Earning money with gambling

Earning money with gambling

The audience in the sold-out Lanxess Arena in Cologne jumps up from its chairs and enthusiastically cheers on its stars. Normally concerts, ice hockey, handball or basketball games take place here. But in high summer see 15.000 fans support their eSports heroes on three days. Two teams consisting of five players sit on the brightly lit stage and play Counter-Strike against each other. You are not only fighting for fame and glory, but for 300.000 US dollars in prize money.

eSports is a relatively young phenomenon, but it has been around since the beginning of the 21st century. The popularity of the 21st-century gambling game is growing all over the world. In South Korea, for example, there are over 200.000 jobs in the eSports industry, the finals are attended by up to 100.000 spectators watching live. And as you can see at the Lanxess Arena: In Germany, too, eSports now fills large multifunctional arenas and soccer stadiums.

What is eSports actually?

The term "eSports" is used when video games are played against each other in professional competitions. These games are played on video game consoles or computers that are connected either in a local network or via the Internet. Whether or not the competitions are gambled for a lot of money depends mainly on the number of active players as well as the support of manufacturers and sponsors. The most popular games are real-time strategy games like Dota 2, League of Legends or StarCraft II as well as shooters like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Fortnite. These five games currently pay out the highest prize money for tournament victories. The highest endowed tournament world-wide is already for years "The International" in North America. In this tournament the strategy game Dota 2 is played. At "The International 2018" a total of more than 25 million US dollars in prize money was distributed.

This is what the best eSports pros earn

Gamers who play eSports professionally are often called progamers or pro-gamers. They usually get their salaries from the team they play for. They also receive cash prizes for tournaments, sponsorship from companies in the gaming industry or other companies that want to be part of this growing market. For example, German soccer clubs such as VfL Wolfsburg or FC Schalke 04 are building their own eSports teams.

The exact amount of the salaries is mostly kept silent, especially in Germany. The world’s largest markets paying the highest salaries are the U.S., China and South Korea. According to video game maker Riot Games (League of Legends), this is how the best players in the American league earn up to 350.000 US dollars per year – plus profits from tournaments and money from sponsorship or advertising deals. According to an online database, there are already more than 60 players who have earned more than one million US dollars in their careers playing eSports.

What do pro gamers have to achieve?

To get such salaries, however, it is not enough to daddle a few rounds against friends every now and then. Depending on the game, eSports can be played as an individual or team sport. The best players are part of highly professional teams, through which they experience optimal training conditions and tournament preparation.

Some skills are especially important for video games. This is how pro gamers train their reaction speed, spatial orientation, understanding of the game and hand-eye coordination, among other things. On average, professional gamers get 300 to 500 inputs per minute in fast-paced games.

In the best eSports teams in the world, the daily routine is clearly regulated: Players train up to 12 hours a day, completing team training, individual coaching and strategy meetings. Then there are the factors of sleep, nutrition and fitness, which are also encouraged and monitored so that the optimal performance potential is retrieved. Pro gamers are under a lot of pressure to perform, because there is a lot of competition for places on the top teams. The stresses and strains of such a daily routine are not without danger, and in the worst case can even lead to injuries (e.g., injuries in the leg muscles).B. on the wrist) can lead to not being able to play for several months.

How to become a professional gamer?

As with any sport, there is special equipment that is necessary: For pro gamers, for example, there are powerful computer mice, keyboards, headsets or gamepads that are designed for the constant stress of a professional gaming routine.

But much more important than the equipment is that you are really good at the video game of your choice. When choosing your game, you should rely on your taste first and foremost. If a game is no longer fun for you after just a few hours and you can’t imagine investing many hours a day in training, it will be hard to bring your skills to a professional level.

The selection of games with which you can really earn a lot of money is not very large, especially in Germany. Also puzzle games like Tetris, fighting games like Tekken or racing games are played in competitions. However, these games are far from being so widespread, so very few gamers manage to earn a living from professional gambling.

Once you have decided on a game, the old adage applies: practice makes perfect. It takes a few years to reach the professional level in complex eSports disciplines, experts estimate. Compete in local tournaments or online against the strongest opponents to see how good you are. Analyze your own game regularly and pay attention to your mistakes so you can avoid them in the future. It also never hurts to watch videos of the best players at the moment to learn from their techniques. As professional players admit in the interview: You have to love the game even if you lose all the time. Only by such defeats you learn enough and can perhaps someday win against the best players.

Without wanting to dampen your enthusiasm: The likelihood of you becoming truly successful as a pro gamer and turning this time-consuming hobby into a career are very low. If you want to improve your chances a little, you should try to draw attention to yourself. You can do this, for example, by participating in major tournaments and achieving good rankings in leaderboards. But you can also become known to a wider audience by using social media or sharing your gameplay via livestreams.

There are many examples that show that the dream of an eSports career can come true. The industry has grown tremendously in recent years and it has never been easier to make money playing video games. But of course, many young people have this dream, so you need to be clear about whether you have the potential and stamina to become a pro. If this is not the case, but you are still interested in gaming, there are other professions that you can learn in this industry – after all, the big tournaments have to be organized by professionals. So the topic of video production is important, as more and more gamers put their best game scenes online and all the big tournaments are streamed live. In addition, every year many new games are published, whose game developers and game designers hope that their games will be as successful as Dota 2 or Counter-Strike.

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