Export minecraft maps in 4 easy steps

Export Minecraft maps in 4 easy steps

Almost all games nowadays have cloud-based storage systems for scores. Some classics, however, still rely on local saves. Minecraft is one of these games. Today we show you how to export your Minecraft maps. We’ll create a tutorial for Windows and MacOS operating systems.

Export Minecraft maps to Windows 10

On a Windows computer you have either the traditional Java edition of the app with its own launcher or the Pocket Edition from the Windows Store. Depending on the path in the folder structure is different. We show you both variants.

Java Edition

The fastest way to get to the location of your Minecraft app is through the window "Run". To open it, press on your keyboard at the same time your Windows key and "R.

In the search field enter "%appdata%" and press Enter.

A directory will open where you open the following folder order: "Roaming"> ".minecraft"> "saves". Now you are already in the folder of your Minecraft maps. Copy out the complete maps folder. Now you have saved all your worlds. Make sure you don’t put ZIP directories here, but normal folders, once you want to play the maps again.

Minecraft Maps export Windows

Bedrock Edition from the Windows Store

The way to the location of your Minecraft maps within the Pocket Edition from the Windows Store is a bit different and above all longer, than with the conventional Minecraft version.

As before, open the "Run"-Dialog. But there you now enter "%userprofile%" a.

Now it gets a bit complicated. Click on the folder "AppData". If you don’t see a folder with this name in the opened directory, type in the search bar of the Windows Explorer after your profile name "/AppData" a. This way you will also get to the next folder.

Now you have to click through the following folder structure. It starts with "Local"> "Packages"> " Microsoft.MinecraftUWP…"> "LocalState"> "Games"> "com.mojang"> "minecraftWorlds". Phew, what a path.

Copy out the complete folder here as well. Later on, when you install your new Minecraft version, drag your saved map into this folder. Just like with the Java Edition of Minecraft, you use a normal folder structure and not a ZIP directory.

Export Minecraft maps to macOS

First open the Finder, so that it is also selected in the program bar at the top.

Click on "Go to". A drop down menu will open. Hold down your ALT key to make the menu item "Library" appears. Click on this folder.

In the opened directory you search for the folder "Application Support"> "minecraft"> "saves". Now you’ve found the folder where your Minecraft worlds are located on the macOS operating system.

Now you can copy out the complete folder. Just like with the two Windows versions of Minecraft, you should not use ZIP files here later when importing, but save normal folder structures instead.

Import Minecraft Maps

After you’ve reinstalled Minecraft on your system, you’ll probably want to import your maps again. Just go to the same folder path again in the Maps folder and drag the maps into it.

So that the respective folder directory is created, start Minecraft, create a new game and load once on the map. After that you can directly quit the client again and make your way to the maps folder.

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