Find property management in berlin – 7 tips for owners

Find property management in berlin - 7 tips for owners

Finding the right property management company, both professionally and personally, is one thing. The other thing is, like property owners can at all to WEG, renting or special property administrations arrive, from which then the suitable one crystallizes out. The fact that in Berlin there are about 1.500 property management companies out there is rather counterproductive. For the question arises as to how this multitude of administrations is to be sifted through for a suitable one. How owners in Berlin for the administration of their object nevertheless at good candidates you will learn in this article.

Tip 1: Recommendations from family, friends and acquaintances are first choice

Possibly family members, friends and acquaintances have own real estates, which of a citizens of Berlin Property management supervised become, or dispose of special contacts to the Berlin real estate industry. If these persons are content with the housing administration or over their high authority and good function in the best way informed, they will recommend the administration concerned gladly. Such recommendations can be very helpful for property owners who want to get to good candidates and should therefore be the first choice.

In addition, recommendations offer the advantage, that the owners in question can refer to. This is an essential more personal contact possible than to a property management, with which no common points of contact exist at all. And finally, a good property management company wants to satisfy a recommendation received. It is therefore recommended to the owners special attention dedicate.

Tip 2: Impeccably maintained apartment buildings nearby – ask about the management

If property owners would like to get hold of a good property management company, they should pay Keep your eyes open. In most cases, impeccably maintained apartment buildings can be found in the vicinity of the property. Here can Demand worthwhile, whether the houses are under a management and which property management that is.

In order to obtain this information, the property owners should something inventive its. An inquiry can take place with persons, who in the propertyin and out. These people can also talk about any Janitor or advisory board The property owners should be consulted in the vicinity of their property, where they can make further inquiries about a good property management. existing property management can take place.

If owners are recommended a property management company that looks after multi-family buildings, they should clarify whether they can rely on this company call for recommendation may. When contacting the administration can then the recommendation addressed become.

Tip 3: Tradesmen know a lot – even about property management companies

Property owners have to deal with craftsmen on a regular basis – unless the property management takes this away from them. But even then can be found on the basis of a inspection of the administration’s which tradesmen have been or are working on the property, be it for regular maintenance, servicing and repair measures or renovations. Here can be a Call the craftsmen The best way to find good candidates for property management is to. Because many craft companies are commissioned by property management companies. The craftsmen in question know thus exactly, which administration keeps everything "in good shape" and has repairs carried out promptly, and which administration is rather disinterested and at best takes care of the bare essentials.

Tip 4: Find a property management company on the Internet from home + read reviews

In order to find a property management company in Berlin, property owners can search the Internet using the search engines in a simple way from home research. However, since Berlin is the largest municipality in Germany in terms of area with 892 square kilometers, care should be taken during the research that the administration in the proximity of the object is. This is because if the property manager has to travel to the property across Berlin, this is time-consuming and costly, so that he or she can higher basic remuneration(standard rate) will demand than property management companies located close to the object.


The first thing to think about is the Internet sites of the Berlin property management companies to think. However, the research can and should be done on the Berlin district limited The directory should refer to the area in which the property is located and to the neighborhoods in the immediate vicinity. On the Internet pages you will findInformationabout property management, such as the length of time it has been in existence, the qualifications of the manager and membership of professional associations. After such a first impression has been won over by the administration, a contact form can be filled out regularly in order to obtain an offer.


On the other hand evaluation portals (above all Google) offer a good possibility to read customer opinions to a certain house administration. Of course, ratings are to be taken with a grain of salt, as people are more likely to rate when things are not going well. But on the whole, owners gain a good overview of the company in question by reading (several) reviews.

Tip 5: Yellow pages and advertising journals can be helpful

In the yellow pages for Berlin and in Berlin advertising papers are numerous property management companies listed. Particularly in the case of advertisements in broadsheets, property owners can assume that the administrations listed there have other properties to look after Search for objects. A first contact should be made by phone to get more information. Here, too, care should be taken to ensure that the property management company in the vicinity of the object to be serviced can be found.

Tip 6: Property managers fromVerwalterverbande to be named

Many Property management companies are members of relevant professional associations. These include above all the

  • Federal professional association of the real estate managers e.V. (BVI)
  • Dachverband Deutscher Immobilienverwalter e.V. (DDIV), which is the legally independent regional organization of property managers of the VDIV Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. is affiliated
  • Real estate association Germany (IVD), Federal association of the real estate consultants, brokers, administrators and experts e.V.

All associations gladly name members in the Berlin area. Here, too, property managers should in the vicinity of the management object is located. Via the Internet, it is possible to find the members of the association in question or. of the VDIV Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. to find out or. to access their websites. The affiliation to a professional association is regularly an indication for an reputable management. At the same time, not belonging to an association does not automatically indicate a dubious way of working. We must owners are in the individual case an own picture provide.

Tip 7: Successful search for managers of small properties

Property owners of properties with only a few units, especially condominium associations with up to eight to ten units, often have Difficulties, to get to a property management. This is because the amount of work and time required by a property management company to look after a smaller property is regularly at least as high as for the management of larger properties. The property management becomes however substantially less remunerated and must even watch out that the care is not completely unprofitable. This is why many administrations refuse to take care of smaller objects.

Owners of such properties should be aware of this from the outset, expect higher prices and particularly persistent in order to obtain good candidates for the management of their properties, they must. Especially here immediate vicinity of property management to the property be decisive, as the short journey means little time expenditure for the manager. In addition, it should be well cared for and no backlog of repairs exist. As a result, everything helps in the search for a caretaker that for the property management as little effort as possible causes.

Should Homeowners’ association If a new administrator has to be appointed, or if the situation has changed in such a way that a new administrator has to be appointed instead of reappointing the incumbent administrator at least three offers be obtained from property managers. If this does not happen, the appointment decision of the nevertheless elected administrator is contestable (Federal High Court (BGH), judgement from 01.04.2011, Az.: V ZR 96/10).

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