disease. We wish you all the best today, get well or you’ll get a punch in the nose.

49. Since I do not want to infect me, this greeting is only virtual. Oh, and jump off the flu again soon!

50. Get well, don’t be sick overcoming hardship and pain! That’s how it should be with you! Get well soon every day, send someone who likes you!

51. A digital get well kiss, where I don’t have to catch it.

52. You are the strongest, you will also manage to overcome this disease. Just do not let it get you down. I wish you a speedy recovery!

53. Healing takes time! This time we wish patience and rest, may accompany you!

54. Here comes the Good Recovery Fairy! Only it can only go uphill!

55. I have experienced that you are not so well at the moment. In this way I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery.

56. Would you do me a favor? Please put your right hand over your left shoulder! And now your left hand over right shoulder.. Now I bet you want to know what this is all about? Now.. I have just sent you a whole loving hug!

57. An apple a day replaces the doctor, but when the doctor is a sweetie, forget the fruit. I send you my best wishes for recovery and a speedy recovery!

58. Fate has a will of its own and man must unfortunately sometimes go through troughs. In any case, we keep our fingers crossed that things will get better for you in the near future.

59. Be glad that you can now lie in this beautiful bed and that everyone is always around you: nurses, doctors, and so on. What I would give to be served like that again!

Get well soon famous sayings, poems and quotes!

Get well funny: the best get well wishes& sayings

60. “I’ll stand by you and give you courage! I’m sure you’ll be fine soon!” (Wolf Dietrich)

62. “Wishing is a sign of recovery or improvement.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

63. “You can only stay healthy if you eat and drink what you don’t like and do what you don’t feel like doing.” (Mark Twain)

64. Everything takes a good end for him who can wait.” (Leo N. Tolstoy)"

65. “I wipe the tears from my face. Who of us is worse off now??” (Wolf Dietrich)

66. “Never despair in your courage; the tide follows the flood, if you are bad: it will be good again!” (Daniel Sanders)

67. “On the drip you hang and suffer very much. But cheer up: soon we’ll go to the sea.” (Wolf Dietrich)

68. “The best doctors in the world are: Dr. Eat, Dr. Rest and Dr. Happy.” (Jonathan Swift)

69. “Already the hours are gone, gone pain and happiness; feel it ahead: You will recover! Trust new daylight!” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

70. “The art of medicine is to entertain the patient while Mother Nature cures the disease.” (Voltaire)

71. “It’s quite healthy to be a little sick once in a while.” (Alexander Roda Roda)

72. “The art of healing comes from nature and not from the doctor. Therefore the doctor must start from nature, with an alert mind.” (Philipus Aureolus Paracelsus)

73. “Heaven has given man three things to counterbalance the many hardships of life: hope, sleep, and laughter.” (Wolf Dietrich)

74. “If you feel bad, take it for good, because if you feel bad, you will feel even worse. (Friedrich Ruckert)

75. “Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.” (Arthur Schopenhauer)

76. “I am not very sick, I can still talk about it.” (William Shakespeare)

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