Earn money with your hobby: how it works`s

Earn money with your hobby: how it works`s

You can take super photos, knit cute kids sweaters, have a green thumb or bake the most delicious cakes in the world. Have you ever thought about combining the wonderful with the useful?? Earn money with your hobby on the side?


The 4 key findings:

Earn money with your hobby: how it works`s

If your hobby is only a second leg, you do not have the pressure to make a living with it. This relieves a lot.

Earn money with your hobby: how it works`s

To be successful, you need passion and perseverance. In addition, you should have fun with the self-promotion.

Earn money with your hobby: how it works`s

How much you can earn with your hobby depends on many factors. If you approach it with all your heart, sales talent, quality and creativity, you are at least almost guaranteed an exciting and educational time.

Earn money with your hobby: how it works`s

Clear your sideline with your boss. In most cases he will not mind.

Earn money with hobbies: 3 examples

The Internet opens up an incredible number of opportunities. We can present ourselves virally, we can acquire knowledge and we can convey information. We have the opportunity to set up online stores and sell goods online without premises. And sometimes you realize that you need something that does not exist. Then why not take the issue into your own hands?

The green thumb

We can garden everywhere. Some women just have to look at a tomato plant and it starts to grow. Others have 24-hour round-the-clock care for their basil and the thing still dies. If you have the green thumb, you could pass on your knowledge and "mentor" hobby gardeners-to-be. Stand by with advice and help with the garden project. Depending on the intensity and effort, you can sell your skills here by the hour or "project related. If you garden and earn an hourly wage of 25 euros for it, you could earn 450 euros after three busy six-hour days.

The brave little tailor

There it was again. The little girl in kindergarten who is always dressed so cutely. Where did the child get his clothes?? Swedish fashion house? "Nope – homemade," is the proud mom’s answer. Who can do that, could earn money with it. Specialize and find your niche. For example, commissioned work such as "from old to new" or exclusively sustainable materials that do not look like a potato sack. You design the earnings yourself. If you’re unsure, you could budget for yourself a fixed hourly wage for the work and add on the cost of materials.

Bake, bake cake

You love to bake and your acquaintances rave about your cakes and pies. Yes, then why not bake, deliver and collect for others? There are many coffee gossip organizers, who always put the same ready-made baking mix "Russian pluck cake. Do you think that not only the desperate baker, but also her family and friends would be more than grateful if someone would whip up a delicious cake for them?.

The earnings depend on cake, the effort and the delivery costs. Small calculation: At the bakery, a piece of cake costs about 3 to 4.50 euros. Cakes with a diameter of 26 cm are cut – according to etiquette – into twelve to 14 pieces. According to this, you could ask for a cake from 40 euros.

The list can be continued forever. Quite a few trend researchers say that after the crisis the world will be more local instead of global again. Means we order our goods less from China or overseas, but look locally again. The time to try something new is actually right.

Earn money with your hobby: how it works`s

Your own blog as a business idea
Is it worth it to become a micro-influencer?

Be aware, however, that it takes time, skill and intuition to put your idea into practice. Not everything works out overnight and not every hobby makes you rich. So look at your project with a realistic eye and check whether you want to invest time and effort.

Earn money with your hobby: how it works`s

It is worth putting time and effort into your idea?

Whether you will earn a lot of money with your hobby – only the future will answer this question. But what should be certain is that if you approach it with all your heart, salesmanship, quality, and creativity, you’re in for an exciting and educational time. The good thing: You don’t have to leave your husband and child and quit your job. Because earning money with a profitable hobby can work wonderfully on the side – sometimes from the comfort of your own home.

Important: If you want to turn your hobby into a second career, you shouldn’t have to pay more for it. Be it financially or with the passion for the hobbyhorse. If you notice that the whole topic is stressing you out, the customers are annoying, the calculation doesn’t work out or you are permanently paying more than you should, then stop for a moment. Talk to someone you trust – or a role model – about the project. Consult what you could do differently.

Dream vs. Reality – How easy is it to get started??

Where do I start? Input and experience from other hobbyists can be found in forums on the Internet. Business plans and everything around the legal and economic side for example at the IHK.

Think before you start:

1. No financial stress

Turning your hobby into a second job or building it up as a second pillar has the big advantage: You already earn your fixed salary for daily life with your main job. This reduces the pressure to earn as much money as quickly as possible. As far as there are no big investments for your project, you are on the safe side financially. Then it’s enough to earn some extra money on the side.

2. Self-marketing – a must

A must are passion, stamina and fun in self-promotion. The greatest idea is of no use if you don’t bring it to people. Talk about your project. Build a web presence. Use your networks. Advertise yourself among your acquaintances and friends. Maybe twenty say "no, I don’t need that." But the twenty-first thinks: "Exactly what I’m looking for."

3. At the right time in the right place

Remember, for almost every product or service, there is someone who needs it. Filter the situation and the market. And be in the right place at the right time. Selling homemade leather belts at vegan meetup – bad idea. But at the arts and crafts, Christmas or flea market you will find your clientele. And – as I said – in your own online store.

What is to be considered fiscally?

"Nothing in this world is certain except death and taxes," as Benjamin Franklin knew. As soon as you earn money with your hobby, you will be charged with taxes. Most of the time you have to declare income from self-employment in income tax. How and at what level is another matter. Read more in our article on small businesses.

If you want to start your own business, you have to deal with the authorities. No matter whether it should be a giant enterprise or the hobby nursery. Clarify whether you are a freelancer or a trader and which form of business you are considering. If in doubt, check with your tax advisor or the tax office.

Do I need the OK from the boss if I want to earn extra money?

If you have a steady job, you’re probably wondering if you’re allowed to earn money on the side just like that. Or whether the boss has a say in the matter. Good news: In principle, according to Article 12 of the Basic Law, employees are allowed to be self-employed on a part-time basis. "All Germans have the right to choose their profession, workplace and place of education freely." Bingo! But: For a good boss-employee relationship we recommend talking to the employer. Motto: Cards on the table.

As long as your profitable hobby does not have a negative impact on your work, there should not be any problems. But please play fair to the boss.


  • Not using any operational funds from work and certainly not doing things like copying, making phone calls, researching … during and at work for the hobby side job
  • Not to compete with the boss or even to poach customers.

Exceptions prove the rule and in certain cases the boss can take action against the side job of an employee. Namely, when this sideline activity interferes with the legitimate interests of the company. Here’s how a salaried nurse worked as a mortician on the side. A ruling of the Federal Labor Court (6 AZR 357/01) confirms that he may not work part-time as a mortician. Justification: The fact of being cared for by a nurse who moonlights as a mortician creates irritation for patients. A recovery could be affected.

Earn money with your hobby: how it works`s

herMoney Tip

Those who want to work out a business plan may have problems formulating the business idea. Clarify all other issues first and formulate the business idea last. You will see, that is a lot easier.

Ines Baur started her career as a journalist in television. After the birth of her third son, the trained banker specialized in print and online media. Mainly it writes to the topics women and finances, women and age precaution, women and financial independence.

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