Driving a car after drinking mulled wine: how much per mille is allowed??

Why the alcohol content of mulled wine is often underestimated

Christmas market visitors should refrain from driving after drinking mulled wine

Christmas market visitors should refrain from driving after drinking mulled wine.

Which (alcoholic) hot drink in Central Europe is usually in the cold winter months – especially to the Advent season – like to drink? Right, we are talking about Mulled wine. The mulled wine enriched with various spices white or red wine, which often individually designed cups and mugs is served, is very popular especially at Christmas markets.

In principle, there is nothing wrong with this tradition. However, it becomes critical when Christmas market visitors after drinking mulled wine or. alcohol still get behind the wheel and start on the way home in a buzz. Many are at all not aware of how much alcohol is actually contained in mulled wine.

In this guide everything revolves around mulled wine: How much per mille has the popular hot drink? Warms the body after consumption really faster on? Does mulled wine contain substances that Headache lead? warm alcoholic beverages actually go faster into the blood? How high does the Sanctions when car drivers are drunk after drinking mulled wine? drive drunk? In addition we provide you with a Promillerechner available, with which you can calculate, how much per mille a person has, After Mulled wine was consumed.

FAQ: Driving after drinking mulled wine

It depends on how much mulled wine was drunk and what alcohol content it has. If the promille value is below 0.5, it is allowed to drive.

This depends on various factors, such as age, height, weight and gender. The alcohol content also plays a role. Use our per mille calculator to calculate the probable per mille or our graphic, which shows an example you can use as a guide.

If drivers exceed the blood alcohol limit after drinking mulled wine, they must expect a fine of at least 500 euros. Add to this two points and a month’s driving ban.

How much percent alcohol has mulled wine?

In the case of mulled wine it is probably the most popular hot drink of the Germans in the cold season. The Mix of wine, spices and sugar usually contains between 8.8 and 13.1 percent alcohol. The German Society for Nutrition according to contain 250 ml of mulled wine about 18 grams of pure alcohol, whereby the human body in one hour about 0.1 g per kilogram body weight or. can break down 0.1 to 0.2 parts per thousand.

The following examples are intended to illustrate this:

Mulled wine: The percentage of alcohol contained varies depending on the product and the temperature to which the liquid is heated

Mulled wine: The percentage of alcohol it contains varies depending on the product and the temperature to which the liquid is heated.

  • Person A is female, 25 years old, weighs 65 kg and is 165 cm tall. At 0.2 liters and 11 percent alcohol they would have to drive after consuming such a mulled wine 0.42 per mille.
  • Person B is male, 42 years old, weighs 90 kg and is 180 cm tall. At also 0.2 liters and 11 percent alcohol would this person have after consuming such a mulled wine? 0.28 per mille.

Accordingly, the per mille figures vary even with the same amount of mulled wine. How much you can drink to still be allowed to drive without facing consequences from the Catalog of fines in terms of alcohol behind the wheel, can therefore be can not be said exactly.

Mulled wine: this is how many parts per thousand of alcohol you have after drinking this or other Christmas drinks.

What myths surround the consumption of mulled wine?

In the following we have for you three myths about mulled wine collected, which still widespread are. Naturally, we also explain whether it is Truths or merely old wives’ tales acts:

Even if it is part of the Christmas market visit for many: mulled wine makes the promille in your blood rise faster

Even though for many it is part of the Christmas market visit: mulled wine makes the promille in your blood rise quickly.

  1. Mulled wine warms up the body from the insideAs beautiful as a visit to the Christmas market is, sooner or later even those visitors equipped with hats, scarves, gloves and lined winter coats start to shiver. One hot mulled wine should be able to remedy this situation, or? This is a half-truth: After one or two glasses you will probably feel warmer at first; anything beyond that, however, has the opposite effect. By the consumption of alcoholic beverages the skin vessels are more strongly supplied with blood and widen – thus some warmth is lost. Therefore, you should then rather change to a non-alcoholic mulled wine, which does not let the promille in the blood rise, or on hot cocoa (without shot) limit.
  2. Warm alcoholic drinks make you drunk faster: There is definitely something to this statement. Unlike other alcoholic beverages, mulled wine goes faster into the blood. This is due to the fact that the human body can absorb warm drinks more easily. The blood flow in the gastrointestinal tract is stimulated by the warmth, which accelerates the absorption of the alcohol. In addition, this is absorbed by the mucous membranes at the stomach and mouth. Therefore, even if mulled wine less percent alcohol has than other alcoholic cold drinks, it makes drunk faster. One Accident due to alcohol is unfortunately not a rarity here.
  3. If you drink mulled wine, you get a headache: Many people wake up after an evening at the Christmas market with a bad hangover and can simply not explain the headache. After all, two mulled wines, for example, hardly raise the blood alcohol level and cannot be seriously responsible for the nasty pounding in the head? This is also not a myth. Due to various ingredients (such as z. B. Sugar and aldehydes) mulled wine deprives the brain of oxygen, which in turn leads to the fact that the person concerned feels tired, nauseous and the skull throbs.

Many are also of the opinion, due to the heat mulled wine would have almost no influence on the per mille in the blood, as alcohol would be lost when the drink is boiled. This is however only at a temperature of 78 degrees the case. However, the common temperature at Christmas markets is 70 degrees – too low so that the alcohol evaporates.

Driving a car after drinking mulled wine: what sanctions may be imposed?

Since it is never really clear, to what extent the mulled wine offered at the Christmas market increases the per mille level in the blood, drivers should enjoy the popular hot drink with caution.

You can find out exactly what these look like in the following table Take out:

DescriptionFinePoints Driving ban FBan Is an appeal worthwhile??
Violation of the 0.5 per mille limit
. at the 1. Times 500 € 2 1 month 1 M Check here
. at the 2. Times 1000 € 2 3 months 3 M Check here
. at the 3. Times 1500 € 2 3 months 3 M Check here
Endangering traffic under the influence of alcohol (already from 0.3 per mille) 3 Driving license revocation, imprisonment or fine Check here
Alcohol content in the blood from 1.1 per mille 3 withdrawal of the driver’s license, custodial sentence or fine Check here

Mulled wine: How much alcohol is contained in percent plays a role in the calculation of the per mille value among other things

Mulled wine: How much alcohol is contained in percent plays a role in the calculation of the per mille value among other things.

Depending on, how many times you have been caught with alcohol behind the wheel, the fine increases. the first time 500 euros, at the third time already 1.500 €. In addition with all three times in each case two points in Flensburg. The first violation is still Driving ban of one month, after that, however, you will have to three-month ban count.

The Suspension of driver’s license as well as the subsequent order to take part in a medical-psychological examination (MPU), come if necessary. also added. For this reason, drivers should Think twice before sticking to gingerbread, candied apples and children’s punch.

Promillerechner: How much mulled wine can I drink?

Are you unsure, How much mulled wine you can drink before the prescribed alcohol limit is reached, you can visit our free celebrity calculator use.

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