For beautiful fragrances at home: room fragrance diffuser in test

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If you want your home to smell good, room fragrance diffusers can help. The small, decorative helpers conjure up a beautiful ambience with their pleasant scents and make your home cozy. We tell you which different room fragrance diffusers there are and which ones convinced us.

  1. · What is a room fragrance diffuser?
  2. · What are the different aroma diffusers?
  3. · Room fragrance diffuser in the test: These variants have convinced
  4. · What effect do room fragrances have? Suitable aroma fragrances for your mood
  5. · Are room fragrance diffusers harmful?

Soothing lavender, refreshing citrus or aromatic vanilla – fragrances are not only well received as perfume. Even your own home should smell good, so that you feel comfortable in it. With the help of essential oils or natural fragrances, you can make your own four walls even more pleasant.

Room fragrance diffusers, along with scented candles, are one of the most popular ways to remove bad odors from your home. But that’s not all: the pleasant scents can also affect your mood.

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What is a room fragrance diffuser??

With a room scent diffuser you have the possibility to spread a pleasant scent in your home. Most often it is a decorative accessory, either a glass bottle or a lamp, which emits fragrances with the help of heat and oils.

What are the different aroma diffusers?

Room fragrance or aroma diffusers come in different varieties. But they all have one thing in common: they smell wonderfully aromatic.

Electric room fragrance diffusers
Electric room scent diffusers can either be plugged directly into the socket, connected to the mains via a cable or operated with batteries. You simply fill the selected fragrance oil and water into the bottle, turn on the room fragrance diffuser and the mixture is distributed in the room via a fine mist. You can usually regulate the strength, or the amount of scent, via various settings. Would you like to spray a little more fragrance? Then simply set the fragrance intensity higher.

Many models with LED function are also suitable as indirect light sources or as ultrasonic humidifiers. If it is really dry again in winter due to the heating air, you can improve the air in the room with the diffuser.

Room fragrance diffuser with fragrance sticks
Simple, cheap and discreet – fragrance sticks are the classics among room fragrance diffusers. Simply place the sticks in a glass bottle filled with aroma oil. The fragrance oil pulls up on the wooden sticks and is evenly released into the air.

Tip: The more sticks you put in the bottle as a room fragrance diffuser, the more intense the fragrance will be.

Fragrance lamps
Scented or aroma lamps work with essential oils and heat. The fragrance oil is usually in a small, fireproof bowl, under which there is a tea light or other heat source. The room scent diffuser is lit or turned on, the oil is heated and the room scent can spread evenly in your home. Especially in the dark season aroma lamps are a nice choice: They make your home really cozy.

Room fragrance diffuser in the test: These variants have convinced

There is almost nothing nicer than coming home and immediately being greeted by a fresh scent. We thought so too and took a closer look at various room fragrance diffusers including fragrance oils.

1. Aroma diffuser Herilios
The room fragrance diffuser from Herilios is one of the absolute bestsellers with an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. And with good reason, too: the design of the electric diffuser looks very high-quality and matches many different interior styles with its dark and light wood colors. The light blue variant in glass optics is just as beautiful.

Other benefits of the aroma diffuser at a glance:

  • 500 ml water tank
  • Can also be used as a room humidifier
  • Up to 15 hours runtime (in weak mode)
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Very quiet with ultrasonic technology
  • Different light colors
  • 4 timer modes: 1,4, 8 hours or permanent
  • Adjustable water output: weak/strong
  • Can be used for water-soluble essential oils (store here at Amazon*)

Conclusion: We think the Herilios room scent diffuser not only looks great, but it also works well to improve the air in your room. It also creates a beautiful indirect light that conjures up a very special ambiance, especially in the dark season of the year.

2. Maison Berger fragrance lamp
The brand Maison Berger designs small but fine flacons with wonderful fragrances that make your home so really cozy. The small room fragrance diffusers are very reminiscent of decorative perfume bottles and spray an equally pleasant scent.
Simply give the matching room fragrance (available here on Amazon*) in the bottle and insert the burner with the wick. After 20 minutes, this is fully soaked, so you can light it up. Wait a few minutes until the flame has diminished and then extinguish it. Then you put the crown back on, so that the fragrance can escape evenly through the openings. If you want to interrupt the fragrance process, you can simply put on the extinguishing cap instead of the crown.

Other advantages of the fragrance lamp:

  • Neutralizes and removes odors quickly and well
  • Also repels mosquitoes
  • Large selection of different fragrances
  • Discreet appearance
  • Intense but pleasant fragrance

Conclusion: With a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, the fragrance lamp from Maison Berger is one of the absolute top sellers on Amazon. Our colleague Anna is also convinced by the room scent diffusers, because you can change the scents quickly and easily. So you are super flexible in the choice of fragrance.

3. ipuro room scent diffuser
The ipuro room fragrance diffusers work with fragrance sticks that you place in the appropriate room fragrance. The small bottles are hardly noticeable, while still looking decorative and pretty. The fragrance selection ranges from spicy Christmas scents to fresh and floral fragrances to oriental scents reminiscent of fairy tales from 1001 nights.

The advantages of the room fragrance diffuser at a glance:

  • Discreet appearance
  • Large fragrance selection
  • Scent intensity can be adjusted individually
  • Long shelf life (200 ml is enough for up to 6 months)
  • Favorable

Conclusion: The ipuro room fragrances do well in Computerbild’s room fragrance test 2022 and are price-performance winners. Our editor Katharina uses the fragrances privately also very gladly and appreciates the long durability as well as the favorable price.

4. Room fragrance diffuser from Volant
The room fragrance diffuser from Volant has a very simple, but elegant design that blends wonderfully into the room and does not stand out unpleasantly. To fill with your favorite scent, simply remove the handmade porcelain cover, pour some water into the container and add a few drops of the essential oils. Then put the cover back on, plug it in and press the ON button. Already starts the room fragrance diffuser to exude the wonderful scent.

The advantages of the room fragrance diffuser at a glance:

  • Discreet appearance
  • Handmade
  • Large selection of fragrances
  • Scent intensity can be adjusted individually
  • 10 hours running time
  • 2 different modes: permanent or interval (30 seconds)
  • Integrated light

Conclusion: The room fragrance diffuser is very quiet and therefore hardly noticeable. In addition, the scents are very pleasant. However, if you take too much of it, a very strong odor develops. But you can vary that yourself by putting less drops in the water. The diffuser is very beautiful and handmade, but with just under 100 euros is already very expensive.

What effect do room scents have? Matching aroma scents for your mood

It has long been known that scents can subconsciously influence one’s mood. Of course, this also applies to room fragrances. Different scents namely have different effects. But which flavor is suitable for which situation? We show you.

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