Feeding the koi through the seasons


The digestion of koi is closely linked to the outside temperature in the water, as koi are cold-blooded animals. Thus, digestion is subject to the seasons, so that feeding must also be adjusted to them. The koi has different demands on its food during the year.

Feeding of the Koi in the spring

In spring the koi awake from their winter dormancy. With the rising temperatures the metabolism increases again. However, the temperatures are still subject to large fluctuations from minus degrees to plus degrees. This puts a strain on the animals after. Over the winter, the energy depots have also emptied, which must now be replenished. The koi therefore requires high-energy food that replenishes its depots and allows it to quickly regain its strength. This allows feed rich in fat and protein. It is recommended to add fish oil to the normal feed, which fills up the energy depots quickly due to the unsaturated fatty acids.
The digestion is still very slow, so that only small amounts of food should be given, which are easily digestible. Care should be taken to ensure that the feed contains immune-boosting additives. The feed should be rich in wheat germ, which provides vitamins and nutrients.
From the frequency you can start slowly with feeding every 2-3 days, later 1x a day.

Feeding the Koi in summer

Summer is the time of growth and the body shape is formed. This is supported by a protein-containing, well-digestible food. Furthermore, the animals need vitamins and minerals so that the immune protection remains and they are in strength. Feeding with spirulina or paprika extract will also develop a bright color and the scales will get their very own shine. The Koi love a varied diet, so the menu can be supplemented with mosquito larvae, silkworms or brown shrimps.
From a water temperature of 15 degrees Celsius the metabolism runs normally again and the Koi can be fed several times a day. In summer the animals are very agile and seem to be always hungry. From 18 degrees Celsius feeding is possible 2 – 3 times a day, from 20 degrees even up to 4 times a day. Please feed only as much as the Koi will eat within five minutes. What is left over afterwards only pollutes the water.

Feeding the koi in autumn

In autumn there can be really warm days again, but overall the temperatures decrease again. The Koi must now be prepared for the winter, so that they can survive it well. The energy reserves must be filled up. It is about longer-term depots and not energy, which is needed quickly. Therefore, the feed should no longer be so rich in fat, but have a higher protein content. High-quality food mixtures, which have all nutrients for the animals and are also easily digestible, should be fed to the fish. It should also be ensured that the koi food has a high wheat germ content.
The amount of feeding is reduced only slowly. On hot days the Koi can still be fed up to 3 times a day. Towards late autumn, however, feeding should be reduced to 1-3 times a week. The colder it gets, the more sluggish their digestion becomes.

Feeding the koi in winter

Up to 5 degrees Celsius the koi still swim around sluggishly in the water and need to be fed. The metabolism becomes slower and slower. When it gets even colder to minus temperatures, the koi retreat to the bottom of the pond and go into hibernation (the koi in the winter pond). When the Koi are no longer visible, they do not need to be fed. There is special winter food, which is well digested by the sluggish intestine. This often involves sinking food, because the animals do not come to the surface at all as they do in summer. It is enriched with fish oil, which provides the koi with everything they need.

The correct feeding of the koi during the seasons is important so that the animals develop well and live for a long time. Through the food they get everything they need for their growth, their color development and for their immune system.

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