Earn money easily | 6 ways to increase the account balance

Earn money easily | 6 ways to increase your bank balance

Earning money while sleeping – many dream of it and yet most are aware that this does not correspond to reality. There are many ways to make money, but only a few are really easy. If you are nevertheless determined to boost your bank balance a little and secure an additional source of income, then you should definitely read on now. We’ve put together 6 different ways you can make (relatively) Earn money easily Can.

Possibility #1: Earn money with buns

In times when more and more orders are being placed via the Internet and people are becoming increasingly lazy, certain industries – such as delivery services – are booming extraordinarily strongly. Now is the best time to also get into the delivery business and earn easy money with it. The industry of delivery services is colorful and has the right business model for almost everyone.

A very good example is the bread delivery service "Ihr Brotchenbursche". This is a so-called partner system, which offers you – similar to franchising – help in a variety of situations. This, in turn, means that you can also work part-time as a bread delivery service and earn additional money.

ConclusionWorking as a (bread) delivery service is very profitable right now, because the industry is booming. The work is also very varied and can be done well on a part-time basis.

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Opportunity #2: Answer surveys

Especially students, but also many other people earn a little pocket money through surveys in addition. This money is really easy to earn, because you usually only have to tick boxes and write short answer sentences at most. The disadvantage of this additional source of income: the earnings are manageable. If you want to make easy money and get rich at the same time, unfortunately you have to be disappointed. Per survey there are usually only a few cents that flow into a virtual account. Even after years of work, the end result is often only a small profit (often in the form of vouchers for various online stores).

Conclusion: Surveys are undoubtedly one of the easier jobs to do. However, it should always be borne in mind that the income generated in this way is very small. True to the motto "Every little bit helps", the work can still be worthwhile.

Possibility #3: Writing texts

If you are solid in terms of spelling and grammar and have no problems expressing yourself in writing, you can make relatively easy money as a copywriter. On the Internet there are countless platforms on which orders are mediated. But be careful: not all that glitters is gold. Inexperienced copywriters, in particular, often have to make do with almost ridiculous word rates and bang away at the keys for hours before the daily financial goal is reached. However, if you stay on the ball and land more and more lucrative jobs, you can boost your bank balance by writing.

Conclusion: In order to earn some extra money with writing on the side, you must of course have a certain basic talent. If this is the case, you can build up a thoroughly worthwhile business.

Possibility #4: Clickworking resp. Crowdworking

Clickworking works on a similar principle as answering surveys: You get little money for many small tasks. The rule here is clearly: mass instead of class. If you want to earn easy money and are considering clickworking for that, you have several options that can be roughly divided into two areas:

  • Clickworking via online platforms like clickworker.de or mylittlejob.com
  • Clickworking with the help of apps like Streetspotr or AppJobber

The tasks you have to perform in the course of clickworking are extremely versatile. They range from creating short texts and simple photos to researching opening hours and testing vending machines u.a. This variety ensures that you’ll want to work online as well as be out and about in the analog world – depending on what suits you more and seems more rewarding.

ConclusionClickworking can be lucrative at a certain point – if you really put in the work and invest a lot of time. In the end, you have to decide for yourself whether the effort and the return are in a good relation to each other.

Option #5: Sell stuff

Ebay, flea markets, Kleiderkreisel, classifieds, local Facebook selling groups – there are countless ways to get rid of old, no longer needed or unloved stuff and make easy money with it. When you get rid of everything you no longer need, it’s not just good for your wallet. It also provides an extremely positive and liberating feeling, which not infrequently provides you with the momentum and motivation for new projects. Because as a current pop song says: "It’s better to travel light"."

Conclusion: Selling personal stuff is a particularly effective way for you if you want to make money easily. Once all the items and clothes have been advertised, it’s basically just a matter of waiting. A particularly fun way to get rid of old junk is to have a flea market booth. While haggling, you can not only improve your sales skills, but also meet many exciting people and listen to their stories.

Possibility #6: Generate passive income

How does it sound? You create a product (preferably digital) and have it make money for you – all without your intervention. Pretty good, or? But it’s also almost too good to be true? No way! Because if you manage to generate a passive income, that’s exactly what happens: the money moves into your account without you having to do anything for it.

Make money with digital products

If you want to earn money easily with the help of a passive income, however, a certain amount of preparatory work is always necessary – this must of course be mentioned for the sake of completeness. What this means in concrete terms depends largely on the product you want to sell. Among the most popular options:

  • eBooks
  • Online courses / webinars
  • Checklists / ePapers
  • Stock photos
  • Apps

ConclusionOnce the digital product is created and sales are fully automated, the principle of passive income is a great way to make easy money and add "something" to your bank balance. Some people have even refined and tweaked the concept so much that they can live solely (or mostly) on passive income.

As you can see, there are really many different ways to make extra money. Which paths are easy and which are difficult always depends somewhat on subjective assessment and perception. In general, however, it must be stated: Earning money does not work completely without work. Anyone who wants to tell you otherwise is most likely a cutthroat. Success does not wait for you, it has to be earned.

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