Gain weight healthy? 5 tips on how to build mass fast

Gain weight

T hey are quite slim, have problems gaining weight and want to build (muscle) mass? Then you are not alone, because many have problems with gaining weight! In this post I would like to tell you my 5 tips, how you can gain weight as a hardgainer guaranteed fast and healthy.

You think you eat a lot and actually you should build mass quickly?

I know only too well how it feels to be thin! You feel weak yourself and often not taken seriously by other, stronger people in many situations.

A few years ago, with a height of 183 cm, I weighed just 68 kilograms.

I personally didn’t understand why I was so skinny. My favorite foods were pizza and pasta and I thought that I actually eat a lot and that gaining weight quickly should not be a problem.

However, when I looked more deeply into muscle building and nutrition and started counting my calories, I quickly found that my total daily calorie count did not exceed 2000 Kcal. At that time I was very surprised, because I was really firmly convinced that I am a frequent eater!

So if you are also thin and you think you eat a lot, count up all the calories on a normal day – surely you have never done this before… or? Only then you can judge if you are really eating enough to build up mass!

gain weight quickly

Links where I thought I eat a lot! Right, where I then really started to eat a lot!

Weight gain – how to gain weight fast and healthy?

In order to gain weight and build up some muscles on the side, it is important that you know your calorie basal metabolism. You can easily calculate your caloric basal metabolic rate here, for example..

Important: To gain mass, you must eat more calories than your body burns can!

Therefore, add another 500 Kcal to your basic calorie intake. The result is the amount of calories you have to eat every day in order to gain weight.

Example: Basal metabolic rate: 2500 Kcal + 500 Kcal = 3000 Kcal daily! (On days where you train hard, at least another 500 Kcal will be added to your diet)!).

However, so that you can in the case of a calorie surplus To gain weight in a healthy way and to avoid getting fat, it is especially important that you train your muscles at least 3 times a week and that you eat a healthy diet !

5 tips how you will gain weight healthy and build mass fast

Healthy weight gain tip 1: Use calorie-rich healthy foods

There are many high calorie foods to build mass quickly. For example, walnuts, cashews or almonds are particularly suitable as a high-calorie snack for in-between meals.

Nuts provide many healthy nutrients and already 50 grams usually contain more than 300 calories. So with this tasty food you can easily gain healthy weight.

Cereal products such as pasta, rice or oatmeal are also good sources of calories for weight gain. Dairy products, such as cheese or sausage also provide many calories, as well as fatty fish.

TIP: If you drink a protein shake after a workout, add 10 ml of flax or walnut oil. High quality oils provide healthy fatty acids, are high in calories and in a protein shake you will hardly taste it.

Gain weight healthy tip 2: Go to the doctor and get a check-up

In certain cases it can also be that something is not right with your own body and therefore you cannot gain weight quickly. For example, a mucositis or even a Hyperthyroidism a Prevent weight gain.

In these cases, the doctor can prescribe effective medication or even drinkable food on prescription. For example, the Fortimel brand offers high-calorie drinkable foods. Fortimel can help well in cases of underweight to get the weight under control.

Healthy weight gain tip 3 – short and intensive training units

If you want to gain weight quickly and healthily, you should be careful not to burn calories unnecessarily. Long training sessions are therefore rather counterproductive for weight gain.

It is much better to train the muscles briefly and intensively. Training sessions of 40 to 60 minutes are completely sufficient to make the muscles grow.

An ideal training system for short and intense workouts is the High Intensity Training HIT for short.

TIPS: You can find more information about the HIT training system in this article: " High Intensity Training (HIT) – ingenious training system introduced! "

Healthy weight gain tip 4 – stimulate the feeling of hunger

Not only sport, spices and fresh air stimulate the appetite, also who avoids stress gets really hungry again. Some people try to dampen stress with sweets, others react to stress with loss of appetite.

I am exactly the type of person who, in case of lovesickness or quarrels with friends or relatives, suddenly doesn’t feel hungry anymore. Then I become even partially easily ill and to eat is not to be thought any more.

Avoid therefore mental stress, so that literally nothing can hit you on the stomach!

Healthy weight tip 5 – Drink yogurt or protein shake instead of water

In this blog post you will learn why drinking a lot of water is very healthy. The downside: Water does not provide calories!

If you get thirsty, try to drink 1 or 2 times a day a yoghurt drink, a protein shake or a weight gainer instead of water.

You can also quench your thirst and get additional calories and high-quality proteins for muscle building!

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